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January 16th
Idle Champions: Switch Sunset 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Welcome Champions,

We have bittersweet news for our Nintendo Switch players as we continue to work toward the long-running future we envision for Idle Champions. We are sad to announce that on Wednesday, February 7 at 12PM Pacific Time we will be sunsetting the Nintendo Switch version of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Don't worry – Nintendo Switch players will have an opportunity to take their account progress to another platform of their choice. We have also put together a "thanks for playing" gift for Nintendo Switch players that includes over $150 of in-game items.

Before we continue, we want to make it clear that this only applies to Idle Champions players on Nintendo Switch. This will not affect players on other platforms.

Idle Champions launched on Nintendo Switch in May 2020, almost four years ago. It was an exciting time for us as we were pushing towards our goal of having as many players as possible join us on this "grand tour" of Faerûn. We are incredibly thankful for everyone who joined us on this journey so far.

Unfortunately, as some of our Nintendo Switch players know, the ongoing live service for the game on Nintendo Switch has not been without issues. As we looked into resource loads and our ability to live service the game, we concluded that it is no longer viable for us to continue supporting Idle Champions on Nintendo Switch.

This has led us to make the very difficult decision to sunset the Nintendo Switch version of the game on Wednesday, February 7 at 12PM Pacific Time. However, your progress will not be lost! We'll be able to migrate your Idle Champions account to another platform (Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android, or the downloadable client at CNE Games). Read on to learn more about this transition.

Thanks for Playing

As a special thanks to Nintendo Switch Idle Champions players, we have a unique gift that includes over $150 of in-game items. All accounts created on Nintendo Switch before Tuesday, January 16 at 12PM Pacific Time will be credited with these items when they next log in. These items will migrate with your account when you move to a new platform.

Upon logging into Idle Champions on Nintendo Switch, your account will be credited with the Season 7 Champions: D'hani (Seat 1), Kent (Seat 4), Shaka (Seat 9), Virgil (Seat 10), and Selise (Seat 12), along with 16 Gold Chests and 2 Shiny equipment cards for each of them. Additionally, you will be credited with a unique Familiar, the Winter Intellect Devourer, and enough Season 7 progress to progress you to Level 30 when you migrate and gain access to the current Season.

Note: Accounts created on Nintendo Switch after January 16 will not receive these thank you gifts.


As of now, purchasing has been turned off in Idle Champions on Nintendo Switch. In-game currency, DLC, progress, and the log-in reward noted above will all be migrated to your new platform when you migrate your account. For details on how to migrate your account, see the Migrating Accounts section below.

Migrating Accounts

It is best to migrate your progress to a new account. We cannot merge accounts from two different platforms together. If you are ok with replacing all progress/items with your Nintendo Switch account progress/items, that can be done to an existing account on a different platform.
  1. Please log into Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms using your Nintendo Switch account. Write down your account-specific MIGRATION CODE visible on the loading pop up.
  2. Open up Idle Champions on a new account on any of the other platforms the game is offered (Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android, or the downloadable client at CNE Games).
  3. Open the settings menu and select the 'Account Migration' button.
  4. Enter the MIGRATION CODE in that dialog.

Switch Sunset FAQ

  • When does the Nintendo Switch version of Idle Champions turn off?
  • As of Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at 12PM Pacific Time, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms will no longer be actively supported on the Nintendo Switch.
  • How do I migrate my account?
  • To migrate your account, please follow the instructions in-game on your Nintendo Switch client or read about it at
  • Will it be possible to migrate my account after February 7?
  • After February 7, 2024 it may no longer be possible to get your account information to migrate your account, so we are asking all active players to please migrate before that date. Afterwards, please reach out to us at and we will do our best to help you.
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