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January 16th
Idle Champions: 2024 Price Changes 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Welcome Champions,

On February 7, 2024 we will be updating prices for various items in Idle Champions. These price adjustments are made based on economic factors including global inflation, currency fluctuations, and associated cost increases. While this means that some items in Idle Champions will increase in price, not every item will see a price increase - and in fact, a few items will see price decreases. Details about these price changes are below.

What is not changing in price:

  • Previously released (non-evergreen) DLC (Familiar Packs, Skin & Feat Packs, Theme Packs, and Founder's Pack VI). These items will
  • remain at their current pricing through their retirement sales.
  • Wild Offers
  • Season Pass, Season Pass Plus, and Season Boost

What is increasing in price:

  • Chest Packs
  • Evergreen DLC (Starter Packs, Renown Packs, Trials Packs, Modron Founder's Pack, Patron Starter Packs, Patron Skin Packs, Soundtracks)
  • Champion Packs (Basic, and Geared Champion)
  • Corrupted Gem Packs
  • All DLC releasing on or after February 7th, 2024

What is decreasing in price or updating contents:

  • The Exceptionally Geared Champion Pack will decrease in cost by $5.
    • We will retroactively credit players who previously purchased those packs with 7 additional Gold Champion Chests and a Shiny Card for those Champions.
  • The Geared Champion Pack will have additional Chests added (Increasing from 7 Gold Chests and 1 Shiny Card to 16 Gold Chests and 2 Shiny Cards).
    • We will retroactively credit players who previously purchased those packs with those additional Chests & Shiny Cards.
  • The Force Grey Bundle Pack is decreasing in price from $44.99 to $43.99.
  • Celeste's Starter ($19.99) & Nayeli's Starter ($29.99) will be replaced with $11.99 versions matching the other Starter Packs.
  • The $2.99 Starter Pack (Steam Only) will be retired.

New prices for updated items:

Old Price (USD)
New Price (USD)

Average Price Increase: 14%

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