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April 24th
Idle Champions: Turn of Fortune's Wheel Part 5 
Posted in Idle Champions.

This week the Turn of Fortune's Wheel campaign continues! Help a witch find her lost pet in The Witch and the Wyrmling and journey into a town of modrons in Inversion. After that, put your formations to the test with new Adventure Variants! This update also includes Tier 3 Blessings!

Read on to learn more about these adventures.

Note: You will need to have completed the previous two Turn of Fortune's Wheel adventures, Welcome to the Outlands and Crystalwork, in order to access these new adventures.

Dungeons & Dragons Turn of Fortune's Wheel Variants

The Witch and The Wyrmling

Assist a witch with a time dragon problem. Assist a time dragon with a witch problem.

Dungeons & Dragons The Witch and the Wyrmling

The Champions are adjusting to life on the Walking Castle as it makes its way towards Automata - their first gate-town stop. Along the way, they are visited by an ancient time dragon that seems to know all of them, and before they can ask too many questions, flies off into the Outlands. But things aren't quiet for too long because a witch on a flying broomstick crash lands in the castle next! She needs the Champions' help and they're ready for adventure!


    The Lion, the Witch, and the Wyrmling - Assist a witch/time dragon problem with some Tabaxi help.
    • A global debuff is applied that increases monster health by 1000%, monster speed by 100%, and area requirements by 100%. This debuff stacks multiplicatively three times, with one stack being removed for each Tabaxi Champion in the formation.
    • Complete area 750


Enter the town of modrons, with modrons on top of modrons.

Dungeons & Dragons Green Slaad

The Champions arrive in the gate-town of Automata - a town full of modrons! But, not all is well as they quickly realize that their multiversal glitch is not only noticeable by the modrons, it causes them to attack the Champions! Fighting their way through the town they find the entrance to the gate blocked, but a local in the government has offered to help in exchange for tracking down a thief. Now, the Champions must descend into the depths of Automata - a place called Inverse - and find the stolen goods!


    Time Inversion - Enter the town of modrons, with a dragon by your side.
    • You may not use Chaotic champions.
    • Eonstaryx joins the formation. Champions next to Eonstaryx attack faster as their (normal) attack cooldown is 2 seconds faster, while everyone else has an attack cooldown that takes 10 seconds longer.
    • Complete area 800

Turn of Fortune's Wheel Tier 3 Blessings

  • Armor of Acheron - Local: Increase the health and healing received for Tanking Champions by 25% for each Champion with a Ranged base attack in the formation.
  • Heroes of Arcadia - Local: Increase the damage of Champions with total ability scores of 78 or higher by 50%.
  • It's Pandemonium! - Local: Increase the damage of all Chaotic Champions by 100%.
  • The Gift of Mechanus - Global: Increase Modron XP earned by 10%,

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