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May 1st
Idle Champions: The Great Modron March 7 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Something isn't right in the Outlands! The Great Modron March is only supposed to happen every 289 years - but the modrons are marching out of Mechanus right now!

Worst of all, they've found a way onto the Material Plane. Modrons have already been spotted in the forest! They're heading for Waterdeep!

The Great Modron March 7 has arrived! It introduces Diana, the Human Monk from the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon. This speed/support Champion is ready to leap into your formations and power up the Saturday Morning Squad! It also reintroduces Gromma, the Grandmotherly Tortle Druid, from the minds at Codename Entertainment. You can learn more about Diana and the rework to Gromma below. Also, you can choose three of eight previous Champions to unlock over the course of The Great Modron March 7!

Table of Contents


Dungeons & Dragons Diana the Acrobat

    Diana was already a formidable gymnast when she and her friends were transported to the magical world of Dungeons & Dragons. Diana wields her Javelin Staff with determination and courage, harnessing its potent magic to triumph over countless obstacles. The confidence of this outspoken athlete propels her friends forward in their quest to return home.

Diana is a Support and Speed Champion who comes from the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon from the 1980s. Diana’s flexible support ability provides the choice to buff Dexterous champions, young Champions, or Champions with low ability score totals. She also speeds up your progress by increasing the transition speed between areas. Once unlocked, she's a quick swap with Makos in seat 9!

Learn more about Diana in our Champion Spotlight!


Dungeons & Dragons Gromma Nander

    Extremely elderly for a Tortle, Gromma Nander grew discontent with her secluded life after giving birth to her offspring. Once they were old enough to fend for themselves, she ventured back out into the world to learn as much as she could about the strange creatures that inhabit it. Gromma is a wise and inquisitive Tortle who is quick to friendship but slow to trust. She carries a pouch of smooth colored stones that she has collected on her journey and walks with the aid of a battle-worn spear.

Gromma is a DPS, Support and Tanking tortle who has learned how to be flexible enough to take on almost any role in the formation. She has a soft spot for "the youngins" and does her best to assist anyone younger. She's found a comfy spot in Seat 3 opposite Nayeli.

Learn more about the changes coming to Gromma in our Reintroduction Spotlight!

Flex Champions

Flex Slots allow players to unlock additional Champions and earn chests during events, choosing from a pool of retired Champions associated with the event. This pool of retired Champions includes the Champions from previous years of the event as well as some Champions whose events have been retired. This event's Flex Slot pool includes:

  • Nixie (Seat 1)
  • Krydle (Seat 2)
  • Mehen (Seat 3)
  • Evandra (Seat 5)

  • Qillek (Seat 5)
  • Evelyn (Seat 6)
  • Jaheira (Seat 9)
  • Nordom (Seat 9)

Events 2.0

Event Changes

Events 2.0 is a significant update to the events system in Idle Champions. Because players will now be able to unlock more Champions, content, and rewards through Events 2.0, we are increasing the duration of events from 12 days to 21 days. Events will typically begin on the first Wednesday of each month and run for three weeks. Content updates for Idle Champions will occur on the Wednesdays outside events.

Along with the Event duration change we are reducing the number of annual events, shifting from 17 annual events down to 12. Long term, we plan to retire the Midwinter, Greengrass, The Running, Midsummer, and Brightswords events. However, as we transition over to the new Event 2.0 schedule, there will be a Greengrass event in April 2024.

Quality of Life Updates

As part of the Events 2.0 update, we are also making several quality of life updates:
  • Bounty Contracts used outside of events will award Event Tokens for the next event.
  • Event adventures, variants, and free plays no longer cost Event Tokens to start.
  • Event Tokens are now only used to purchase Event Chests directly (free plays no longer need to be grinded to obtain extra chests).
  • Event Tokens left over once an event ends will automatically be converted to Champion chests.
  • Retired Champions may come out of retirement.
  • Event Boons are granted to players who purchase specially marked event-related DLC during an event. There are four tiers of Event Boons that offer buffs to Champion Damage, Gold Find, Champion Health, Click Damage, and Speed. These buffs increase with each tier of Event Boon. Additionally, the first purchase that grants an Event Boon will also unlock the Supporter Slot.

To learn more about what is changing with Events 2.0 check out our Blog Post! Join our amazing community with any of the links below:
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