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January 9th
Idle Champions: January 2023 Updates 
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Our team saw an opportunity to make some quality of life updates at the beginning of this year, so over the next few weeks we'll be making these changes and adding them to this blog. Read on for details!

Legendary Trials Update: January 25th, 2023

We've made some updates to how Legendary equipment is crafted, and added some new rewards for completing the Trials of Mount Tiamat!

New Champion Skins: The first time you complete a specific adventure during the Trials of Mount Tiamat, you will unlock a specific Champion skin. Now we've added five new skin rewards for completing those adventures a second time! Unlock new Wyrmspeaker Skins for Bruenor, Warden, Celeste, Jamilah, and Delina by challenging Tiamat once again! Unlocking these skins does not unlock the Champion, but those skins will be saved for when you get that Champion.

Changes To Crafting Legendary Equipment: We've made it cheaper to craft and upgrade Legendary Equipment so that you can get more legendries onto more Champions.
  • The initial crafting cost of a piece of Legendary Equipment is now tied to the total pieces of Legendary Equipment equipped to a Champion. This should make it easier to outfit all Champions with Legendary Equipment.
  • An estimated difference in cost has been refunded to players who crafted using the old system.
  • The cost to upgrade a piece of Legendary Equipment has been reduced.
  • A hard cap of 20 has been implemented on each piece of Legendary Equipment. Equipment over the cap has been reduced to the cap. A refund of scales has been credited if this occurred.
  • The cost to reforge a piece of Legendary Equipment is unchanged.
We've put together two tables to give some details to what you can expect:
Dungeons & Dragons Legendary tables We hope these updates bring even more excitement to your next assault on Mount Tiamat!

Feat Update: January 18th, 2023

It's time for an update to Feats! We have added two new Feat slots to all Champions! This doubles the number of Feats that can be equipped to four. Existing feat slots unlock at ~e18 and ~e60, and the new slots will unlock at ~e36 and ~e90. This should be very useful, especially for Champions who have feats that increase ability scores to make them eligible for certain Patrons as well as other restrictions.

Enjoy your new Feat slots!

Patron Challenge Update: January 9th, 2023

Mirt, Vajra, Strahd and Zariel have updated the challenges they request from you every week. It's time to get your formations together and earn some Coins and Symbols for your favorite Patrons!!

Thanks to player feedback, we've made updates to our weekly Patron challenges for all four patrons. In general, our design goal was to allow all challenges to be buffed by Fen, the Champion releasing on Jan 11th, so things that required a certain number of resets now require a certain number of areas cleared. We got rid of some annoying challenges and refreshed others to take into account newer and currently-meta Champions.

Challenge Changes

  • Removed all challenges that were like "Complete X patron free plays in area Y or higher," as those required multiple resets and we want to ensure all challenges are completable in a single run if you're lucky and/or clever.
  • Removed all challenges that were like "Complete X areas WITHOUT any [tag] Champions in your formation in any patron variants or free plays," as they were generally viewed as annoying and forced an uninteresting formation build.
  • Removed all challenges that were like "Reset any patron variant or free play in area X+ with specific Champion as your highest total damage dealing, excluding ultimate," as those were confusing and generally viewed as annoying.
  • Added new challenges like "Complete X areas in patron variants or free plays," which are intended to replace the "Complete X patron free plays in area..." challenges
  • Added new challenges like "Complete X areas in patron variants or free plays with a specific champion as your BUD-setting DPS," which are intended to replace the "Reset in area X+ with specific Champions..." challenges. These encourage builds around certain Champions, but generally include only popular/meta Champions.
  • Updated all the challenges that were like "Complete X areas with three specific champions in your formation in any patron variants or free plays" to new combinations.

New Patron Perk Tiers

All four patrons are getting Tier 8 and 9 local and global perks! These powerful new perks include damage bonuses, gold find increases, and things each patron would be especially interested in.

  • Mirt Local Perks
    • High Interest Loan: Gold Find +4%
    • The Old Wolf: Beast enemies take an additional 50% damage.
  • Mirt Global Perks
    • Rich Friends: Damage +15% for each Gold Find Champion in the formation (additive)
    • Expert Adventurer: Global Damage +10%
  • Vajra Local Perks
    • Irresistible: Damage of Champions with a magic attack +50%
    • We're All Aligned: Damage of Champions with an affiliation +25%
  • Vajra Global Perks
    • Ley Lines: Damage +5% for each Champion in the formation with a magic attack (additive)
    • Champion of Splendors: Global Damage +10%
  • Strahd Local Perks
    • The Flesh Strengthens: Tank Champions Healing Taken +2.5%
    • Fellow Conquerors: Global Damage +25%
  • Strahd Global Perks
    • Strahd's Chosen: Damage of Evil Champions +10%
    • Glory of Ravenloft: Global Damage +10%
  • Zariel Local Perks
    • Friends of my Enemy: Increase the damage done by Champions while at least one Fiend enemy is alive by 100%
    • Endless Descent: Increase the damage of all Champions by 50%
  • Zariel Global Perks
    • Holy Redemption: Increase the healing taken by Good Champions by 5%
    • Veteran of Avernus: Increase the damage of all Champions by 10%
Between these updates and Fen helping you complete challenges quickly, we hope you'll find Patron challenges to be fun, rewarding, and fast! If you are new to Patrons and want to find out more, details can be found in the game or in our Patron Blog.

More To Come

Details about all these updates can be found in the game's Changelog! And make sure you keep an eye out for more January updates that we'll announce here!

As always we would love to hear your feedback! Leave messages on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

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