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May 15th
Idle Champions: Champions of Psychology Charity T-Shirt 
Posted in Idle Champions.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month and the launch of season 8 of the award-winning informational, mental health stream Champions of Psychology, Codename Entertainment and Take This are offering limited edition t-shirts and hoodies. These sales will benefit Take This’ mental health mission to decrease the stigma, and increase the support for, mental health in the game enthusiast community and inside the game industry.

Check out the T-Shirt Here!

For longtime viewers of Champions of Psychology, you’ve heard Mitra, Treavor, and Dr. B repeatedly say that their answers always depend on a lot of factors. Now you can commemorate their stubborn unwillingness to give simple answers with these limited edition t-shirts and hoodies featuring the Latin motto, “Semper dependent” (“It always depends”). This motto is printed under the Champions of Psychology logo on the left side of the chest.

At no additional cost, with each separate order Codename Entertainment will offer fantastic in-game items from both of their games. Valued at over $20 USD, these in-game items include:
- Idle Champions: The Great Modron March Event - 3 Gold Champion Chests each for Nordom, Mehen, and a new Champion to be revealed on May 18th!
- Bush Whacker 2: The Balloon Kitty pet and 5 Take This Cookies (restore 100% energy each)

For more information about this event and mental health in general, you can tune in every Tuesday for Champions of Psychology at 12PM Pacific on
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