August 4th
BW2 LGBT Pride Mini Quest 
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Hi Whackers!

There's a visitor in the Commons who needs your help! Sam has some t-shirts to hand out in support of LGBT pride. Help them distribute the shirts among the citizens of Bushwhackia and earn a fun prize!

Be quick though. They're only in town until Monday August 7th at Noon PDT.
July 14th
BW2 Bastille Day 2017 
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Bonjour Whackers!

Talk to Pierre in the Commons--he's next to the General Store and Town Hall--to start a mini quest to celebrate Bastille Day for all our friends in France! He needs your help to set up a festive parade! Complete all four of his quests before he leaves to earn special rewards!

Pierre will also sell you the previous reward item from 2015 of the Beret, along with the Bastille Parade horse as a mount option, a French mustache and a French Flag shirt. All of those items are available for Bush Bucks. For gold, he will offer you the option of buying a Baguette sword!

The quests (and Pierre's store) will be available until Monday July 17th at Noon PDT!

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June 19th
BW2: Adam West Tribute 
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Hi Whackers!

We're very sad to see a man like Adam West pass away. His work and his life were much appreciated by us in the office.

In tribute, there's a masked hero is stuck in the Commons and they need your help! Not all good deeds get rewards, but this hero seems like the generous type.

Be quick, as they'll only be here until Noon PDT on Thursday June 22nd!
May 3rd
Space Comrade Mini Quest in BW2 
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A cosmonaut has landed in Bushwhackia and needs assistance!

You can visit them in the Commons for a limited time opportunity. Be quick, as they're lifting off at noon on May 5th.

We're also running a spaced-out drink pack over the next couple days! Be sure to check it out!
March 3rd
Sleeping Animals Can Be So Cute 
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Hi Whackers!

A very sleepy visitor is staying in the Commons and they're on a mission! Be sure to speak with them, as they might be giving out a unique reward for your assistance! Be quick though, as they'll only be here until Noon PST on Monday, March 6th!

We're also running two new pet packs this weekend! They've got the standard bundle of items each with a new pet. Careful with these pets though, 'cause if you stand still too long they might just fall asleep on you!
February 24th
Best Play Ever Mini Quest 
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Hi Whackers!

Are you as into plays as our limited time visitor? Yes, no, maybe?

However you feel about the action on the stage, the play fanatic needs your bush whacking expertise to put on their awards ceremony! Lend them a hand in this all-new limited time quest!

You have until Monday February 27th at Noon PST to collect the items required and earn your nifty reward!

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April 1st, 2016
Codename Entertainment Launches Cookie Line 

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, April 1, 2016 – Codename Entertainment announced today the expansion of the Crusaders of the Lost Idols game universe into the baked goods market.

Starting this month the company will offer a new product line of cookies based on the award-winning idle/clicker game. The full-colour hand-painted, artisanal cookies feature the designs of some of the most famous characters from Crusaders of the Lost Idols.

Codename Entertainment CEO and Master Baker, Eric Jordan.

Initial designs feature Crusaders Sasha, Natalie, Thalia, Princess and RoboSanta

Gamers and foodies will be able to order directly from fully-branded e-commerce store utilizing the very latest in fulfillment technology. A fleet of drones will deliver customer orders within 60 minutes of leaving the oven.

The new cookies are flavoured in honour of their Crusader namesakes. These include Strawberry Princess, Sasha the Fierce Warrior Lime and RoboSanta authentic aluminum flavour.

Cookies will be delivered by drone within 60 minutes of baking.

"It's been our dream to find new ways for our fans to enjoy Crusaders of the Lost Idols," said Eric Jordan, CEO and master baker. "We didn't want to settle for just playing the game. We want players to ingest the game, and now they can do just that with our delicious range of cookies."

In honour of this important milestone, Codename Entertainment has replaced all of the monsters in the game, Crusaders of the Lost Idols, with cookies. This new cookie-themed mini-event will start later today and run until April 4th, featuring special gameplay boosts for event Crusaders for the duration of the 48 hours.

Check out all the photos here.
Download the Digital Press Kit here.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols is the award-winning and top-rated idle/clicker game that has been played over 14 million times on across all platforms since its launch in July of last year. It is the only idle/clicker game to include a formation feature where players learn to master the strategy of organizing their party of characters into the most powerful, monster-destroying formation possible.

The position of each Crusader next to his or her companions has a significant effect on their attack strength. Combined with Crusaders enhanced by abilities, buffs, and upgrades, this unique feature adds an unrivaled complexity never before seen in the idle genre.

The position of each Crusader next to his or her companions has a significant effect on their attack strength. Combined with Crusaders enhanced by abilities, buffs, and upgrades, this unique feature adds an unrivaled complexity never before seen in the idle genre.

Codename Entertainment was founded in 2008 in Victoria, B.C. by David Whittaker and Justin Stocks. They started making games for Facebook and evolved into making games for platforms like, ArmorGames, and Steam. In 2015, the company launched Crusaders of the Lost Idols. It was awarded the Idle Game of the Year on Armor Games, is the second most played game on out of 117,000 hosted on the site. Players have racked up over 14 million unique plays across all platforms, and more than 1.2 million hours played per month on Steam.

Codename Entertainment and Crusaders of the Lost Idols are trademarks of Codename Entertainment Inc. All other products named herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
October 21st, 2015
Back to the Commons! 
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Hi Whackers!

Grab your hover board and watch out for manure. It's time for an adventure to repair time!

In the celebration of one of the classic time travel movies, we've added a mini-quest in the Commons. Talk to the wild-eyed man in front of the Town Hall to go on an adventure of futuristic proportions! Can you put things back to right before it's too late?

The quest will end on Saturday, October 24th at Noon PDT!
May 15th, 2015
Victoria Day in BW2 
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Greetings Whackers,

History can be so interesting sometimes. A visitor in the Commons needs your help to look up Victorian fashions.

If you completed the quest and liked the reward, you can buy the Queen Victoria Energy Pack! It comes with 5 Queen Victoria Energy drinks which turn you into her Majesty, 100 Bush Bucks and a Gift Token! The Gift Token allows you to gift one to a friend! And you can buy the pack up to 5 times!

The quest and the sale will run until Tuesday May 19th at Noon PDT!
October 8th, 2014
Snag your spot in the Fall Fashion Mini Challenge! 

It's the most fashionable event of the season! Mr. Monkey has invited the Special Event Monkey to show off her skills at fashion design - and she'll rise to the challenge with your help!

New to Mini Challenge Events? Here's a TL:DR summary:
- Find red challenge eggs with a "!" - break them and start a new challenge.
- Break eggs to find the required number of McGuffins within the allotted time period.
- Trade Mini Event Challenge tokens to the Challenge Mini Event Monkey for prizes & Event Progress!

Got more questions? Check our handy FAQ here!

There are three excellent rare prizes for this mini event:

Rare Challenge Hat: The Fedora is snazzy and smartly reduces your Nothings by 10%!

Rare Challenge Hammer: The Blow Dryer Hammer slight increases your Star wins.

Rare Challenge Trophy Room Item: The Dress Stand lets you hang up your perfect outfit, so that your clothes don't get wrinkled!

Looking for a fascinating new head adornment? Mr. Monkey has two fashionable offerings for you to consider!*

The Fascinator offers a hint of mystery, and helps intrigued Monkeys gain 10% More Hammer Wins, and 10% More Crates!

The Gastby harkens back to a time when '…men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars…' and shimmers with an increase of 10% More Silver Eggs and 10% More Gold.

* Hat Packs available for purchase on ArmorGames, Facebook, and Kongregate only, at this time.

This mini event will run until Wednesday October 15, 2014 - Noon PDT.

Dress to the nines and claim your spot along the runway here!