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December 1st, 2021
Idle Champions: Icewind Dale, Part 10 
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We've defeated the Chardalyn Dragon. We've defeated the mortal form of the god of winter. And now, we must face a Demilich. With the fate of Icewind Dale in our hands, we must gain control of and destroy the Mythallar, but our ally Vellynne Harpell may have other plans.

Before we can destroy the Mythallar, our old friend the Professor Orb shows up with his new drow allies and wants to try a spell to see what happens. What could go wrong?

The Champions will have to face their greatest foe yet and concoct a new plan to save Icewind Dale from the terrors of the Tarrasque!

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Icewind Dale Adventures, Cold As Ice and Friends & Foes, in order to access these new Adventures.

The Spire of Iriolarthas

Gain the final clue to enter the Spire of Iriolarthas and face the Demilich of Ythryn.
Reach Area 600
  • Adventure Variant: Always Watching — Always there, even when you thought you had defeated him.
    • In each boss area, Iriolarthas the Demilich appears. He must be defeated in order to progress.
    • Only Champions with WIS of 14 or higher can be used.
    • Complete Area 650

The Fall of Ythryn

Destroy the Ythryn Mythalar, using whatever means necessary.
Complete Area 625
  • Adventure Variant: Icequake — Destroy the Ythryn Mythalar, while the glacier crumbles around you.
    • From area 30 onward, an earthquake occurs every 20-120 seconds. Earthquakes cause a screen shake and cause falling pieces of ice to hit the Champions, dealing damage equal to 75% of their max health and stunning them for 15 seconds (subject to a DEX save).
    • The earthquake also triggers the following effects for 15 seconds if one or more Champions fail the save.
      • Champion damage is reduced by 99.9%.
      • Enemies move 200% faster.
    • DEX Save: For each point their Dexterity score is above 10, a Champion has a 10% chance to save against the damage/effect, completely nullifying it. For example, a Champion with 14 DEX has a 40% chance to save against the damage, while a Champion with 20 DEX or higher has a 100% chance to save against the effect.
    • Complete area 675
  • Adventure Variant: A Lesson in Classes — Destroy the Ythryn Mythalar, with only one of each class at a time.
    • Xerophon joins the formation for this adventure to see what it's like to fight alongside the Champions. They don't attack, they're just here to observe.
    • Only one Champion of each class can be included in the formation at any time. Multiclass Champions count for all of their classes. Xerophon does not have a class for this adventure variant.
    • In an attempt to distract and confuse the enemies, Xerophon transforms into the first enemy who spawns in each area, increasing damage against that type of enemy by 100% for the rest of the area.
    • Complete area 725
    • Rewards Xerophon, the Doppelganger Rogue
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