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April 27th, 2022
Idle Champions: The Running 5 
Posted in Idle Champions.

A young elven wizard is on a pilgrimage to the Grandfather Tree, and she has hired the Champions to escort her. The wizard has foreseen an acorn falling from the tree - an extraordinary and truly rare occurrence - and she hopes to collect the holy relic to take to Silverymoon.

Yet as the party ventures forth, the very forest itself resists them, while elves from the Feywild and the Underdark seek to claim the acorn for themselves!

The Running 5 introduces Dungeon Master, the human wizard from the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, and brings back Shaka, the Tiefling Warlock, and Krydle, the Half-Elf Rogue. Players have until Monday, May 9th at 12PM Pacific to complete The Running 5 unlocks and objectives.

New Champion: Dungeon Master

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master

    He is Dungeon Master, your guide in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons! Don't let his short stature and befuddling riddles fool you, this magical master controls the strange forces at work during any adventure.

Dungeon Master is a Support, Healing, and Gold Find Champion who is always eligible for an adventure, though he may leave you with a frightened Uni for a few areas. He enjoys mentoring younger Champions, and helps everyone be their ultimate best! When you want to add him to your formation you can swap him with Asharra (Slot 6)

For more information on Dungeon Master and his abilities, check out his Champion Spotlight!

Localization Wide Release

In addition to Dungeon Master's release, April 27th is also the wide release of our first round of localization for the game! We've localized the game into French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and Simplified Chinese and are excited to welcome a more global audience into Idle Champions!

Year Five Variants

Revenge of Venger — Quest for a mystical and rare acorn with the younger members of your roster, with Venger atop his nightmare hot on your tail!
  • Reach Area 75.

  • Ultimate Madness — The quest for a mystical and rare acorn continues, but this time Dungeon Master is helping by recharging your ultimate attacks! Champion base attacks deal less damage, but their ultimate attacks are significantly more powerful and take half as long to cooldown.
  • Reach Area 125.

  • It's Tiamat, the Dragon! — Tiamat, the Dragon has arrived to thwart your quest for a mystical and rare acorn! Champions will only regain half their max hit points when changing areas, but Dungeon Master joins your formation with his Words of Encouragement.
  • Reach Area 175.

  • Much more detail and information can be found in the game! Enjoy!
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