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February 1st
Idle Champions: Grand Revel 6 
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As Camp Vengeance gets ready to celebrate Grand Revel, a lone Templar approaches the Champions. Her merchant friend's caravan is missing. The investigation found only scattered supplies and wreckage along the trail. If there are any survivors, they seem to have been taken into the jungles of Chult...

Grand Revel 6 introduces Brother Uriah, the good hearted cleric of the Black Dice Society, and brings back Vi, the planes-walking, gun-toting, gnome artificer played by Jeremy Crawford on Acquisitions Incorporated, and Hew Maan, a definitely human Champion and not three kobolds in a trench coat! Players have until Monday, February 13th at 12 PM Pacific to complete their Grand Revel 6 unlocks and objectives.

I. Brother Uriah

Dungeons & Dragons Uriah Midwinter
    Brother Uriah Macawber is a native of Ravenloft, born in the dread domain of Darkon under the iron rule of Azalin Rex. After a horrifying childhood encounter at the Carnival with the demonic entity known as The Caller, Uriah would embrace the worship of the goddess Ezra, Lady of the Mists, offering protection from the forces of darkness to all those in need. Upon joining with the other future members of The Black Dice Society, Uriah would go on to find friendship, true love, and dark truths about himself and his past.

Brother Uriah is a Support and Healing Champion that completes the Black Dice Society affiliation. As a faithful Cleric of Ezra, Brother Uriah heals nearby champions as well as increasing their damage. In stressful situations, he becomes possessed by the spirit of Azalin Rex. While possessed, he increases the damage of Nahara and any Evil champions in the formation. Once unlocked, you can find this human cleric opposite Makos in Slot 9.

For more details about Brother Uriah and his abilities, check out his Champion Spotlight!

Year Six Variants

  • Adventure Variant 1: Perhaps I'd Be Safer in the Middle? - Discover the fate of some merchants in the jungles of Chult. Brother Uriah joins the formation and can't be moved or removed. Only Champions in the middle two columns can deal damage.
    Complete Area 75.

  • Adventure Variant 2: Perhaps an Escort is in Order? - Some Raven friends join the search for the missing merchants. Brother Uriah joins the formation and can be moved, but not removed. His Ezra's Embrace ability starts unlocked. Two Ravents join the formation. Every 10 seconds a boulder falls on a random Champion dealing 25% of their total health in damage.
    Complete Area 125.

  • Adventure Variant 3: Perhaps We Should Make Haste? - The quickest Champions help push through the jungles of Chult. Brother Uriah joins the formation and can be moved, but not removed. You can only use Champions from the Black Dice Society affiliation or Champions with a normal attack cooldown of 5 seconds or less.
    Complete Area 175.

Let us know what you think about your Grand Revel adventures in a Community Q&A on our Twitch channel, the Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!
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