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September 28th
Idle Champions: Highharvestide 6 
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The Savage Frontier of the Sword Coast can be a dangerous place. At the junction of the Long Road and Evermoor Way, the town of Triboar seeks the aid of heroes. Bandits have begun to assail the small town while the citizens are meant to prepare for the Highharvestide Festival...

Highharvestide 6 sees the beginning of Year 6 Events in Idle Champions and the introduction of Egbert from the Oxventurers!

This event also brings back D'hani, the aarakocra monk from Rivals of Waterdeep, and the intimating Minotaur Barbarian Torogar Steelfist. Players have until Monday, October 10th at 12PM Pacific to complete your Highharvestide 6 unlocks and objectives.

I. Egbert

Dungeons & Dragons Egbert Key Art
    Clumsy but well-meaning, Egbert the Dragonborn Paladin was summarily booted out of his Paladin order after a terrible incident he doesn’t like to talk about. Setting out on his quest for atonement with a new deity in tow, La Vache Mauve, he falls in with the Oxventurers Guild and, by his reckoning, questing with them offers as good a chance as any of guiding him towards absolution. Often impulsive, he very rarely plans beyond his initial moment of ‘inspiration’ but his heart’s in the right place. Well, at least until he next rushes into battle, trips into a spike pit and it ends up kebabbed on a skewer…

Egbert is a Tanking, Support, Healing, and Gold Find Champion who seeks atonement after being kicked out of his Paladin order. Does he make amends for his past transgressions, or will his companions lead him astray? He can be added to the formation by swapping him out with Minsc (Slot 7).

For more information on Egbert and his abilities, check out his Champion Spotlight Blog or the quick Video Spotlight!

Year Six Variants

  • Variant 1: Delay Tactics - Egbert starts in the formation and can't be moved or removed. Enemies can take at most 10% of their max health per hit in damage for the first 10 seconds after they appear. Speed potions last twice as long.
    Reach Area 75

  • Variant 2: Kicked out of Le Dragon d'Or - Egbert starts in the formation, can't be moved or removed, and his Atone for the Past ability starts out unlocked. If Egbert has positive Atonement points, only Lawful Champions can deal damage. Otherwise, only Chaotic Champions can deal damage.
    Reach Area 125.

  • Variant 3: Egbert the Careless - Egbert starts in the formation and can't be moved or removed. Every 10 seconds, Egbert accidentally drops a lit bomb which bounces back and explodes, dealing a random amount of damage up to the area's number to a random Champion and anyone standing next to them.
    Reach Area 175.

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