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November 23rd, 2022
Idle Champions: Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Part 7 
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We left Thither and travelled to Yon, the final of the 3 areas within Zybilna's fey domain. We're on the hunt for the final hag of the Hourglass Coven and the route to the Palace of Heart's desire!

This week's update to The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign brings two new adventures and adventure variants, as well as Tier 4 Blessings! It's time to dive back into the Feywild!

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventures, Best Laid Plans and The Howling Peaks of Yon, in order to access these new Adventures.

The Minions of Endelyn Moongrave

Negotiate a peace between the Korreds and Brigganocks of Yon.
  • Variant: Between a Brigganock and a Hard Place - These peace talks would be easier if we weren't literally between the two groups!
    • A Korred and Brigganock join the formation. Champions next to them deal no damage due to their constant squabbling.
    • Complete area 800

Love Unsoiled

Gain Endelyn's allegiance by performing the epic tragedy: Love Unsoiled!
  • Adventure Variant: The Play's the Thing! - Put your best actors on stage to make this play shine!
    • You may only use Champions with a Charisma of 17 or higher.
    • The damage of all Champions is increased by 100% for each Champion in the formation with a custom costume (aka a skin), stacking additively.
    • Complete area 850

Witchlight Tier 4 Blessings

With the release of Part 7 of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign, the fourth tier of blessings have also been added to the game:
  • Magic Medley - Local: Increases the damage of all Champions by 10% for each magic attacking Champion in the formation.
  • Health Kick - Local: Increase the base health of all Champions by 10%.
  • Recruit Blooshi - Local: Increases the damage of all Champions by 100% and Blooshi by an additional 100%.
  • Reliable Friends - Increase the damage of the non-core evergreen Champions by +400%
You can find all this information, and even more details, in game!

We would love to hear about your experiences in the Feywild on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

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