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February 15th
Idle Champions: Light of Xaryxis, Part 3 
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We've been marooned on an asteroid and desperately trying to fix our ship, but we keep getting attacked! In order to get the parts we need, we'll have to deal with githyanki, mind flayers, and worst of all, space clowns!

This week's update brings two new adventures and adventure variants to our Light of Xaryxis campaign. It's time to get back into Wildspace!

Note: you will need to complete the previous two Light of Xaryxis adventures, Who Lurks Below? and Xanathaaaaaaar!, in order to access these new adventures.

No One Can Hear You Scream

Scavenge your way through Wildspace on your way to the Rock of Bral.
  • Variant: Anchors Aweigh - We've got to deal with gravity anomalies on our way to Bral!
    • Every 5 seconds, a random Champion loses their footing and flies off the deck for 10 seconds. They can't attack and their formation abilities are disabled while off the deck.
    • Complete area 450

Welcome To The Rock

Explore the Rock of Bral, trading for repair equipment, while pursued by a furious reigar!
  • Adventure Variant: Welcome to the Band - While exploring, escort a music act to the Happy Beholder!
    • Four musicians join the formation.
    • Champions deal +1000% damage for each Bard in the formation, including the four escorts, stacking multiplicatively.
    • Complete area 500
You can find all this information and even more details in-game!

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