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February 24th
Idle Champions: Season 2 Reward Shop Update 
Posted in Idle Champions.

As we approach the end of Season 2: The Flayer Hunters, we have an update regarding our plans for the Season 2 reward shop.

Season 1 Image

Season 2 will officially end on Wednesday, March 1st at 12 PM Pacific. However, the Season 2 reward shop will remain open for one additional week. While players will not be able to complete quests during this time, it allows players to spend any remaining currency before the Season 2 reward shop closes on Wednesday, March 8th at 12 PM Pacific.

The following exclusive items from the Season 2 reward shop will become available in Wild Offers six months after the end of Season 2, on August 1st, 2023:
  • Season 2 Feats
      Season 2 Feats will also become available for Gems at this time.
  • Season 2 GE for Krydle
  • Season 2 Skins
  • Season 2 Familiar: Intellect Devourer
We thank everyone for playing through Season 2: The Flayer Hunters in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms! Stay tuned because Season 3 is coming soon!
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