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May 19th
Idle Champions: Modron Emergence  
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Modrons have broken away from the Great Modron March and are spreading across the realms! Protect the Forgotten Realms and unlock exclusive rewards in the Thayan Enclave Shop during the Modron Emergence Event, which runs from May 24th at Noon Pacific until June 7th at noon Pacific!

What is an Emergence Event?

Emergence Events are limited-time events where specific monsters begin to appear in all Free Play adventures. These additional monsters (and any previous use of them) will drop Corrupted Gems during the Emergence Event.

What are Corrupted Gems?

Corrupted Gems are a new currency collected only during Emergence Events. You can spend them in the new Thayan Enclave gem shop.

Season Pass
A Corrupted Gem

How do I collect Corrupted Gems?

During Emergence Events, Corrupted Gems can be collected from the designated monsters, and by completing a daily quest visible in the Emergence Event dialog. Additionally, some variants can reward Corrupted Gems.

How many Corrupted Gems can I collect through the Emergence Event?

The number of Corrupted Gems available in each Emergence Event varies. For the current Emergence Event, you can collect 70,000 Corrupted Gems: 35,000 Corrupted Gems by defeating Modrons during the event, and an additional 35,000 by completing all 14 of the daily quests during the Emergence Event.

The drop rate of Corrupted Gems is controlled at a rate of 1 Corrupted Gem every 30-40 seconds from the start to approximately 3 hours before the end of the event. A catch-up mechanic is built into the event, so if you have a bunch of Corrupted Gems you haven't collected yet, the designated enemies will drop more than 1 for each you destroy until you reach your threshold. Here are two scenarios as an example: 1. You've collected all the available Corrupted Gems from drops. You will see about one drop every 30-40 seconds or so, assuming you are regularly destroying the designated enemies. 2. You've collected 500 Corrupted Gems from drops, but a total of 3000 have been available since the event started. You will receive accelerated drops (more frequent drops and multiple drops per kill) until you have caught up to the maximum available number of drops.

Where can I find Modrons?

The designated enemies for the Emergence Event can be found by playing any Free Play adventures. They can also be found in the adventures and variants of the active event: The Great Modron March!

What can I purchase with Corrupted Gems?

The specific items will vary by Emergence, but include Golden Epic Equipment cards, Feat cards, Skins, Chests, and Marvelous Pigments!

Thayan Enclave Screen
Thayan Enclave

What are Marvelous Pigments?

Marvelous Pigments are specialized items you can use to upgrade certain equipment items. The Thayan Enclave is currently featuring the Marvelous Support Pigment, which can be used to upgrade any epic or better equipment items on a support Champion to provide a +200% Global Damage buff in addition to their normal effects!

Season Pass
Celeste Equipment with Support Pigment Applied

What happens when the Emergence Event ends?

When the Emergence Event ends, you will no longer be able to collect Corrupted Gems from the designated enemies and the daily quests. However, the Corrupted Gems available as variant rewards will remain available for anyone who has yet to complete them. Corrupted Gems that you have collected will remain in your inventory.

When is the next Emergence Event?

The next Emergence Event will begin on August 30th, 2023.

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