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September 21st, 2022
Idle Champions: September 21st Adventure Variants and Scotty the Rescue Pup Familiar 
Posted in Idle Champions.

We're celebrating the release of Scotty the Rescue Pup Familiar and raising money for Take This with a potpourri of adventure variants! Scotty is an awesome way to help you tackle all these new challenges because everyone loves an adorable, happy doggie!

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Scotty the Rescue Pup Familiar one sheet

Adventure Variants

This week's update brings 10 new adventure variants for 5 different Campaigns!

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Variants

Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Adventure Variants

  • Vecna Lives! Variant 2: A Demigod's Defender
  • Explore the emergency in Candlekeep while fending off undead monstrosities that deflect blows from swords and arrows!
    • At the start of each area, a Zombie Minotaur appears with ten armored hit points. They can only be damaged by magical attacks.
    • Complete area 350.

  • Vecna Loots Variant 2: More Than Well Equipped
  • Stop the assault on Candlekeep with the best of your best-equipped Champions!
    • Only Champions with at least two Epic equipment or better may be used.
    • Two wizard students join the formation, but they just get in the way.
    • Complete area 350.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Variants

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Adventure Variants

  • Champions of Waterdeep Variant 3: Take Five
  • Head home after a job well done with Champions from Year Five. What can possibly go wrong?
    • Only Event Champions from Year Five can be used.
    • Complete area 300.

  • Once More Into the Breach Variant 3: Nightmare Mode
  • Head into Undermountain while grappling with an absolute plethora of bosses!
    • Each boss needs to be defeated four times to advance.
    • Only Champions with WIS of 8 or lower can be used.
    • Complete area 375.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Baldur's Gate Descent into Avernus Variants

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus Adventure Variants

  • The Darkness Runs Deeper Variant 3: Faerun's Most Wanted
  • Learn more about the events in Baldur's Gate with Champions from the most used time gates.
    • You may only use the Champions in the top 30% of current time gate popularity.
    • Evergreen Champions can not be used.
    • Complete area 400.

  • Difficult Terrain Variant 3: Faerun's Most Neglected
  • Head to Candlekeep with the Champions from the least used time gates, but watch your step!
    • You may only use the Champions in the bottom 30% of current time gate popularity.
    • Evergreen Champions can not be used.
    • Complete area 425.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Adventure Variants

  • Moose Tracks Variant 3: Ten in Ten-Towns
  • Enter Ten-Towns with a Champion of OUR choice.
    • A random Champion from seat 10 is immediately unlocked, added to the formation, and can't be removed.
    • Champions from the first two bench seats cannot be used.
    • Complete area 350.

  • Civilization Variant 3: Lone Wolf Party
  • Head to Termalaine with Champions that tend to go it alone.
    • Only Champions that aren't part of an affiliation can be used.
    • One Winter Wolf appears with each non-boss wave. They don't drop gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
    • One Winter Wolf Alpha appears at the start of each boss area. They must be defeated in order to progress.
    • Complete area 375.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Wild Beyond the Witchlight Variants

Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventure Variants

  • Hither of the Feywild Variant 3: Don't Squeeze the Spiders
  • Venture into the Feywild while fighting spiders resistant to magic.
    • Additional Giant Spiders appear in each area. They don't drop gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
    • Only Champions with a melee or ranged base attack can be used.
    • Champions' base attack cooldowns are increased by 3 seconds.
    • Complete area 450.

  • Prince of a Thousand Enemies Variant 3: Where the Magic Happens
  • Head further into Hither with your best magical attackers.
    • Only Champions with a Magical base attack can be used.
    • Whenever a Champion attacks and doesn't kill at least one monster, the Champion is stunned for 5 seconds.
    • Complete area 500.

See the in-game Change Log for more information!