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April 12th, 2023
Idle Champions: Greengrass 6 
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A great cosmic conflict has spilled out upon the prime material plane.

While celebrations to mark the start of spring begin in the quaint Sword Coast town of Triboar, a Githyanki raiding party descents from above, raining destruction.

It's up to the Champions to defend the innocent and figure out what has drawn the attention of the Gith and their Endless War. It's time for Greengrass 6!

Greengrass 6 introduces Antrius, the Human Bard from Deerstalker Picture's 1 for All, and brings back Gazrick Nomrad, the Gnome Druid from Rivals of Waterdeep and Orkira Illdrex, the Dragonborn Cleric of Heroes of the Planes. Players have until Monday, April 24th at 12PM Pacific to complete their Greengrass 6 unlocks and objectives.

New Champion: Antrius

Antrius is your classic fantasy Bard - he’s a lover, not a fighter. His supportive parents paid his way through Bard College, and now Antrius is out on the road trying to make a name for himself with bravado, showmanship, and a seductive smolder.

Antrius is a Support and Healing Champion who empowers his companions with an Inspiring Song. With this song, he increases the damage of nearby companions and gives them temporary health to push through tough enemies. His tales depend on the stories of your Champions, so he buffs his companions based on the number of feats you have unlocked. Once unlocked, you can find this human bard in Slot 4 with Jarlaxle.

For more information on Antrius and his abilities, check out his Champion Spotlight!

Year Six Variants

Mirror, Mirror: Defend Triboar from a Githyanki invasion with Antrius! Antrius starts in the formation (Slot 3) and can not be removed or swapped out. Two reflections of Antrius take up slots in the formation (slots 4 and 5). These reflections are just that, and don't actually have any of Antrius' abilities.
  • Reach Area 75.

  • A Timely Tune: Defend Triboar from a Githyanki invasion with only 1 hit point left! Antrius starts in the formation (Slot 3) and can not be removed or swapped out. Antrius starts out with Inspiring Song unlocked. After area 5, Champions' health is set to 1 and can not be healed above this. 1-3 Skeleton Archers spawn with each wave.
  • Reach Area 125.

  • Pick Your Poison: Defend Triboar from a Githyanki invasion with Antrius's favorite heroes! Antrius starts in the formation (Slot 3) and can not be removed or swapped out. You can only use Champions who are Bards, or have a total ability score of 78 or lower, or are Chaotic.
  • Reach Area 175.

  • Much more detail and information can be found in the game! Enjoy!
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