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March 22nd, 2022
Idle Champion Spotlight: Blooshi I 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Death is not the end of adventure for everyone. Some Champions have a strong enough spirit that they will continue to fight!

Blooshi is the latest Evergreen Champion, joining our roster from the Wild Beyond the Witchlight!

I. Blooshi I

    Blooshi has always been different than the other Bullywugs. She never had others who understood her, but after she picked up a strange skull, she finally found someone who does. Thanks to that skull, Blooshi formed a warlock pact with an undead entity! Now whenever she dies she comes back as a much tougher ghost, smashing her assailants before being sucked back into her body and returning to life. She's pretty pleased, as it's very useful and goes with her whole dark vibe. Surely there will be no repercussions!

Blooshi is a Support and Tank Champion who hails from the Soggy Court in Prismeer. She enjoys taunting her enemies, and when she becomes overwhelmed relies on the power of her undead patron to return as a spirit and a formidable tank. Starting on March 23rd, 2022 you can unlock Blooshi by first completing The Fairy Rings of Thither adventure in the Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign, and then completing that adventure variant Bully For You! Once unlocked you can add her to your formation by swapping her out with Celeste (Slot 2).

II. Blooshi's Stats

Race: Bullywug Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 11.5 Class: Warlock

STR: 10 DEX: 14 CON: 16
INT: 13 WIS: 8 CHA: 18

Role: Tanking, Support

Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Vajra, Strahd, Zariel

Slot: 2 (Celeste)

Dungeons & Dragons Blooshi Key Art

III. Blooshi's Design

Inspired by the Wild Beyond The Witchlight Bullywugs and a Champion that would pair well with Ulkoria, the design team set to work crafting a magic tank with a focus on souls! Blooshi is a Soul Gatherer, collecting the souls of any enemies killed, and gaining power the larger her Soul Stack becomes. Champions in the two columns behind her get a damage increase depending on how many Soul Stacks she has gained. Taking a protective position in front of her companions, Blooshi's regular attack is a Taunting Blast using her eldritch magic, and if the enemy survives they prioritize attacking her in retaliation.

But Blooshi is a bit squishier than a normal tank, and tends to die. A lot. Fortunately death is not the end for Blooshi! Her Spirit Carries On after she falls, and as a Spirit continuing to buff her allies and attack as normal, plus gaining the health needed to keep tanking! While in Spirit form she will remember A Life Well Lived and boosts the Soul Gatherer damage depending on how many bosses she made it through alive. Being in Spirit form is certainly A Grave Situation so she increases how many Soul Stacks she can have, and adds even more to her stack when a boss is killed. As a Spirit Blooshi is extra protective of her companions, and she'll increase the max health of all other Champions, telling them Don't Croak!

Blooshi has two Specializations. The first affects how many souls she can collect as a Soul Gatherer, choosing to gain twice the number of Soul Stacks generated for Sliced Souls, Skewered Souls, or Charred Souls. The second Specialization affects her Spirit form, either making her a more Resilient Spirit by taking less damage, or a Wild Spirit and increasing how many Soul Stacks she gains thanks to A Grave Situation. When things have become too dire, Blooshi will use her Ultimate Attack to summon a Spirit Charge, causing Bullywug spirits to fly across the battlefield grabbing enemies as they go! Each enemy is tossed away from the formation, and take a hard fall filled with damage as they land.

IV. Blooshi's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Taunting Blast — Blooshi attacks the closest untaunted enemy with an eldritch blast magic attack that causes one hit. If the enemy survives, it is taunted. A taunted enemy prioritizes attacks against Blooshi if possible; melee characters will move towards her and attack her if she's in the front, ranged/magic will shoot at her. If all enemies are currently taunted, she attacks a random enemy instead.

Formation Abilities

  • Soul Gatherer — Whenever an enemy dies, Blooshi gains 1 Soul Stack from normal enemies and 15 Soul Stacks from Boss enemies. Blooshi increases the damage of Champions in the two columns behind her by 1% for each Soul Stack, stacking additively. When changing areas, she loses 20% of her Soul Stacks. Soul Stacks cap at 10,000 in her non-spirit form.
  • Spirit Carries On — When Blooshi dies, she is replaced in the formation with her Spirit. The following rules apply to Blooshi's Spirit:
    • The Spirit still buffs the formation with all of Blooshi's normal formation abilities and buffs.
    • The Spirit continues to attack and can be attacked like normal. She can be "killed", at which point she stops granting all effects like any dead Champion would.
    • Blooshi's Spirit counts as "dead" for the purposes of effects that are triggered by dead Champions, but "alive" for all other purposes.
    • Blooshi does not fully "resurrect" when changing areas like a normal Champion would. If her Spirit is killed, then her Spirit will reappear at full health upon changing areas.
    • In adventure with perma-death, Blooshi doesn't count as actually dead until her Spirit is killed.
    • Whenever you collect a boss loot bag, her "next of kin" returns to the formation, and the number after her name will increase by one. The roman numeral is reset at the end of the adventure.
    • While in Spirit form, her health is increased by 125 and her overwhelm is increased by 20.
  • A Life Well Lived — While Blooshi is in Spirit form, Soul Gatherer's damage boost gets a +10% increase, stacking multiplicatively, for each boss level that Blooshi had made it through alive during this adventure.
  • A Grave Situation — While Blooshi is in Spirit form her base Soul Stack cap is increased to 100,000. Enemy attacks against her increase her current Soul Stacks by 1% and boss attacks increases her current Soul Stacks by 15%
  • Don't Croak! — Increase the max health of all other Champions by 25% of Blooshi's Spirit Carries On health bonus.


Blooshi's first specialization affects how many souls are generated for Soul Gatherer:

  • Sliced Souls — Enemies killed with melee attacks generate twice the number of Soul Stacks for Soul Gatherer.
  • Skewered Souls — Enemies killed with ranged attacks generate twice the number of Soul Stacks for Soul Gatherer.
  • Charred Souls — Enemies killed with magic attacks generate twice the number of Soul Stacks for Soul Gatherer.
Blooshi's second specialization affects her Spirit form:

  • Resilient Spirit — Blooshi's Spirit form takes 50% less damage.
  • Wild Spirit — Soul Stacks granted by A Grave Situation are increased by 33%.

Ultimate Ability

  • Spirit Charge — Bullywug spirits fly from the left to the right, picking up each enemy and tossing them back 25% of the screen, dealing damage to each of them. Enemies can't be pushed back past the spawning edge.

V. Blooshi's Epic Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: Soul Gatherer
Slot 3: Spirit Carries On
Slot 4: A Live Well Lived
Slot 5: Ultimate Attack Damage
Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

We are excited to have Blooshi join your Champion roster as the latest Evergreen Champion! If you have feedback, let us know in a Community Q&A or Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

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