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September 23rd, 2020
Idle Champions: Highharvestide 4 
Posted in Idle Champions.

The Savage Frontier of the Sword Coast can be a dangerous place. At the junction of the Long Road and Evermoor Way, the town of Triboar seeks the aid of heroes. Bandits have begun to assail the small town while the citizens are meant to prepare for the Highharvestide Festival...

Highharvestide 4 sees the beginning of Year 4 Events in Idle Champions and the introduction of the savage Minotaur Barbarian bodyguard to Arkhan the Cruel and the third Champion from the Dark Order: Torogar Steelfist!

This event also brings back the loyal Dwarven Battlerager, Thibbledorf Pwent, and the Tiefling Pact of the Fiend Warlock, Farideh. Players have until Monday, October 5th at 12PM Pacific to complete their Highharvestide 4 unlocks and objectives.

For more information about Year 4 Events and how they work, please check out our Year 4 Events Dev Blog.

New Champion: Torogar Steefist

Torogar's Bio

    There's savage, and then there's Torogar. Few had even survived a head-to-head match with him before he ran into Arkhan the Cruel. He was known worlds over as an unstoppable brute. Now, as a part of the Dark Order, Torogar leads armies and communes with a god, but he's always down for another one-on-one match.

Torogar's Stats

Race: Minotaur Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: Barbarian Gender: Male
Age: 32 Affiliation: Dark Order

STR: 23 DEX: 17 CON: 14
INT: 8 WIS: 9 CHA: 15

Role: DPS, Support
Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Vajra
Slot: 10 (Tyril)

Torogar's Formation Abilities

Torogar is a support and DPS Champion who powers up Evil Champions. While blood raging, he increases the damage of the formation significantly, with permanent power-ups that unlock the more you use him. His DPS and buffs increase with his devotion to Tiamat through his Zealot stacks, affecting his Markings of a Zealot & Preach abilities. Initially, Torogar only gets a Zealot stack when he or an adjacent Champion kills an enemy, however, his Word of Tiamat specialization extends this power to all evil Champions.

Torogar is a lynchpin for evil formations, doubling down on the boosts they are already receiving from other Dark Order members — Arkhan the Cruel & Krull — and making them stronger as they push further into the adventure.

For more information on Torogar and his abilities, check out his Champion Spotlight!

Year Four Variants

  • An Abyssal Mess — Two Abyssal Chickens start in the formation and every 25 areas, ANOTHER Abyssal Chicken joins the fun. The Abyssal Chickens don't do much, they just like hanging out with you..
    Reach Area 75.

  • CONfirmed Sightings — The Resurrected Hero of the Vale appears in area 25 as an additional boss, where you'll need to defeat him. Again. Only Champions with CON of 14 or higher can be used.
    Reach Area 125.

  • The Dark Order Arrives — Torogar & Arkhan start in the formation and cannot be moved. Only members of the Dark Order (Torogar, Arkhan, and Krull) can deal damage. All other Champions have their DPS disabled, but their formation abilities are active.
    Reach Area 175.

For information on previous years' variants, check out the Highharvestide 3 blog.
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