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November 9th
Idle Champions: Feast of the Moon 6 
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During Feast of the Moon, residents of the Sword Coast pay homage to the deeds of legendary heroes by visiting their crypts and graves.

When the Champions arrive at The Crypt of Legends, they find hordes of undead crawling up from the depths. Something is making the dead heroes rise, and the answer will require a descent into the depths to discover the cause...

Feast of the Moon 6 introduces Virgil, the aasimar storm sorcerer and member of the Rivals of Waterdeep. This event also brings back two Heroes of the Planes: Penelope "Half-Pint", the Circle of the Moon Druid/Warlock, and Widdle, the dhampir gnome wizard! Players have until Monday, November 21st at 12PM Pacific to complete your Feast of the Moon 6 unlocks and objectives.

New Champion: Virgil

Dungeons & Dragons Virgil Brian

    With unexpected and unwelcome Celestial heritage, Virgil was always trying to get away from both his past and a disapproving family. He put his talents to work on the sea, traveling with crews who he hoped would ask nothing more than that he earn his keep by way of his magic. Eventually he grew tired of wandering and ended up in the quiet lakeside town of Caradoon, thinking he might put down roots. But that all changed when he met and fell for a kindred spirit in the form of a charming and witty Tiefling named Kent. After some over-enthusiastic handling of the local tavern's rat problem, they found themselves on the move again. Fortunately they met Selise Astorio of the Rivals of Waterdeep, and while quickly becoming entangled in the group's adventures they discovered a new family and a new home.

Virgil is a support and speed Champion who is the master of lightning speeds! He makes the attacks of adjacent Champions faster, and speeds up progress if the formation is quickly dispatching enemies. Find out more about him and and his abilities by checking out his full Champion Spotlight!

Year Six Variants

  • Eye of the Storm - Virgil begins in the formation and can't be moved or removed. Only Champions next to Virgil can deal damage.
    Reach Area 75

  • An Inseparable Bond - Virgil begins in the formation and can't be removed, but can be moved. You may only use Champions with a Wisdom of 12 or higher.
    Reach Area 125

  • Freak Weather Conditions - Virgil begins in the formation and can't be removed, but can be moved. Every 5 areas the weather drastically changes. While snowing, all Champions' normal attack cooldown speeds are increased by 5 seconds. While thundering, a bolt of lightning strikes a random Champion every 5 seconds dealing damage equal to 50% of their max health and stunning them for 5 seconds. While foggy, Champions deal no damage with ranged attacks.
    Reach Area 175

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