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November 4th, 2022
Idle Champion Spotlight: Virgil 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Storms can be beautiful displays of raw energy, or dangerous heralds of destruction. It takes someone calm, cool, and collected to harness and wield that power.

Virgil is a friendly, easy going aasimar who is happy to work together and peacefully avoid a fight. But don't be fooled by his calm demeanor, with a snap of his fan he is ready to summon a storm! He joins the rest of the Rivals of Waterdeep in the Champion roster during the Feast of the Moon!

I. Virgil

Dungeons & Dragons Virgil Brian

    With unexpected and unwelcome Celestial heritage, Virgil was always trying to get away from both his past and a disapproving family. He put his talents to work on the sea, traveling with crews who he hoped would ask nothing more than that he earn his keep by way of his magic. Eventually he grew tired of wandering and ended up in the quiet lakeside town of Caradoon, thinking he might put down roots. But that all changed when he met and fell for a kindred spirit in the form of a charming and witty Tiefling named Kent. After some over-enthusiastic handling of the local tavern's rat problem, they found themselves on the move again. Fortunately they met Selise Astorio of the Rivals of Waterdeep, and while quickly becoming entangled in the group's adventures they discovered a new family and a new home.

Virgil is a support and speed Champion who is the master of lightning speeds! He makes the attacks of adjacent Champions faster, and speeds up progress if the formation is quickly dispatching enemies. Once unlocked, Virgil and his storm sorcerer powers can be found with Tyril in Slot 10.

II. Virgil's Stats

Race: Aasimar Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him
Class: Sorcerer Age: 32
Affiliation: Rivals of Waterdeep

STR: 9 DEX: 13 CON: 14
INT: 13 WIS: 12 CHA: 18

Role: Support and Speed
Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Vajra, and Strahd
Slot: 10 (Tyril)

Dungeons & Dragons Virgil

III. Virgil's Design

For anyone interested in learning about Brian Gray, their website includes years of wonderful content as a writer and streamer with blogs, reviews, recipes, and more. In the TTRPG community they are well known for their performances on many streams, including as a voice over artist for Into The Mother Lands, and our own Charity One Shot celebrating the release of Disco the Baby Moonstone Dragon familiar! We're extremely excited to bring their Rivals of Waterdeep character to Idle Champions just as their 14th season has begun, and as a bonus can enjoy Virgil striving to save the multiverse in Idle Champions Presents Hunger of the Far Realm!

As a Storm Sorcerer, Virgil is all about offering lightning quick buffs, causing adjacent Champions to do more damage as well as attack faster. If enemies are being defeated quickly, he'll be impressed by the Rapid Fire and increase the chance that those creatures drop double quest items or count for double quest progress. Virgil also harnesses the energy to Weather Control, increasing Champion damage every time the weather changes. All of these buffs are intended to help keep the formation alive, but if a Champion is knocked out, Virgil has a Surprise Mood: Angry! That anger bleeds into his attacks, making his normal Magic Missiles turn red, and causing any enemy he hits to take a lot more damage! He's especially protective of his partner Kent, and since the two of them are Inseparable, where one goes the other can follow.

Virgil's mood can be seen in the color of his attacks, and changing his Specialization also changes the power he is focusing on. If his mood is Relaxed, his Magic Missile and Chain Lightning attacks turn green as he increases Storm Sorcerer's damage bonus, as well as helping Champions attack even faster. Amber colored attacks means he's Anxious, increasing the number of Magic Missiles he fires and adding a chance to stun an enemy he hits. If there are plenty of other Rivals of Waterdeep Champions in the formation he will feel Determined, and his violet attacks indicate that his Weather Control damage boost is greatly increased.

If Virgil has had enough of being attacked, the weather will change to thunder as he summons a fearsome bolt of Chain Lightning! This powerful electric discharge forks as it strikes multiple enemies, laying waste to anyone attacking the formation.

Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer Virgil

IV. Virgil's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Magic Missile - Virgil summons 3 magic missiles and fires them at random targets.

Formation Abilities

  • Storm Sorcerer - Virgil increases the damage of all adjacent Champions by +100%, and decreases their normal attack speed cooldown by 1 second.
  • Weather Control - Virgil gains a Weather stack each time the weather changes when advancing to a new area or when it's changed by an ultimate attack or other ability. Virgil tracks each type of weather in a separate stack. Each stack is multiplied by 10% and then all stacks are multiplied together to get a total value which increases the damage of all Champions. Each stack caps at 500.
  • Rapid Fire - Enemies that are defeated within 2 seconds of being on screen have a 5% chance to drop double quest items or count for double quest progress for each Rivals of Waterdeep Champion in the formation, stacking additively.
  • Surprise Mood: Angry - While a Champion in the formation is knocked out, Virgil's magic missile and chain lightning attacks turn red and any enemy he hits with his base attack takes an additional 1000% damage for the next 5 seconds. If an enemy is hit again, the timer is reset but doesn't otherwise stack.
  • Inseparable - If Kent qualifies for an adventure restriction based on his tags, age, ability scores, etc., Virgil may be used as well.


  • Mood: Relaxed - Virgil's Magic Missile and Chain Lightning attacks turn green, and he further increases Storm Sorcerer's damage boost by 100% and increases the attack cooldown reduction by a further 1 second.
  • Mood: Anxious - Virgil's Magic Missile and Chain Lightning attacks turn amber, he increases the number of Magic Missile's he fires by one, and there is a 25% chance he stuns an enemy struck by a Magic Missile for 5 seconds.
  • Mood: Determined - Virgil's Magic Missile and Chain Lightning attacks turn violet, and Virgil increases Weather Control's damage boost by 33% for each Rivals of Waterdeep Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.

Ultimate Ability

  • Chain Lightning - Virgil attacks a random enemy with a bolt of lightning dealing ultimate damage. Every 0.10 seconds, the lightning bolt attacks another random enemy until 20 enemies are struck or no enemies remain. In addition, the area's weather changes to thunder.

V. Virgil's Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: Global DPS
Slot 3: Storm Sorcerer
Slot 4: Weather Control
Slot 5: Rapid Fire
Slot 6: Ultimate Attack Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

It's good to see Virgil joining Kent and the rest of the Rivals of Waterdeep in our formations! Let us know how much you enjoy Virgil and his storm sorcery in a Community Q&A or Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!
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