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November 3rd, 2023
Idle Champion Spotlight: Jang Sao 
Posted in Idle Champions.

"I still have too much to do, there's so much to paint, worlds must be created!"

Jang Sao is a wanderer of the Astral Plane, painting the beauty of the universe as she collects glimmering stars. She is a forger of planets, a crafter of galaxies, and a being with centuries of experience to bring to bear on any dangers that threaten the radiance of the universe!

I. Jang Sao

    This celestial voyager traveled the Astral Planes for centuries collecting stars and painting galaxies with her cherished companion, Kwin. When Kwin departed, Jang Sao carried on her wishes of painting the cosmos. Now a wonderful artist, she immortalizes the heavens, reality, and most important of all, her friend.

Jang Sao is a Support and Healing Champion who collects stars and moons and stores them in her star map lantern. Her support abilities focus on isolated formation slots and she uses her druidic healing powers to protect her allies. Once unlocked, you can find this Satyr Druid/Wizard in Seat 8 opposite Delina.

II. Jang Sao

Race: Satyr Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 888 Affiliation: None Class: Druid/Wizard

STR: 8 DEX: 15 CON: 10
INT: 14 WIS: 20 CHA: 10

Role: Support, Healing

Eligible for Patrons: Strahd

Seat: 8 (Delina)

Dungeons & Dragons Jang Sao Marketing Gif

III. Jang Sao's Design

Most Idle Champions fans will recognize Gina Darling from her numerous appearances on TTRPG streams like Legends of the Multiverse. But she also has a long career as a TV host for G4TV and WWE, and streams a variety of games on her Twitch channel. We were delighted to work with her to craft a brand new Champion to join the Idle Champions ranks, as well as our latest Idle Champions Presents series, Fatebreaker!

Collecting all of the stars in the universe can take a long time, but Jang Sao is dedicated to her art no matter how long the journey. She uses those stars to boost the damage of Champions in formation slots with 2 or fewer neighboring slots, and her star collection persists between adventures. Which means the more she travels, the stronger she becomes! And if the Champions in the formation have equipment with Pigments added, she'll show her artistic appreciation by further increasing her damage bonus. Her companions help her wander far and wide, so she heals the most damaged Champions as she pulls stars from her lantern to throw at the nearest enemy.

Jang Sao has two Specializations, the first one deciding on increasing her damage buff depending on the Wisdom or Dexterity of her companions. The second Specialization provides a choice of various bonuses to her Star Collector abilities; either increasing the effect based on how many stars she's collected in the current run, seeking out moons in addition to stars to collect on her travels, or buffing the effects of her Starry Form. This Ultimate attack causes stars, moons and planets to shoot out of her lantern and blast the battlefield with beautiful destruction!

With command over the cosmos and an artistic touch, Jang Sao will bring light and beauty to any formation!

IV. Jang Sao's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Star - Jang Sao grabs a star from her lantern and throws it at the nearest enemy, dealing one hit.

Formation Abilities

  • The Mysterious Wanderer - Jang Sao increases the damage of all Champions in formation slots with 2 or fewer adjacent slots by 400%.
  • Star Collector - Each time an enemy is defeated, there is a 1% chance it drops a star. Jang Sao collects these stars and increases the effect of The Mysterious Wanderer by 0.1% for each star collected over all adventures, stacking additively. Capped at 4 billion stacks.
  • Stellar Nursery - Every 5 seconds, Jang Sao heals the 2 most damaged Champions in the formation for 50 health.
  • Painter of Beauty - For every Pigment assigned to equipment on Champions in the formation, the effect of The Mysterious Wanderer is increased by 10%, stacking multiplicatively. Pigments can be purchased in the Thayan Enclave Shop and sometimes claimed as Season Rewards.


Jang Sao's first specialization choice increases the primary support buff depending on the Wisdom or Dexterity of her companions.
  • Wisdom of the Ages - Jang Sao increases the effect of The Mysterious Wanderer by 100% for each Champion in the formation with a Wisdom of 13+, stacking multiplicatively.
  • Speed of Shooting Stars - Jang Sao increases the effect of The Mysterious Wanderer by 100% for each Champion in the formation with a Dexterity of 15+, stacking multiplicatively.
Jang Sao's second specialization choice provides various bonuses to her Star Collector abilities.
  • Moon Collector - In addition to collecting stars, Jang Sao collects moons. Each time an enemy is defeated, there is a 0.5% chance it drops a moon. Jang Sao collects these moons for the purpose of Star Collector, and they count as 5 stars.
  • Star Caller - Jang Sao fires 3 more stars from her lantern when she uses her Starry Form ultimate and the ultimate's damage debuff is multiplied by the number of stars shot out.
  • Night Runner - Jang Sao increases the effect of Star Collector by a percentage equal to the number of stars she has collected on the current run.

Ultimate Ability

  • Starry Form - Jang Sao transforms into her starry form for 15 seconds. She raises her lantern and stars, moons, and planets shoot out, hovering above the battlefield briefly before blasting toward random enemies and dealing 1 hit of area damage when they hit. The number of stars equals the exponent of the number of Star Collector stacks she has, plus one. Enemies affected glow and take 100% additional damage for the duration of the ultimate.

V. Jang Sao's Epic Equipment

Slot 1: Mysterious Wanderer
Slot 2: Star Collector
Slot 3: Stellar Nursery
Slot 4: Painter of Beauty
Slot 5: Wisdom of the Ages and Speed of Shooting Stars
Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

Get ready to paint the universe with this starry saytr in your formation! Share your thoughts on Jang Sao in several places:
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