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June 27th
Idle Champion Spotlight: Umberto Thornheart 
Posted in Idle Champions.

"I have solved more cases than you have years in this world, I have faced more villains than you could dream of, and I am here to find this murderer and stop them before they kill again.”

When tragedy strikes and a mystery unfolds, there's no better investigator on the Sword Coast than Umberto Thornheart. He finds joy in detecting clues, and is an expert at solving even the most dastardly of puzzles!

I. Umberto

Dungeons & Dragons Umberto Created by Gail Somone

    Umberto Thornheart is the orphaned child of two infamous thieves, and saw his parents executed for their crimes. Rather than live on the streets, he was taken in by the very detective who arrested his parents, and eventually became a detective himself, hoping to protect the innocent and (perhaps) reform the guilty.

Umberto Thornheart is a Tanking, Support, and Debuff Champion who employs his detective prowess to aid his allies. He was created by award-winning writer Gail Simone, who you may recognize from her work for DC, Marvel, WB, and many more! She has an extensive history crafting thrilling and emotional stories for a variety of comics, and we're thrilled to work with her to create this new Champion!

Check out our Champion Spotlight Video embedded below for a quick overview of Umberto's abilities, and read on to get all of the details!

II. Umberto's Stats

Race: Human Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 42 Affiliation: None Class: Druid

STR: 15 DEX: 9 CON: 16
INT: 11 WIS: 17 CHA: 14

Role: Tanking, Support, Debuff

Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Vajra, Zariel, Elminster (until July 3rd, 2027)

Seat: 7 (Minsc)

Dungeons & Dragons Umberto

III. Umberto's Abilities

Basic Attack

Umberto has two attacks. A magic attack when he is in human form, and a Bear melee attack when he is in his ultimate Bear form.

  • Swarmstaff - Umberto magically unleashes a small swarm of angry bees at the nearest foe, dealing 1 hit. If Beehive Barrage is unlocked, this adds one swarming bee to the enemy after Umberto's damage is applied.
  • Bear Claw - Umberto moves up to the nearest foe and slashes them, dealing 1 ultimate hit.

Formation Abilities

  • Detective's Entourage - Umberto increases the damage of all Champions in the two columns behind him by 100%.
  • Beehive Barrage - Every second, Umberto's staff spawns a swarming bee, which buzzes around the staff, up to a maximum of 10 swarming bees. When an enemy attacks Umberto, he unleashes a swarming bee from the staff (if one exists) onto that enemy. When an enemy with one or more swarming bees is hit by any Champion, all their bees stings them, dealing 1 second of BUD-based damage for each bee. A maximum of 5 swarming bees can swarm a single enemy. Bees persist until the enemy is defeated, or until Umberto is removed from the formation.
  • Ongoing Investigation - Pick an Investigation to pursue. Umberto gains stacks of Clue, and can start another Investigation after the Investigation concludes. Each Clue stack increases Detective's Entourage by 50%, stacking multiplicatively. Caps at 100 stacks. Once you are capped, additional Investigations are not offered. Clue stacks persist between areas and reset when the adventure ends.
    • Rapid Reconnaissance: 2 hour duration, 10 stacks are awarded right away, but all but 1 are removed when the investigation ends (1 total)
    • Steadfast Search: 8 hour duration, 1 stack awarded after every 2 hours, plus 2 stacks when the investigation ends (6 total)
    • Thorough Inquiry: 24 hour duration, 1 stack awarded after every 3 hours, plus 16 stacks when the investigation ends (24 total)
  • Protective Presence - Umberto increases the health of all other Champions by 25% of his max health, and any healing effect on those Champions is increased by 25%.


First Specialization

  • Law's Alliance - Umberto increases the effect of Detective's Entourage by 125% for each Lawful Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.
  • Family of Orphans - Umberto increases the effect of Detective's Entourage by 100% for each unaffiliated Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.
  • Call of the Wardens - Umberto increases the effect of Detective's Entourage by 300% for each Ranger or Druid Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.

Second Specialization

  • More Bees - Umberto's Beehive Barrage increases the number of swarming bees spawned each second by 400% (to 5/sec), and when an enemy hits Umberto the maximum number of bees (if available) are unleashed. Finally, the damage per bee is increased by 100%.
  • More Clues - Umberto increases the maximum number of Ongoing Investigation's Clue stacks by 50%.
  • More Damage - Increase the effect of Detective's Entourage by 200%.

Ultimate Ability

  • Brown Bear Bash - Umberto transforms into a bear for 15 seconds, resetting the base attack cooldown of all Champions in the formation. For the duration, Umberto's base attack changes to Bear Claw and the attack cooldown of all Champions in the formation is reduced by 2 seconds, causing them to attack more often.

IV. Umberto's Epic Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: Increase Health
Slot 3: Detective's Entourage
Slot 4: Ongoing Investigation
Slot 5: Specializations
Slot 6: Ultimate Attack Cooldown

V. Umberto's Achievement and Adventure Variants


  • Not The Bees! - Have Umberto unleash 10,000 bees with his Beehive Barrage ability.

Adventure Variants:

Guardian of the Wilds - Save Waterdeep from the chaos of a Founders' Day gone awry with Umberto!
  • Umberto starts in the formation. He can't be moved or removed.
  • Only Umberto and Champions in the two columns behind him can deal damage.
  • Area Goals:
    • Tier 1: Complete Area 75.
    • Tier 2: Complete Area 250.
    • Tier 3: Complete Area 600.
    • Tier 4: Complete Area 1200.

Investigation Time - Save Waterdeep from the chaos of a Founders' Day gone awry with a detailed investigation!
  • Umberto starts in the formation. He can't be moved or removed.
  • His assistant bees, Sherlock Combs and Dr. Buzz Watson, take up two slots in the formation, and assist Umberto with his investigations.
  • Area Goals:
    • Tier 1: Complete Area 125.
    • Tier 2: Complete Area 350.
    • Tier 3: Complete Area 800.
    • Tier 4: Complete Area 1400.

Umberto's Friends - Save Waterdeep from the chaos of a Founders' Day gone awry with Umberto's friends!
  • Umberto starts in the formation. He can't be moved or removed.
  • You may only use Lawful, Unaffiliated, Druid, and/or Ranger Champions.
  • Area Goals:
    • Tier 1: Complete Area 175.
    • Tier 2: Complete Area 450.
    • Tier 3: Complete Area 1000.
    • Tier 4: Complete Area 1600.

VI. Conclusion

How has Umberto helped you solve the mystery of the most difficult formations? Let us know how this detective has helped: