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November 8th, 2023
Idle Champions: Feast of the Moon 7 
Posted in Idle Champions.

During Feast of the Moon, residents of the Sword Coast pay homage to the deeds of legendary heroes by visiting their crypts and graves.

When the Champions arrive at The Crypt of Legends, they find hordes of undead crawling up from the depths. Something is making the dead heroes rise, and the answer will require a descent into the depths to discover the cause...

Feast of the Moon 7 introduces Jang Sao, the Satyr Druid/Wizard from Idle Champions Presents: Fatebreaker! This event also brings back Virgil, the aasimar storm sorcerer and member of the Rivals of Waterdeep as well as Penelope "Half-Pint", the Circle of the Moon Druid/Warlock from Heroes of the Planes! Players have until Monday, November 20th at 12PM Pacific to complete your Feast of the Moon 7 unlocks and objectives.

New Champion: Jang Sao

    This celestial voyager traveled the Astral Planes for centuries collecting stars and painting galaxies with her cherished companion, Kwin. When Kwin departed, Jang Sao carried on her wishes of painting the cosmos. Now a wonderful artist, she immortalizes the heavens, reality, and most important of all, her friend.

Jang Sao is a Support and Healing Champion who collects stars and moons and stores them in her star map lantern. Her support abilities focus on isolated formation slots and she uses her druidic healing powers to protect her allies. Once unlocked, you can find this Satyr Druid/Wizard in Seat 8 opposite Delina. Find out more about her and and her abilities by checking out his full Champion Spotlight!

Year Seven Variants

The Circle of Stars - Pay respects to the heroes of olde during the Feast of the Moon with Jang Sao!
  • Jang Sao joins the formation. (slot 4) She can't be moved or removed.
  • Only Champions in formation slots with 2 or fewer adjacent slots can deal damage.
  • Getting to know Jang Sao: Jang Sao increases the damage of Champions in formation slots with 2 or fewer neighboring slots. Place your Champions to take advantage of this!
  • Reach Area 75.

Wise and Otherwise - Pay respects to the heroes of olde during the Feast of the Moon with Jang Sao's preferred Champions.
  • Jang Sao joins the formation. (slot 5) She can be moved, but not removed.
  • You may only use Champions with a DEX of 15+ or a WIS of 13+.
  • Getting to know Jang Sao: Jang Sao's specialization choice encourages you to build a formation with high DEX or high WIS. Build your best formation with these restrictions!
  • Reach Area 125.

Stars and Moons - Pay respects to the heroes of olde during the Feast of the Moon with a stellar performance!
  • Jang Sao joins the formation. (slot 5) She can be moved, but not removed.
  • 2-3 Astral Elves spawn with each wave. They don't drop gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
  • A Star and Moon each fill a slot in the formation. (slots 2 & 6)
  • Getting to know Jang Sao: Jang Sao travels the cosmos collecting stars. Her star collection persists between adventures, strengthening her powers the more she journeys!
  • Reach Area 175.

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