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December 2nd, 2020
Idle Champions: Simril 4 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Someone outside Luskan has been pillaging the food stores in advance of this year's Simril celebration. Residents are becoming worried that there may not be enough to last the long Sword Coast winter to come!

Simril 4 introduces Lucius the High Elf Sorcerer, and final member of the High Rollers: Aerois party. Simril also brings back Krull, the Tortle Death Cleric of Tiamat from Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, and Warden, the corrupted Warforged Warlock. Players have until Monday, December 14th at 12PM Pacific to complete their Simril 4 unlocks and objectives.

For more information about Year 4 Events and how they work, please check out our Year 4 Events Dev Blog.

New Champion: Lucius Virion-Elluin Elenasto

Dungeons & Dragons Lucius Elenasto High Rollers

Lucius' Bio

    Lucius Virion-Elluin Elenasto was born to high nobility. He thought he knew what he was getting into when he joined the Heroes of Aerois, but then he met his first cow. Dreadful, evil creatures.

    Lucius is slowly coming out of his nobility shell as he continues to learn the true value of comradery, friendship, and a world without barriers.

II. Lucius' Stats

Race: Elf Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Sorcerer Gender: Male
Age: 76 Affiliation: Heroes of Aerois

STR: 13 DEX: 14 CON: 13
INT: 11 WIS: 13 CHA: 18

Role: DPS
Eligible for Patrons: none Slot: 7, (Minsc)

Lucius' Abilities

Lucius is a DPS Champion with a colorful style. As a trained Arcane Chromat, Lucius uses the colors of the world around him to fuel his magical power, focusing on acid and cold spells with alternating Acid Splash and Ray of Frost basic attacks. He causes further damage with Arcane Chromat - Acid and Arcane Chromat - Cold debuffs combining in an explosion with Elemental Adept.

Lucius is the final piece of the Aerois team, and with Aerois Synergy he is buffed by his teammates. A glass cannon, Lucius's unique fighting style causes area of effect devastation to his enemies, but he falls apart if harmed in combat. A young, sheltered noble, Lucius has a fabulous style, our artists were delighted to work on Lucius' colorful wardrobe and a really gorgeous skin that Aerois fans may recognize!

For more information on Lucius and his abilities, check out his Champion Spotlight!

Year Four Variants

  • No Rest for the Gifted — Only Champions with Charisma of 14 or higher can be used. Quest Goals are doubled.
    Reach Area 75.

  • Udderly Deadly — Lucius starts in the formation and cannot be moved. Lucius is the only Champion that can deal damage. All other Champions have their DPS disabled, but their formation abilities are active. Lucius' attacks twice as fast as normal and his Ultimate cooldown is reduced to 30 seconds. In each area, a cursed cow appears, if the cursed cow attacks a Champion, that Champion becomes cursed, disabling all of their upgrades until you change areas.
    Reach Area 125.

  • Lucius' Bedtime Stories — Nat, Jenks, and Squiddly join the Champions for their first Simril outside of Waterdeep! They each take up a slot in the formation. Lesser Gibbering Mouthers appear in each area, and move 100% faster (as nightmares do).
    Reach Area 175.
    Unlocks the Fae Lucius Skin.

For information on previous years' variants, check out the Simril 3 blog.

New Aerois Skins

The Fae Lucius Skin is unlocked when a player completes the Lucius' Bedtime Stories variant in the Simril event or later through a Time Gate!

The Sentinel Prime Sentry Skin & Feat Pack unlocks the Sentinel Prime Sentry Skin, the ‘Her Majesty's Rose’ Epic Feat - increases the effect of Sentry's Guardian of Solwynn ability by 80%, and 7 Gold Sentry Chests with 1 guaranteed shiny. It will also unlock the Sentry Champion if you don't already have her.

The Hadar Qillek Skin & Feat Pack unlocks the Hadar Qillek Skin, the ‘Dark Blessing’ Epic Feat - increases the effect of Qillek's Bless ability by 80%, and 7 Gold Qillek Chests with 1 guaranteed shiny. It will also unlock the Qillek Champion if you don't already have him.

The Valkyrian Empire Nova Skin is now available in the in-game Gem Shop for 40,000 gems. This skin is only available if you already have Nova V'Ger unlocked.

Lastly, but certainly not least the Valkyrie Aila Skin & Feat Pack is now discounted for the duration of Simril in the in-game Shop! This DLC unlocks the Valkyrie Aila Skin, ‘Storm Warden’ Epic Feat - increases the effect of Aila's Storm Soul ability by 80%, and 7 Gold Aila Chests. It will also unlock the Aila Champion if you don't already have her.