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July 23rd, 2019
Idle Champion Spotlight: Shandie Freefoot 
Posted in Idle Champions.

It's time for our newest Champion Spotlight! Today, we're previewing the release of Shandie Freefoot, a halfling rogue, and member of Heroes of Baldur's Gate! Read on to learn about this new and exciting Champion releasing later today in Midsummer Y2!

Who is Shandie?

    Shandie grew up on the rough streets of the Lower City of Baldur's Gate. She quickly learned that if she wanted to survive, she needed to be fast on her feet and even faster with her wit and weaponry. The first time Shandie saw a bowmaster gracefully launch an arrow into a bull's-eye, she knew she had to master archery. With years of practice under her belt, any opponents underestimating this stealthy halfling will soon realize how dangerous she is as a volley of arrows bear down on them unexpectedly from shadowy corners.
Shandie Freefoot is a member of the Heroes of Baldur's Gate, created by Jim Zub and Max Dunbar for the Legends of Baldur's Gate series by IDW. She joins her comrades Boo, Minsc, Delina, and Nerys Kathon as the fifth and second-to-last member of the team to join Idle Champions.

Shandie's Stats

Race: Halfling Class: Rogue Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 63 Affiliation: Heroes of Baldur's Gate
STR: 10 DEX: 18 CON: 15
INT: 13 WIS: 12 CHA: 14

To add Shandie to your formation, you can swap her with Asharra (Slot 6).

Basic Attack

Shandie fires an arrow at a random enemy.

Formation Abilities

  • Agile Allies — Increase the damage of Champions within 2 slots of Shandie by 100% (multiplicative) for each Champion adjacent to Shandie with a DEX of 15 or higher.
    • For reference that list currently includes: Aila, Birdsong, Black Viper, Calliope, Catti-brie, Xander, Drizzt, Hitch, Ishi, Jarlaxle, K'thriss, Korth, Minsc, Nrakk, Paultin, Regis, Rosie, Qillek, Spurt, Stoki, Tyril, Walnut, Warden, and Zorbu!

  • Dash — Increases the game speed by 25% when the formation hasn't been under attack for 60 seconds. Early levels are quicker to get through with Shandie!

    Note: this will not increase speed beyond the current limit of 10x speed.

  • Explosive Arrow — When the formation is under attack, Shandie fires Alchemist Fire-equipped arrows that explode and increase the damage of Champions in the column in front of Shandie for each enemy hit. Put your DPS Champions in front of Shandie!


Shandie's Specializations allow her to choose where to double-down her abilities
  • Ranger Training — Select Ranger Training to increase the effect of Dash by 100%. Zoom Zoom.

  • Alchemist's Fire Expertise — Select Alchemist's Fire Expertise to increase the effect of Explosive Arrow by 100%

  • Criminal Contacts — Select Criminal Contacts to increase the effect of Agile Allies by 50% for each Neutral or Evil Champion next to Shandie.

Ultimate Attack

    Survivalist — Shandie throws smoke grenades and caltrops onto the battlefield, causing enemies to bleed and miss 50% of their attacks for 10 seconds.


Final Thoughts

Like Deekin from Founder's Day, Shandie is a go-to speed assistant, helping your Champions advance through the early areas quicker. Put her in the center of your formation, and surround her with dextrous friends (see the list above) to maximize her contribution to the formation!

As always, feel free to send us feedback on via the Idle Champions Subreddit, Steam forum, or the Idle Champions Discord!
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