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March 31st
Idle Champions: Descent into Avernus, Part 10 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Now it's time to enact our plan to save Elturel! Some things go right, some things go wrong. One thing goes REALLY wrong and will have drastic repercussions for the future of Faerȗn and Idle Champions.

Today's update for Descent into Avernus brings its exciting concluding adventures, as well as Reya Reborn the second variant for the Idyllglen adventure, which upon completion unlocks our latest Evergreen Champion, Reya Mantlemorn!

These adventures and variants go live with today's update at 12PM Pacific!

New Champion: Reya Mantlemorn

Dungeons & Dragons Reya Mantlemorn

    Born in the land of Turmish, Reya came to the holy city of Elturel to train as a Hellrider when she was twelve. As a faithful follower of Torm, Reya trained to sacrifice herself for the greater good. That preparation led to her taking Zariel's sword and joining the Champions, after rescuing the city of Elturel from Avernus.

Reya powers up Champions adjacent to her with her Searing Radiance. You can power up that ability by increasing Champions who are Lawful and/or Good in the formation. When you want to add Reya to your formation, you can swap her with Asharra (Slot 6).

II. Reya's Stats

Race: Human/Celestial Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Paladin Gender: Female
Age: 19 Affiliation: none

STR: 18 DEX: 12 CON: 14
INT: 13 WIS: 11 CHA: 20

Role: Support

Eligible for Patrons: Mirt the Moneylender, Vajra Safahr, Strahd von Zarovich, Zariel

Slot: 6, (Asharra)

For more information about our latest Evergreen Champion, check out the Idle Champion Spotlight: Reya Mantlemorn blog post!


We relive the battle of Idyllglen through Lulu's recently returned memories. We'll face untold horrors on our way back to the Bleeding Citadel, the Sword of Zariel, and the fate that awaits us in Avernus.
  • Variant: Reya Reborn — Help Reya take the Sword of Zariel and become a Champion. Zariel has positioned a fiendish army in Reya's way. Only Champions with STR of 10 or higher and CHA of 13 or higher can be used. In each area, additional fiends sent by Zariel appear. One randomly spawns at the end of the first wave, an additional fiend is added (no duplicates) every 100 areas.
    • Bearded Devil - Gold Find is reduced by 99%.
    • Black Abishai - Champion damage is reduced by 99%.
    • Erinyes - - Champions damaged by enemies are stunned for 1 second. Getting damaged again resets the timer.
    • Lemure - Ultimate attacks are unavailable until this enemy is destroyed.
    • Merregon - The damage of all enemies is increased by 200%.
    • Spined Devil - All enemies move 200% faster.
    • White Abishai - The base attack cooldown of all Champions is increased by 1 second.
    Unlocks Reya Mantlemorn
    Reach area 625.

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Descent into Avernus Adventures, The Bleeding Citadel and Idyllglen, in order to access these new Adventures.

Dungeons & Dragons Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

The Battle of High Hall Tower

Return to Elturel for the final battle, facing the worst Avernus has to offer. We have the sword of Zariel, now it's time for the endgame.

Reach area 550
  • Variant: Might Makes Right — Return to Elturel for the final battle with your strongest Champions. Only Champions with STR of 18 or higher can be used.Champion damage is reduced by 99%.
  • Reach area 600.

Elturel's Last Stand

Facedown Archduke Zariel of Avernus, and try to save Elturel from its fate.

Reach area 575
  • Gargauth's Betrayal — Facedown Archduke Zariel of Avernus, along with a backstabbing pit fiend! Gargauth's betrayal saps the will of the Champions, who are facing ruin at every turn. From area 26 onward, Gargauth the Pit Fiend has a 25% chance of appearing in each non-boss area. Whenever he doesn't spawn the chance increases by 25% (additively) until he does spawn. While Gargauth is on screen, all other enemies are invulnerable.
    Reach area 625.

See the in-game Change Log for more information, including a full list of changes and fixes included in this update.
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