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March 15th, 2023
Idle Champions: Festival of Fools 6 
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How far would you go to celebrate foolishness?

Festival of Fools is a time-honored tradition in Sword Coast communities. Townsfolk engage in the usual gluttonous consumption of food and drink during the festivities, but they also play pranks on each other.

Unfortunately, one prankster has decided to play a practical joke on a Frost Giant nearby...

Festival of Fools 5 introduces Miria, the Shadar-kai Silvanesti Elf from the world of Krynn played by Mark Hulmes on Idle Champions Presents: Fury of the Black Rose. Festival of Fools also brings back Tatyana, fierce guardian of her friends and Alyndra Sarrbarand, Divination Wizard and Cleric of Oghma. Players have until Monday, March 27th at 12 PM Pacific to complete their Festival of Fools 6 unlocks and objectives.

Check out Idle Champions Presents: Fury of the Black Rose below!


Dungeons & Dragons Miria Key Art
    Miria Elithren is a Shadar-kai Silvanesti Elf from the world of Krynn. Born under an ill-omen of the Dark Moon, Nuitari, she had an unhappy childhood that caused her to flee her homeland and seek tutelage in advanced magical arts beyond Elven lands. After passing the Test of High Sorcery, she briefly allied with Lord Soth until he tried to turn Miria into an undead creature subservient to his will. Miria escaped Soth’s trap at the cost of the flesh and muscle of her right arm. Pursued by Soth for her arcane knowledge, Miria seeks to escape Krynn.

Miria is a tanking and support Champion that protects the champions with her undead servants. Her necromantic powers captures the souls of defeated enemies, and she's always prepared for the worst with her clone replacements. Once unlocked, you can find this shadar-kai necromancer in Slot 12 (Arkhan).

Dungeons & Dragons Miria

For more information on Miria and her abilities, check out her Champion Spotlight!

Year Six Variants

  • Adventure Variant 1: Born Under Nuitari - Miria starts in the formation. (Slot 4) She can be moved but not removed. Only champions next to Miria can deal damage.
    Complete Area 75.
  • Getting to know Miria: Miria increases the damage of Champions next to her. Place your damage dealing champions to take advantage of this!

  • Adventure Variant 2: The Knight of the Black Rose - Miria starts in the formation. (Slot 4) She can be moved but not removed.Miria's Zombie Bodyguards ability starts out unlocked.1-2 Skeleton Archers spawn with each wave. They don't drop gold nor count towards quest progress. In Boss areas, Lord Soth spawns and must also be defeated to progress.
    Complete Area 125.
  • Getting to know Miria: Miria summons zombies to protect the front of the formation, causing her to take some of their damage. Use healers to give her more longevity!

  • Adventure Variant 3: Festival of Favorites - Miria starts in the formation. (Slot 4) She can be moved but not removed. You may only use Champions that are Lawful, Unaffiliated, or have INT 15+.
    Complete Area 175.
  • Getting to Know Miria: Miria's specialization determines what types of Champions she works best with. Pick the choice that best fits your formation!


Dungeons & Dragons Dragonlance Miria

Also launching with Miria is the Dragonlance Miria Theme Pack! This pack includes an unlock for Miria, the new Dragonlance Miria Skin, the Baby Death Dragon familiar, an Epic Feat for Miria, 1 Epic Potion of the Gem Hunter, and 16 Gold Miria Chests with 2 Guaranteed Shiny Equipment Cards.

For information on previous years' variants, check out the Festival of Fools 5 blog. And if you have feedback, let us know in a Community Q&A or Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!
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