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June 26th
Idle Champions: Vecna: Eve of Ruin Part 2 
Posted in Idle Champions.

The Champions' adventure across the multiverse to stop Emperor Vecna continues! The next piece of the Rod of Seven Parts is lost in the Astral Sea - and with the help of the Wizards Three, the Champions are sent to the floating corpse of a long-dead god. There, the Champions discover a crashed Spelljammer ship and some of the surviving crew. Could this be where the next piece of the Rod is? Time to find out!

Note: You will need to have completed the previous two Vecna: Eve of Ruin adventures, A Tale of Two Vecnas and The Wizards Three, in order to access these new adventures.

Dungeons & Dragons Turn of Fortune's Wheel Variants

Havock's Zenith

Investigate a cult of Vecna in the Neverdeath Graveyard!

Dungeons & Dragons Astral Sea

The Wizards Three have located the next piece of the Rod of Seven Parts. Far, far away in the Astral Sea floats the corpse of a long-dead god Havock. The Wizards Three are sure the second piece of the rod is located somewhere around it. Using the portal in the Sanctum, the Champions travel to the corpse of Havock and quickly discover the debris of a crashed Spelljammer ship - the Lambent Zenith. Could this ship have the piece of the rod?


    Swords at the Ready - Venture into the Astral Sea supporting your best fighter.
    • You may not use Champions with the DPS role unless they have the Fighter class.
    • The Book of Tarchamus joins the formation.
    • Good Champions next to the Book aren't revived and don't heal when changing areas.
    • Complete area 550

The Heart of Havock

Join forces with the Wizards Three and venture into the Underdark!

Dungeons & Dragons Hertilod

The Champions trek across the horrifying corpse of Havock, ready to search the other two sections of the Lambent Zenith. Along the way, Blooshi meets a representative of her new patron - Alvina! The prismatic tressym tells her that The Kitten Lord has taken up her patronage, and the group is just THRILLED (not really) that Alvina is with them. Eventually, they meet with the captain of the Lambent Zenith and learn the location of the piece of the Rod of Seven Parts. But, in order to get there, they'll have to face off against the gruesome Hertilod!


    The Messenger of the Kitten Lord - Break the second ward, find the vault, and try not to get distracted by the CUTENESS!
    • Alvina joins the formation.
    • Champions adjacent to Alvina have their base attack cooldowns doubled due to the distracting cuteness, unless they are Tabaxi.
    • 1-2 Wild Dogs spawn with each wave. They don't drop gold nor count towards quest progress.
    • Complete area 600

We would love to hear about your experiences in the Astral Sea! Join our community and start a conversation:
May 22nd
Idle Champions: Vecna: Eve of Ruin 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Today begins your adventure across the Multiverse! Vecna: Eve of Ruin is our newest campaign based on the tabletop adventure that was released in local game stores earlier this week! This first part introduces our cast of Champions as they investigate strange happenings in the graveyards of Neverwinter and come face to face with Emperor Vecna!

Read on to learn more about these adventures as well as Tier 1 Blessings!

Note: To access the Vecna: Eve of Ruin campaign, you have to have completed at least 100 adventures or variants in other campaigns.

Dungeons & Dragons Turn of Fortune's Wheel Variants

A Tale of Two Vecnas

Investigate a cult of Vecna in the Neverdeath Graveyard!

Dungeons & Dragons The Witch and the Wyrmling

Neverwinter has called for aid and the Champions have answered. Reya, Blooshi, Sgt. Knox, and Astarion make their way through the city streets to meet with Lord Neverember himself, who has an important quest for them. People have started going missing throughout the city, and they believe it is connected to rumors of a cult hiding out in Neverdeath Graveyard. But what they find within the tombs may be the greatest threat our multiverse has ever faced...


    Stench of Death - Investigate a cult of Vecna with heroes that have a strong stomach!
    • 1-2 Emperor Vecna Cultists spawn with each wave. They don't drop gold nor count towards quest progress.
    • You may only use Champions with a Constitution of 16 or higher.
    • Complete area 450

The Wizards Three

Join forces with the Wizards Three and venture into the Underdark!

Dungeons & Dragons Green Slaad

The threat to the multiverse is revealed, but all hope is not lost. With the help of the Wizards Three and Kaz, a plan is made to search for the pieces of the fabled Rod of Seven Parts, which have been lost to the ages. Luckily for the Champions, Mordenkainen knows the location of the first piece. Deep below the Sword Coast, in the caverns of the Underdark, a cult of Lolth unknowingly has a piece of the Rod of Seven Parts. The Champions must brave the darkness and face down the terrifying Spiderdragon to claim their prize!


    Mordenkainen's Moment - Join forces with Mordenkainen of the Wizards Three and venture into the Underdark!
    • Mordenkainen joins the formation.
    • You may only place champions with Magic base attacks next to Mordenkainen.
    • Complete area 500

Vecna: Eve of Ruin Tier 1 Blessings

  • Awfully Lawfully - Local: Increase the damage of all Lawful Champions by 100%.
  • The Secret To Spoils - Local: Increase your gold find by 8.33% for each piece of epic or better gear on Champions in your formation, stacking additively.
  • Not an Afterthought - Local: Increase the damage of all Champions whose base attack is melee by 100%.
  • The Rod of Seven Parts - Global: Increase the damage of all Champions by 100% for each piece of the Rod of Seven Parts you have collected.

We would love to hear about your experiences in the Outlands! Join our community and start a conversation:
May 17th
Idle Champions: Vecna Returns! 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Somehow, Vecna has returned.

The lich is back! But he's not the only Vecna in town anymore. Evil forces from across the infinite multiverses are flooding into Idle Champions - and your formations are all that can stop them!

Vecna: Eve of Ruin officially releases next Tuesday in your FLGS and the next day in Idle Champions! We are thrilled to introduce the next exciting campaign into Idle Champions, and this time your formations will travel across the multiverse!

The Story Continues

Dungeons & Dragons Venca Eve of Ruin

In the tabletop adventure, it is most likely the adventurer's first time facing off against the legendary lich - but in Idle Champions, we have already fought him in several forms! Our Vecna has been building back his power since his defeat, but he's still in no place to try and take over the multiverse. He plans to bide his time, wait for the Champions to die out, and then strike when the moment is right.

Unfortunately for him, he's not the only Vecna in town anymore...

Dungeons & Dragons Venca Eve of Ruin

In another multiverse, in another time, Vecna succeeded in reshaping reality to his will. But one multiverse was not enough for him. There are more worshippers to gain, more planes to conquer, and more Champions to kill. This is a Vecna that has not known defeat. He defeated Kas before his rival could take his eye and hand. He conquered the Sword Coast in a matter of days. Nothing that has stood in his way has survived.

In our story, this new Vecna is known as Emperor Vecna. He is the greatest threat our multiverse has ever faced, and it is up to the Champions to stop him.

Vecna: Eve of Ruin sees the return of Reya and Blooshi, continuing their stories from the last time they faced off against the lich. Joining them this time around is Sgt. Knox from the Neverwinter MMORPG, as well as Astarion from Baldur's Gate 3! They'll need to team up with Kas and the Wizards Three to hunt down the lost pieces of the fabled Rod of Seven Parts if they have any hope of stopping Emperor Vecna from destroying everything they know and love.

...But where is our multiverse's Vecna in all of this? He wouldn't just hide from his multiversal self, would he? You'll have to find out when Vecna: Eve of Ruin releases in Idle Champions on May 22nd, 2024 at Noon PT!

Vecna Emergence

Vecnas (or, as he prefers - Vecnae) are emerging from other multiverses! We have faced several forms of Vecna, and ALL OF THEM are invading the Forgotten Realms! Vecnae that appear in Free Play Adventures, as well as their original boss forms (found in the adventures: Vecna Loots!, The Castle of a Thousand Vecnas, The Sanctum of the Sword, Get Back in the Castle, Vecna Out!, and The Fortune's Wheel) will drop Corrupted Gems that can be spent in the Thayan Enclave.

The Vecna Emergence starts on May 22nd alongside the release of Vecna: Eve of Ruin and runs until May 31st at Noon PT.

Dungeons & Dragons Venca Eve of Ruin

New Items Added to the Thayan Enclave!

  • Two Golden Epics
    • Azaka Slot 3 - Magical Coin Pack (20,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Diana Slot 5 - Weavebound Staff (20,000 Corrupted Gems)
  • Four Feats
    • Diana - Scholar (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Drizzt - Courage in Battle (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Evelyn - Quick Friends (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Krydle - Heavily Armored (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
  • Two Skins
    • Pirate Azaka(10,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Pirate Diana (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
  • 10x Marvelous Support Pigments (7,000 Corrupted Gems)
  • 8x Modron Component Chests (2,500 Corrupted Gems)
  • 8x Supply Chests (2,500 Corrupted Gems)
  • Unlimited Vecna Emergence Chests (2,500 Corrupted Gems)
    • Contains gear for: Azaka, Diana, Drizzt, Evelyn, and Krydle

  • You can find all this information and even more details in-game when Vecna: Eve of Ruin & the Vecna Emergence launch on May 22nd, 2024!

    We would love to hear about your experiences out in the multiverse! Join our community and start a conversation:
    December 11th, 2019
    Idle Champions: Descent into Avernus, Part 2 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    An unknown disaster has struck the city of Elturel, and the remaining citizens have fled west to Baldur's Gate seeking refuge.

    But the metropolitan city harbors secrets of its own, and the Champions soon find themselves entangled in the even-seedier underbelly of Baldur's Gate...

    Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Descent into Avernus Adventures, A Tale of Two Cities and The Dead Three, in order to access these new Adventures.

    Dungeons & Dragons Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

    The Darkness Runs Deeper

    It's time to find out what's going on in Baldur's Gate, and there's no better place to start than in the Lower City...
    • Variant: Troublesome Prisoner — Amrik Vathampur takes up a slot in the formation, doing no damage. Additionally, Champions adjacent to Amrik also deal no damage.
      Reach area 200.

    Difficult Terrain

    The Champions leave the darkened streets of Baldur's Gate on a journey to the library-fortress of Candlekeep in search of answers.
    • Variant: Cold & Wet — Two members of the Flaming Fist take up slots in the formation, changing positions every 25 aeas. In all areas where it is raining, Champion DPS and Gold Find is reduced by 99%.
      Reach area 225.

    Hand of Vecna

    As we descend deeper into Avernus we’re excited to release our latest DLC ⁠— The Hand of Vecna Skin & Feat pack for none other than Arkhan the Cruel. Pick up this awesome skin and get a wicked double-edged boost for Arkhan.

    Arkhan the Cruel Hand of Vecna

    See the in-game Change Log for more information, including a full list of changes and fixes included in this update.