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June 24th
Idle Champion Spotlight: Nahara 
Posted in Idle Champions.

The mists of Ravenloft are filled with loss, dread, and despair. But some make the choice to fight the darkness with a cheerful disposition and a child-like sense of wonder.

Nahara adventures into the mists on a mission to remember her past, trying to figure out where she has come from and who she was in previous lives. With a proper demeanor and joyful smile, she tries to balance her hopeful vigilance with her dark sense of vengeance. She joins her fellow The Black Dice Society Champions in the Idle Champions roster during Founder's Day 5.

I. Nahara

Dungeons & Dragons Nahara Key Art
    When she fell into the mists of Ravenloft, Nahara was unable to remember anything from her life, or previous lives. All she knows is she's caught in the conflict between her current Patron, Azalin Rex, and his foe Strahd von Zarovich, who has been desperately seeking her out.

Nahara is a DPS and Speed Champion, who permanently grows more powerful as she recovers her lost memories by completing areas and quickly dispatching enemies. When you want to add her to your formation you can swap her with Nayeli in slot 3.

II. Nahara's Stats

Race:Aasimar (Reborn) Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Warlock/Bard Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 27
Affiliation: Black Dice Society

STR: 9 DEX: 16 CON: 12
INT: 10 WIS: 13 CHA: 16

Role: DPS, Speed
Eligible for Patrons: Vajra (via Feat), Strahd (via special rule), Zariel (via Feat)
Slot: 3 (Nayeli)

Dungeons & Dragons Nahara

III. Nahara's Design

With an extensive resume of livestreams, Noura Ibrahim is well known to the TTRPG community for a variety of performances and characters. She's brought Nahara to life with her acting and roleplaying skills on The Black Dice Society, as well as with her extensive cosplay talents. It was wonderful to work with her to bring that dedication to creating her Champion into our game!

Nahara may have the beauty and grace of an angel, but she also has the power to back up her dark sense of vengeance and justice. She's quick to Witch Bolt oncoming enemies, and the outcome of her attacks will inspire her To Amuse or Avenge. She gains a Levity stack when she attacks and defeats at least one enemy, but she loses a Levity stack when she attacks and no enemies die. The more stacks she has, the faster the formation will progress by reducing area requirements, and the fewer she has, the more powerful her attacks become! She is keen to recover bits of her lost memories as she asks Who Am I? and the more she remembers the more powerful she becomes. Thankfully she is part of a Strong Society which boosts her damage for every Black Dice Society member who joins her in the formation. Since she is Beloved by Strahd she can easily travel the mists to the Count's side, and can start in all Strahd patron adventures no matter the restrictions.

All of Nahara's Specializations focus on increasing one of her many abilities. If she's anxious to learn more about her past, A Grave Experience will increase the amount she receives from Who Am I? Or she can use A Skilled Lyre to further reduce the area requirements to get through adventures faster. But when Strahd comes calling she can surround herself with her friends, using A Barovian Bond to allow all Black Dice Society members to join her in Strahd Patron variants, as well as increase the power she gains from their support. When the battle becomes fierce, Nahara will manifest an aspect of her patron's terrible power with her Form of Dread. This Ultimate attack greatly boosts her damage and has the chance to leave enemies stunned!

IV. Nahara's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Witch Bolt - Nahara attacks a random enemy and every enemy that she has already hit with this attack.

Formation Abilities

  • Who Am I? - Nahara recovers a bit of her lost memory as she adventures. If Nahara is in the formation when you complete an area for the first time, she gets a +0.2% damage bonus, stacking additively. These bonuses persist through resets.
  • To Amuse or Avenge - When Nahara attacks and defeats at least one enemy, she gains a Levity stack, with a maximum of 30 stacks. When she attacks and doesn't defeat an enemy, she loses a Levity stack. Nahara gets a 10% damage boost for each Levity stack she has below 30, and at the start of each area, she reduces the area requirements by 2% for each Levity stack above 15.
  • Strong Society - Nahara gets a +100% damage bonus for each other Black Dice Society affiliation member in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.
  • Beloved by Strahd - Nahara is eligible to start in all Strahd patron adventures, even if variant restrictions would say otherwise.


  • A Grave Experience - The Who Am I? counter increments three times for every area cleared.
  • A Barovian Bond - Strong Society gets a +100% increase, and Black Dice Society members can be used if Strahd is currently the Patron, even if they do not qualify for the other variant requirements.
  • A Skilled Lyre - The area reduction in To Amuse or Avenge is increased by 50%.

Ultimate Ability

  • Form of Dread - Nahara takes off into the air and channels the power of her patron Azalin Rex for 15 seconds. Her damage is increased by 1000% while in this form and any enemy she hits has a 50% chance of being stunned for 2 seconds.

V. Nahara's Epic Equipment

Slot 1: Self DPS
Slot 2: Self DPS
Slot 3: Who Am I?
Slot 4: Amuse or Avenge
Slot 5: Ultimate Attack Damage
Slot 6: Ultimate Attack Cooldown


We are very excited for Nahara to join Idle Champions, and make it easier to use the Black Dice Society even more often in your Champion roster! If you're enjoying having this avenging angel in your formation, let us know on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

June 22nd
Idle Champions: Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Part 5 
Posted in Idle Champions.

We must face off against the League of Malevolence, unravel the plans of Skabatha the hag, and save the kids trapped in Loomlurch! Fortunately we have the perfect, carefully laid out plans...written in crayon?

This week's update to the Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign brings two new adventures and adventure variants, as well as the third tier of blessings for the campaign!

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventures, Slack-jawed Lorna and The Fairy Rings of Thither, in order to access these new Adventures.

Will of the Feywild

Face off against the next member of the League of Malevolence while you try to understand Skabatha's plans.
  • Variant: All Damage, All The Time - Warduke is a powerful foe, so we'd better send in the Champions that can do the most damage!
    • You may only use Champions with the DPS role
    • Complete area 600

The Roots of Loomlurch

Follow these carefully laid out plans - is this crayon? - to save the other kids trapped in Loomlurch!
  • Adventure Variant: The Loots of Loomlurch - While we're here, we might as well loot the place, right?
    • You may only use Champions with the Gold Find role.
    • Complete area 650

Witchlight Tier 3 Blessings

With the release of Part 5 of the Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign, the third tier of blessings have also been added to the game:
  • Feytouched - Local: Increase damage of Elves, Gnomes, Half-elves, and Harengon by 50%.
  • Late Bloomers - Local: Increase damage of Champions in bench seats 7-12 by 100%.
  • Brisk Benefactor - Local: Reduce area quest requirements by 4% during patron variants/free plays.
  • A Cut of the Profits - Global: Gold earned from Boss enemies +2500%
You can find all this information, and even more details, in game!

We would love to hear about your experiences in the Feywild on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

June 3rd
Idle Champion Spotlight: Merilwen 
Posted in Idle Champions.

This is the tail of a druid who might look cute, but when her friends are in danger there's no kitten around! She's a fur-midable opponent who can cause a cat-astrophe to her enemies!

Merilwen is a Wood Elf druid with a penchant for puns and a love of all things nature! She joins her fellow Oxventure Guild members Rust on the Harbour, Corazón and Prudence in the Idle Champions roster during Dragondown 5.

I. Merilwen

Dungeons & Dragons Merilwen

    Merilwen is at home in nature, happy to speak with animals or plants at the first opportunity. She's always ready to pull out her trusty bow, or turn into a cat, to get out of many tough situations. With a fierce loyalty to her friends, and to nature itself, she'll call upon the moon to deal with anyone who gets on her bad side. And if you're really unlucky, you might stumble into Merilwen's Meatgrinder. Spoilers: it's a very bad time.

Merilwen is a Support and Gold Find Champion who increases the damage of all Neutral Champions, and when she transforms into a cat, she increases the attack rate of adjacent Champions. Her gold find and ultimate are both improved when she is combined with other members of the Oxventurers affiliation. She can be added to the formation by swapping her out with Celeste (Slot 2).

II. Merilwen's Stats

Race: Elf (Wood) Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Druid (Circle of the Moon) Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 101
Affiliation: Oxventurers Guild

STR: 12 DEX: 17 CON: 15
INT: 14 WIS: 20 CHA: 11

Role: Support, Gold Find
Eligible for Patrons: Vajra and Strahd
Slot: 2 (Celeste)

Dungeons & Dragons Merilwen Key Art

III. Merilwen's Design

It was delightful to work with Ellen Rose on the design Merilwen, and bring this nature loving fan of puns to Idle Champions! Merilwen is our fourth Champion from the Oxventure crew from Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra, so it was especially fun to dig into the ways she could interact with the other Oxventurer's Guild members.

Merilwen is fiercely loyal to her friends, and to nature itself, which she demonstrates in all the ways she supports the formation. She prefers A Neutral Party, not those who lean good or evil, so she increases the damage of all Neutral Champions. While in her elf form, Merilwen will hurl Punishing Puns at enemies to increase the damage A Neutral Party can do, and will attack enemies with a magical Poison Spray. But she can also stop attacking and Wild Shape into a cat, using her Distracting Cuteness to inspire those adjacent to her to attack faster. And the more Oxventurers Guild Champions that have joined her in the formation, the more Liquidity she'll have to increase everyone's gold find.

Merilwen's Specializations encourages her to pick one thing to focus on. She can cause additional damage by making enemies Stink like Skunk, increases gold find because she Treasures her Friends, or further increases the rate of attacks of her adjacent allies in her Mew-will-wren form. All of this support is a huge help to the formation, but sometimes Merilwen wants to join the battle in epic fashion with Merilwen's Meat Grinder! This Ultimate Attack causes stone spikes to shoot out of the ground to cause massive damage, and if other Oxventurer's Guild members are part of the formation they'll help make her Ultimate even more deadly!

IV. Merilwen's Abilities

Basic Attack

Merilwen has two attacks depending on if she's in cat or elf form:
  • Distracting Cuteness — Merilwen does not attack while in cat form.
  • Poison Spray — Merilwen attacks a random enemy with a magical spray of poison.

Formation Abilities

  • A Neutral Party — Merilwen increases the damage of all Neutral (along the good/evil spectrum) Champions in the formation by 100%.
  • Liquidity — Increase gold find by +100% for each Oxventurers Guild Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.
  • Wild Shape — At the start of each non-boss area, Merilwen takes on the form of a wild cat. She no longer makes normal attacks, but the attack speed cooldown of every adjacent Champion is reduced by 0.5 seconds. If there are ever 15 or more enemies on the screen, Merilwen transforms back to her normal form and starts attacking until the party switches areas.
  • Punishing Puns — While in her elf form, Merilwen boosts A Neutral Party by +100% for each enemy, stacking additively.


  • Stink Like Skunk — Merilwen's normal attack makes hit enemies stink like skunk, taking extra damage every second for 5 seconds.
  • Treasures her Friends — Merilwen gains an Encouragement stack each second that an enemy is not defeated. For each Encouragement stack, the gold find of Liquidity is increased by +100%, stacking additively. When an enemy is defeated or the party changes areas, the stacks are reset to 0.
  • Meow-il-wen — Merilwen's Wild Shape attack speed cooldown reduction is increased by 1 second and persists when she is in her elf form.

Ultimate Ability

  • Merilwen's Meat Grinder — Stone spikes come out of the ground with a 30 second duration. Enemies in the area take massive damage over time while in the area. Secondary effects are triggered based on if other Oxventurer's Guild members are part of the formation:
    • Corazón: Enemies affected by Grease in the spike area take +200% damage from all sources.
    • Prudence: Prudence's glee stacks are set to maximum.
    • Rust: Gold find is increased by +1000% for 30 seconds.

V. Merilwen's Epic Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: A Neutral Party
Slot 3: Liquidity
Slot 4: Punishing Puns
Slot 5: Ultimate Damage
Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

Whether grinding enemies to mulch or inspiring allies as a cat, Merilwen has plenty of powers that we're excited to see her deploy! Tell us all about how much you are enjoying having Merilwen in your formations on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

June 1st
Idle Champions: The Grand Tour, Part 17 
Posted in Idle Champions.

The finale of our Out of the Abyss campaign is here! We finally have all of the components for Vizeran's ritual. This is the first step on the path to return the demon lords back to where they came from, and save the Underdark once and for all!

It's time to return to Menzoberranzan and start the plan, but cultists and demons are everywhere!

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Grand Tour Adventures, The Oozing Hunger and The Madness of Zuggtmoy, in order to access these new Adventures.

The Cult of Lolth

Enter the Drow city of Menzoberranzan and face the Cult of Lolth.
  • Variant: Head Over Heals — You're going to need some healing to make it through this adventure, so a random Healing Champion has been unlocked and added to the formation. But don't worry, we're sure they're the only healer you'll need!

The Demon Lords of the Abyss

Face the Demon Lords of the Abyss while trying to save Vajra!
  • Variant: Speed Demons The demons here are stronger, faster, heartier, and come with a lot of extra Abyssal Chickens!

More details and information can be found in the game!
June 1st
Idle Champions: June 1st 2022 Update 
Posted in Idle Champions.

We've rolled out some big updates and changes recently, including several that have gone live today. So we thought it was a good idea to go into detail about the balancing, redistribution, dismantling, and more!

Table of Contents

Spring Balance Update

Dungeons & Dragons Spring Balance Update

We are in the final week of our six-week Spring Balance Update, where we have been making adjustments to Champions that didn't require a major rework. The final updates have been made, and you can read about all of the details in the in-game changelog or our blog post.

Soft Cap Increase

It's time to level up! Your adventures in Faerun have continued to take some twists and turns, heading into the Feywild realm of Prismeer and facing down the most dangerous of the Demon Lords in today's update. This week's update for Idle Champions brings with it increases to the upgrade cap for all 101 Champions! This newfound strength will help your formations to push further than ever before. Good luck!

Item Level Cap Redistribution

Players have equipment that is leveled over its item level cap, but those extra levels are not providing any benefit. Today's update fixes this issue! A check will be done every time the game loads, a new adventure is started, or you switch parties. The sum of all levels over the cap will be calculated, the items will be reduced to the level cap, and the game will refund the excess levels in the form of Blacksmithing Contracts. Now if you have (or obtain) an item over its cap, you'll be able to use additional levels elsewhere!

Briv Steelmarrow Update

Briv's mechanics allow him to bypass important content that we've intended players to encounter. Challenging bosses are a big part of some adventures, variants, and patron variants' difficulty, and completely skipping these reduces the adventures' challenge to an unintended degree. We've made some changes to the way his skipping works, both to avoid bypassing that content and also improve his skipping in offline progress and background parties.
  • Briv can no longer skip bosses in base adventures, variants, patron variants, Time Gates, and special adventures such as split the party or the Trials of Mount Tiamat. He can still skip bosses in free play, including Time Gate free play. If Briv was going to skip a boss area, he instead skips TO the boss area. Once that boss is defeated, he then skips to the area that would have been skipped to.
  • A new feat has been added that limits Briv to skipping at most 4 areas. It has no effect if Briv is not capable of skipping at least 4 100% of the time.

Hew Maan Update

Hew Maan's quest-progression-increasing mechanic is in need of a balance. This is ironic given the name of the upgrade that buffs it is Perfectly Balanced. It is much easier to gain massive speed increases with Hew Maan compared with essentially every other speed Champion, putting them in a class of their own in the speed Champion rankings. We are not completely against being able to beat an area in only a few kills, but this power should not be easily obtainable with a single Champion.
  • We have reduced the base effect of Zrang's Teamwork from 25% to 20%.
  • We have reduced the base effect of Carefully Balanced from 10% per Champion to 5% per Champion.
  • We have capped Hew Maan's slot 4 item at 2501 item levels for non-gilded items, 1615 for shiny, and 1172 for golden. Players with more than the maximum number of item levels will have their excess item levels refunded as blacksmithing contracts.

Dismantle Champion System

Dungeons & Dragons Dismantle Champion System Due to the changes listed above to Briv and Hew Maan, the Dismantle Champions system will be available for Asharra, Briv, and Hew Maan for the next 3 weeks. As noted below, we will also have a Legendary Dismantle event for all Champions during that same time frame.

As many of you know, we've been working on the Dismantle Champion System for a few weeks now (following the recent updates to Asharra). Since then we've been listening to player feedback and making some adjustments, and the system is now ready to be released!

After a specific Champion has had a significant balance change, and we choose to allow it to be dismantled, the Dismantle Champion System will become available for that Champion for 3 weeks. You can only dismantle a Champion once during this time period, and only the Champion(s) we have selected (The current list includes Asharra, Briv, and Hew Maan). You will find the button to start the process in the Champion's character sheet, near their portrait.

Dismantling a Champion has the following effects:
  • All equipment item levels are set to level 1.
    • Equipment item levels are returned in the form of Blacksmithing Contracts with a total value equal to the item levels removed.
    • Capped iLevels - The number of item levels you can dismantle is capped at 10K per slot. Any additional item levels will remain on the dismantled champion.
  • Collected equipment is retained, and your max rarity of each equipment slot is retained. If you're fully epic, you'll remain fully epic, just at a reduced item level.
  • Golden items are reverted to the non-golden version of themselves.
    • An Epic Golden Potion is awarded for each.
  • Shiny items are reverted to the non-shiny version of themselves.
    • A Potion of Polish is awarded for each.
  • Legendary items are reverted to epic rarity.
    • A Legendary Potion - Level # is awarded for each.
  • Feats that can be purchased for gems are removed.
    • Gems equivalent to the total purchase price are awarded.
    • Refunded feats will be available to purchase again for gems.
When we trigger a Champion Dismantle for a specific Champion, we will also trigger a Legendary Dismantle Event for all Champions. This is based on player feedback, and will allow players to adjust their legendary investment in Support Champions that were used in conjunction with the nerfed Champion.

New and Updated Items

In order to make these changes outlined above easy for players to work with, we have made some updates to existing items as well as added new types of items!
  • Potion of Polish (Updated): Potions of Polish have been upgraded to be targetable. This means that players can choose both the Champion and the equipment slot to use this potion on. All existing Potions of Polish will gain this ability.

  • Epic Golden Potion: The Epic Golden Potion turns the item of a player's choice into a golden item, provided we have released that item as a GE previously. Players can choose both the Champion and the equipment slot to use this potion on. If the item is not already epic, this potion makes it epic as well.

  • Legendary Potion - Level #: Legendary Potions can be used on an epic or legendary piece of equipment. It will make that equipment a legendary item, and add the levels listed on the potion. A Legendary Potion can not be used on an item that is already of an equal or higher legendary level. Players can choose both the Champion and the equipment slot to use this potion on. It functions as if the player crafted and/or leveled up the item to the target level, without paying any associated costs.

  • Legendary Blacksmithing Contract: This new blacksmithing contract grants more levels (120) than was available with the existing blacksmithing contracts (1, 2, 6, or 24).

Thank You

Thank you to all of the players who have provided valuable feedback! Your help and input have been extremely valuable as we craft these updates and changes. All of this information will be available in the game, including updates in the Changelog.

We continue to listen to your suggestions and comments on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, and on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

May 13th
Idle Champion Spotlight: Nordom 
Posted in Idle Champions.

"I think therefore I am. I think."

The Great Modron March returns to Idle Champions, and this time a rogue modron has come along for the event! Nordom the Modron may be subtly different than the rest of his kind, but he's awaiting your orders to process your commands.

I. Nordom

    Modrons are the embodiment of law and order, marching in lockstep through the planes. But when Nordom Whistlklik was separated from his fellow modrons, the essence of chaos infected this rogue quadrone. Now with his crossbow-shaped gear spirits in hand, he works to fit his complex new outlook into his logical, if quirky, understanding of the planes.

Nordom is a Support Champion who adopted his new designation when he was called a "backward modron", and now takes on his new role in the formation with all the processing power he can muster. His four-armed assistance can be added to your formation by swapping him out with Makos (Slot 9).

II. Nordom's Stats

Race: Modron Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Non-Binary Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 122 Class: Fighter

STR: 16 DEX: 16 CON: 16
INT: 16 WIS: 8 CHA: 8

Role: Support

Eligible for Patrons: Vajra, Strahd

Slot: 9 (Makos)

Dungeons & Dragons Nordom Key Art

III. Nordom's Design

Planescape: Torment is a videogame that holds a special place in the hearts of many Dungeons & Dragons fans. Nordom can be a challenging character to find in that game, but his quirky dialogue and unique perspective are well worth the effort. Fortunately adding him to your Champion roster is a bit easier!

As an exemplar of law and order, and a being used to working as part of a greater whole, Nordom strives to bring those ideals to his companions. He likes to help Form Orderly Ranks by increasing the damage of Champions ahead of him, and his Rule of Law directive means that he will increase the damage bonus of Form Orderly Ranks for every Lawful Champion in the formation. If you have a modron core attached to an adventuring party that he is in, Nordom will increase the rate the core improves with his Modron Core Toolbox.

The two gear spirits that Nordom carries have taken the form of crossbows, which he normally uses to attack enemies. However his Specializations will add new capabilities to the crossbow attacks. He can equip Piercing Bolts to cause enemies he hits to take more damage, or Explosive Bolts which causes Nordom's attacks to explode upon impact and push the target back! While this quadrone has gone rogue, he can still issue an emergency call for backup with his Ultimate, The Frequent Modron March. Responding to his beacon, a multitude of modrons march en mass, damaging the encroaching enemies and shoving them away from the party!

IV. Nordom's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Gear Spirits — Two gear spirits have taken the form of crossbows, which Nordom fires simultaneously at the closest two enemies. If only one enemy remains, he'll instead hit it twice.

Formation Abilities

  • Form Orderly Ranks — Nordom increases the damage of all Champions in the column ahead of him by 100%.
  • Rule of Law — Nordom increases the effect of Form Orderly Ranks by +100% for each Lawful Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.
  • Modron Core Toolbox — Nordom increases the amount of experience gained on the modron core attached to his adventuring party when completing new areas by 20%.


  • Piercing Bolts — Enemies hit by Nordom's attacks take 100% more damage for the next 10 seconds. This ability stacks once, and the timer resets if it applies again before the 10 seconds are up.
  • Explosive Bolts — Nordom's attacks explode upon impact, pushing the target back a short distance..

Ultimate Ability

  • The Frequent Modron March — A multitude of Modrons march from left to right over 15 seconds, pushing all enemies back a short distance and dealing ongoing massive damage as they pass by.

V. Nordom's Epic Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: Global DPS
Slot 3: Form Orderly Ranks
Slot 4: Modron Core Toolbox
Slot 5: Ultimate Attack Damage
Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

VI. Conclusion

Nordom is awaiting your orders, and we are excited to see him helping to organize your Champion formation! If you have feedback, let us know in a Community Q&A or Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

May 11th
Idle Champions: The Grand Tour, Part 16 
Posted in Idle Champions.

We still need a purple worm egg and timmasks for the ritual, but that search will lead us to encounter old friends and strange new creatures!

Vizeran DeVir requires a few more components, so it's up to you to weed out friend from foe, even as things become wild!

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Grand Tour Adventures, The Dark Heart and The Alien Underdark, in order to access these new Adventures.

The Oozing Hunger

Search for a purple worm worm egg while dealing with an old friend and oozes.
  • Variant: Levelheaded — Search for a purple worm egg while limited in levels.

The Madness of Zuggtmoy

Collect a bunch of mushrooms while traversing a verdant fungal forest. This adventure features creations from our livestream show The Sketching Hour including the dreaded Tiawut!
  • Variant: It's So Pretty... — Slowly collect a bunch of mushrooms while traversing a verdant fungal forest.

More details and information can be found in the game!
April 22nd
Idle Champion Spotlight: Dungeon Master 
Posted in Idle Champions.

After five years of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, we have reached an auspicious occasion, our 100th Champion! There have been so many iconic characters from Dungeons & Dragons lore, novels, campaigns, and shows, who have joined our Champion roster, it was difficult to think of an extra special character that could take on the mantle of 100th Champion. The only choice was to not choose a player character after all, but the Dungeon Master!

Dungeon Master is the powerful, enigmatic, patient, and mysterious Champion who is always happy to help the formation. He may be a busy guy who can't always come along to every area, but he's powerful enough to make sure the formation is never without assistance. After all, he's the DM; he can make his own rules!

I. Dungeon Master

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master

    He is Dungeon Master, your guide in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons! Don't let his short stature and befuddling riddles fool you, this magical master controls the strange forces at work during any adventure.

Dungeon Master is a Support, Healing, and Gold Find Champion who is always eligible for an adventure, though he may leave you with a frightened Uni for a few areas. He enjoys mentoring younger Champions, and helps everyone be their ultimate best! When you want to add him to your formation you can swap him with Asharra (Slot 6)

Ia. Localization Wide Release

In addition to Dungeon Master's release, April 27th is also the wide release of our first round of localization for the game! We've localized the game into French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and Simplified Chinese and are excited to welcome a more global audience into Idle Champions!

II. Dungeon Master’s Stats

Race: Human Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him
Class: Wizard Age: Over 1000
Affiliation: None

STR: ?? DEX: ?? CON: ??
INT: ?? WIS: ?? CHA: ??

Role: Support, Healing, and Gold Find
Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Vajra, Strahd, Zariel
Slot: 6 (Asharra)

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master

III. Dungeon Master's Design

For many of the CNE team, the 1983 animated television series Dungeons & Dragons was an entry point into the world of D&D. Watching those six friends on their adventures was the impetus to try out the game that inspired the show. As the team mulled over all of the classic characters available to turn into the 100th Champion, they knew it had to be something extra special. The idea of paying homage to that original cartoon, as well as the important role the DM plays in guiding our own adventures, was the perfect love letter to the hobby that we all enjoy!

You can see more excitement over this classical 1980s D&D cartoon character coming to Idle Champions in this IGN Article!

Learning and helping others are the two most important traits that Dungeon Master tries to impart to all his party members. He enjoys mentoring younger Champions, and buffs everyone as he teaches With Patience, Young Ones! If he's around when you transition into an area, Dungeon Master offers Words of Encouragement that grant temporary hit points. But he often pulls a Disappearing Act as he must leave the formation for other important matters. When that happens, the adorable but nervous Uni the Unicorn fills his spot and helps increase the team's gold find. Finally, because he's the DM and can make his own rules, Dungeon Master is eligible to start in all adventures, even if a restriction would say otherwise!

Dungeon Master's Specializations show off some of his unique powers. Special Guest Star allows him to bring a Champion along with him into the formation, even if that Champion was ineligible due to adventure restrictions. Where Did He Go This Time? and Fear Not, Champions! offers you a bit of control over how often Dungeon Master leaves the formation, granting an additional bonus to his buffs when the weighted choice occurs. His mighty, magical abilities culminate in his Ultimate Attack, Invigorate, which immediately recharges the Ultimate ability of another Champion who has the longest to wait!

IV. Dungeon Master's Abilities

Basic Attack

  • Magic Missile — Dungeon Master raises his hands, and 1 or more white rays strike a random enemy.

Formation Abilities

  • Patience, Young Ones! — Dungeon Master increases the damage of all Champions by +100% for each Champion in the formation that is 20 years or younger, stacking multiplicatively. If the sum of the six youngest Champions' ages is 100 years or less, the bonus is increased by 400%. This effect applies even if Dungeon Master is "away" due to Disappearing Act.
  • Words of Encouragement — Dungeon Master adds 50 temporary hit points to the entire party upon entering an area when Dungeon Master is present.
  • Disappearing Act — Upon entering a new area, there is a 50% chance that Dungeon Master does not appear in the formation and is replaced by a frightened Uni the Unicorn. While Dungeon Master is away, the formation's gold find is increased by +100%. If you return to a previously completed area, Dungeon Master is always with the formation.
  • Dungeon Master Rules — Dungeon Master is eligible to start in all adventures, even if the Patron, Variant, or other restrictions would say otherwise.


  • Special Guest Star — Dungeon Master uses his powers to plane shift in one random Champion that is normally not eligible for the adventure. If there are any bench seats with no eligible Champions, an ineligible Champion from those seats is always chosen. Otherwise an ineligible champion from a random seat is chosen. The Champion can not be from Dungeon Master's seat.
  • Where Did He Go This Time? — The chance Dungeon Master doesn't join the formation in Disappearing Act is increased to 75%, and gold find amount is also increased by +100%
  • Fear Not, Champions! — The chance Dungeon Master doesn't join the formation in Disappearing Act is decreased to 25%, and the temporary hit points gained by Words of Encouragement are increased by +100%.

Ultimate Ability

  • Invigorate — Dungeon Master waves his hands, and the Ultimate ability with the longest remaining cooldown immediately recharges. The cooldown for this Ultimate is set to the time the recharged Ultimate had left. Dungeon Master increases the damage of all Champions in the formation by +400% for half of the time his Ultimate is cooling down.

V. Dungeon Master’s Equipment

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: Global DPS
Slot 3: Patience, Young Ones!
Slot 4: Words of Encouragement
Slot 5: Disappearing Act
Slot 6: Invigorate

VI. Conclusion

It's thanks to you, our community, that we've been able to make this game for 5 years and 100 Champions! We hope that you have a fantastic time using Dungeon Master in new and fun ways in your formation, and that he brings a nostalgic smile to your face when he appears.

What do you think about Dungeon Master? And who would you like to see join the formation in the next 100 Champions? If you have feedback, let us know in a Community Q&A or Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

April 20th
Idle Champions: April 20 2022 Adventure Variants 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Celebrate Earth Day and the launch of our new Charity Familiar, Dottie the Dandelion, with a set of adventure variants for our active campaigns! These new adventure variants feature two exciting features to challenge your formation skills. Some adventures will feature escorts will take up more spaces, while others will choose a random Champion that you have unlocked and add them to you formation. It's time to put your formation building skills to the test!

Adventure Variants

This week's update brings 10 new adventure variants for our 5 active campaigns.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Variants

Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Adventure Variants

  • Towering Expectations Variant 3: Tanking Expectations
  • It's a nice day to stop a wedding with a tanking champion of OUR choice.
    • A random Tanking Champion is immediately unlocked, added to the formation, and can't be removed.
    • Other Champions with the Tanking role cannot be used.
    • Enemies move 300% faster, have 300% more health, and deal 300% more damage.
    • Complete area 350.

  • Who Lurks in Lurkwood Variant 3: And a Pixie in a Pear Treant
  • Help Volothamp Geddarm and a wooden friend track down an abyssal chicken.
    • A Pixie in a Pear Treant joins the formation. They're so big they take up three spots in your formation, but don't do much else.
    • Only Champions with a CON of 12 or lower can be used.
    • Complete area 375.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Variants

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Adventure Variants

  • Enter the Sargauth Variant 3: The Madness Peaks
  • Head deeper into the Undermountain with the other half of your Champions missing.
    • All champions in the odd slots have disappeared. They're all out to get you.
    • Each wave spawns a Hallucination with 5 armored hits. They drop no gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
    • Complete area 300.

  • The Lair of the Xanathar Variant 3: DPS in the Deeps
  • Track down the Stone of Golorr and face down the Xanathar with a damage-dealing Champion of OUR choice.
    • A random DPS Champion is immediately unlocked, added to the formation, and can't be removed.
    • Other Champions with the DPS role cannot be used.
    • Complete area 325.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Baldur's Gate Descent into Avernus Variants

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus Adventure Variants

  • The Bleeding Citadel Variant 2: Going to Eleven
  • Climb the stinking scab with a Champion of OUR choice.
    • A random Champion from seat 11 is immediately unlocked, added to the formation, and can't be removed.
    • Champions from the first two bench seats cannot be used.
    • Complete area 600.

  • The Battle of High Hall Tower Variant 2: The Stunning Tower Battle
  • Return to Elturel for the final battle with a backup striker.
    • Every 15 seconds, your top damage dealing Champion is stunned for 15 seconds.
    • Whenever you move a Champion in the formation, they are stunned for 15 seconds.
    • Complete area 650.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Adventure Variants

  • Reghed Glacier Mysteries Variant 2: Male Pattern Boldness
  • Take the Codicil of White to the Reghed Glacier with a male Champion of OUR choice.
    • A random male or nonbinary Champion is immediately unlocked, added to the formation, and can't be removed.
    • Female Champions cannot be used.
    • Complete area 550.

  • Tekeli-li's Hunt Variant 2: Working for the Weak End
  • Continue to explore the Caves of Hunger, with a mad vampire gnoll chasing your weakest champions.
    • Two frozen Twig Blights join the formation.
    • Only Champions with a STR of 10 or lower can be used.
    • Complete area 575.

Dungeons & Dragons Idle Champions Wild Beyond the Witchlight Variants

Wild Beyond the Witchlight Adventure Variants

  • Slack-jawed Lorna Variant 2: End of the Line
  • Face off against the first hag of the Hourglass Coven with a Champion of OUR choice.
    • A random Champion from seat 12 is immediately unlocked, added to the formation, and can't be removed.
    • Champions from the first two bench seats cannot be used.
    • Complete area 550.

  • Tall Tales Variant 3: Back to Nature
  • Learn about the history of the Champions with a shambling mound by your side.
    • A Shambling Mound joins the formation. They're so big they take up three spots in your formation, but don't do much else.
    • Only Elves, Half-Elves, and Gnomes (of any class) and Druids, Barbarians, and Rangers (of any race) can be used.
    • Complete area 300.

See the in-game Change Log for more information!
April 14th
Bush Whacker 2's 10th Anniversary! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Happy 10th Anniversary Bushwhackia!

This event starts at noon on Friday April 15th!

Your friends in the Commons event area are up to something--and they need your help!

Be warned, this post contains SPOILERS for the event! You may want to play the first couple days of the event before reading these details!

Developer Turn-in Stations

The developers of Bush Whacker 2 are running the turn-in stations. Over the course of the event, you can find Typo Reports, Bug Reports and Suggestions in the bushes to turn in for event progress. Can you flood the poor developers with enough to earn the 100% reward?


Four daily quests will help you gain progress as well, starting with the quest for Gnome parts. The developer gnome quest has been updated with 5 more gnomes. Each completion will award you a random developer gnome and there are now 32 of us to collect. Note, if you have less than 27 gnomes, you'll get 2 gnomes per turn in until you catch up.

Later on, there will be a daily quest to test your Bush Whacker knowledge with trivia questions, featuring 6 new questions! Plus the return of Linus (from Halloween) who will have a sweet reward and of course, 10 years of whacking bushes has taken its tole, so it's best if you help to replant.

Familiar friends, like Nate and Kaine, will also have quests as the event goes one.

Costume Contest

Do you have a favourite outfit from among the all the Custom Items over the years? Well, you can now show them off! Once you build the Costume Contest area, you can enter your favourite outfit and vote. New winners will be chosen daily, and will get a small treat. New this year, you can ask Alexis what your current bracket is if you're participating in the day's contest. Brackets are top 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 500+.

The Cake Isn't a Lie!

And what is an anniversary without cake? Not a very good one! A souvenir cake will appear on Monday April 18 at Noon PDT and be available to interact with until Friday April 22nd at Noon PDT.

New for 2022:

If you can complete the event, you'll earn the lucky Anniversary Flower Box!

For quests, we've added 1 new quest for our past community manager Erika to Zoey's community manager quest line!

There are also new customization and ranch items in the store, a new cake, 6 new trivia questions, 5 new developer gnomes, and the ability to view your current ranking in the costume contest!

Event Achievements -- POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

There are a total of FOURTEEN possible achievements to earn in the Anniversary event.

Returning for 2022

Surprise!? - Help set up your own surprise party (Finish the set up and last-minute set up tasks.)
Support Ticket - Do a turn-in at each turn-in station.
Papers, Please - Do 50 turn-ins at each turn-in station.
Know Your Stuff - Complete the Trivia Daily Quest 5 times.
Lookin' Sharp - Enter the costume contest.
Best Buddies - Complete the event quests for Kaine and Nate. Fashion Critic - Vote 50 times in the Costume Contest! Gnomevelopers - Earn all 8 developer gnomes from the 2016 Anniversary Event.
Gnomevelopers 2 - Earn all 16 developer gnomes from the 2018 Anniversary Event.

New for 2022

Decade Dressing - Purchase all the 10th Anniversary Event items*
Gnomevelopers 3 - Earn all 32 of the anniversary developer gnomes
Gnomefier - Craft anniversary developer gnomes 5 times

We also have 2 achievements from previous years which may be earned by spending Bush Bucks if you missed getting them the first time around.

Anniversary Mementos - Purchase all the 6th Anniversary Event items.
Celebrate Good Times - Purchase all the 4th Anniversary Event items!
*The Mini Golf piece isn't required to complete the Decade Dressing achievement.

Mount Sale!

New Mounts:

The Airavata is a glorious and wise flying multi-trunked elephant mount! It increases your speed by 60% and it's starting bonus increase your Energy wins by 5%!

Get this mount free with the purchase of 100 Bush Bucks or more during the weekend sale running until Monday March 15th @ Noon PDT!

Also see the Starlight Airavata and Sunset Airavata mounts in mount packs, available during this sale!

Pet Packs!

New Pets

COMING SOON! Keep an eye out for the sale pop-up!

Post your plans for the next year of adventuring with Bush Whacker 2 on the forums!

The event will run until Friday April 29th at Noon PDT!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which developer gnomes are available?
    There are now THIRTY TWO developer gnomes available. You can collect one at random each time you do the Gnome Parts daily quest. Note, if this is your first time doing the event, you'll get 2 gnomes per turn in.

  • Why do I want to help Linus daily?
    The more times you help him, the better your reward at the end of the event. His quest can be reset with the VIP power to reset daily quests.

  • Will this event repeat next year?
    Good question! We'll tell you next year!

  • How does the Costume contest work?
    You can enter the contest once per day. Once you've entered you cannot change your entry, so choose wisely. Throughout the day players can vote on other entries much like the screenshot contests from Halloween and the Spring Garden events. At midnight, the top 5 rated entries win, and a new contest begins! Winners get a unique title and an energy pack, but cannot enter the contest again for 3 days.

  • What adds to my event progress?
    Doing turn-ins at the 3 stations and completing quests for the NPCs in the area.

  • How can I find the turn-in station items?
    Just keep whacking bushes and critters. The Holiday Item Runes and Pets will help attract them as well or you can use a VIP Voucher or Token on the Event Drops boon.

  • Do I have to ask my friends to help with the turn-in stations?
    No, you don't have to. They just allow you to gain event progress faster.

  • When will the last quest unlock?
    The last event quest will unlock on April 24th.

  • Do I have to do the achievements?
    No. Completing the goals for the achievements is totally optional. You get either a large energy pack or a title for your character from them, no event progress.

  • Where can I see all the achievements available and how to get them?
    Either on the holiday dialog, the achievements dialog, or on the blog.