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November 22nd
Idle Champions: The Glitches are Coming!  
Posted in Idle Champions.

Turn of Fortune's Wheel continues! The Champions find themselves in Sigil - the City of Doors - and with the help of Mrs. Fox discover they are Glitches in the Multiverse. Under her advice, the Champions set out into Sigil to find out who they are and why this is happening to them. But other forces are moving in Sigil, and they soon find themselves on the run for their lives!

Also starting today is the Glitch Emergence Event along with Glitch Skins & Feats for many Champions! Read on to learn more!

Note: you will need to have completed the previous two Turn of Fortune's Wheel adventures, The Beginning is the End and The End Is The Beginning, in order to access these new adventures.

Welcome to Sigil

Explore Sigil and learn more about the predicament you find yourself in.
  • Variant: Misaligned in Sigil - Explore Sigil with a diverse set of Champions!
    • All Champion damage is reduced by 99% for each Champion in the formation that shares an exact alignment with another Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively.
    • Two fools join the formation. They just get in the way.
    • Complete area 400

Fast Food

Elude the Harmonium Peacekeepers while you try to stock up on rations and gear.
  • Adventure Variant: Chaos Theory - Elude the Harmonium Peacekeepers with a group of chaotic lawbreakers!
    • You may only use Chaotic Champions.
    • 1-2 additional Harmonium Peacekeepers spawn with each wave. They don't drop gold or count towards quest progress.
    • Complete area 450

When the Champions were brought to Sigil in the second Turn of Fortune's Wheel adventure, they had lost their memory, and they each looked a bit different!

With the release of Fortune's Wheel 2, we're debuting the first batch of Glitch Skins & Feats! The 5 main speakers from Turn of Fortune's Wheel (Calliope, Freely, Havilar, Nayeli, and Orkira) now have their Glitch Skins & Feats available via Skin & Feat Packs in the in-game shop. Hitch & Sentry also have Glitch Skins and Feats available via the Thayan Enclave (see the Glitch Emergence below).

Equipping a Glitch Feat will allow a Champion to also count as the race matching their Glitch Skin (whether or not the Skin is active), and also grant a boost based (normally) on the number of Champions of that race in your formation! We hope these Glitch Feats will create new formation options for you to enjoy!

Glitch Feat
Nayeli Githyanki Glitch Feat
  • Calliope: Calliope counts as a Harengon. Increases the effect of Calliope's Bardic Inspiration ability by 20% (additively) for each Bard in the formation.
  • Freely: Freely counts as an Aasimar. Increases the effect of Freely's Unlucky for Them Ability by 20% (additively) for each Aasimar in the formation.
  • Havilar: Havilar counts as a Half-Elf. Increases the effect of Havilar's Battlemaster Ability by 20% (additively) for each Half-Elf in the formation.
  • Nayeli: Nayeli counts as a Githyanki. Increases the effect of Nayeli's Aura of Courage ability by 20% (additively) for each unique race in the formation.
  • Orkira: Orkira counts as a Half-Elf. Increases the effect of Elemental Fire by 20% (additively) for each Half-Elf in the formation.
  • Hitch: Hitch counts as a Centaur. Increases the effect of Hitch's Natural Performer Ability by 20% (additively) for each unique race in the formation.
  • Sentry: Sentry counts as a Half-Elf. Increases the effect of Sentry's Guardian of Solwynn ability by 20% (additively) for each Half-Elf in the formation.

There's a problem in the Multiverse and it's spilling into Faerûn! Glitched versions of multiple Champions are causing all sorts of trouble - it's up to you and your formations to stop them! Protect the Forgotten Realms and unlock exclusive rewards in the Thayan Enclave Shop during the Glitch Emergence Event, which runs from November 22nd at noon Pacific until Friday, December 1st at noon Pacific!

During Emergence Events, Corrupted Gems can be collected from the designated monsters (in this case Glitched Champions), and by completing a daily quest visible in the Emergence Event dialog. Use the Corrupted Gems in the Thayan Enclave Shop to collect any of the items below and the remaining items from the Mind Flayer Emergence.

New Items Added to the Thayan Enclave!

  • Two Golden Epics
    • Jang Sao Slot 5 - Lunation (20,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Sisaspia Slot 5 - Scimitar of Dendar (20,000 Corrupted Gems)
  • Four Feats
    • Hitch - Centaur Glitch (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Sentry - Half-Elf Glitch (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Warden - Gibbous Script (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Warden - Specter of Aeons (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
  • Two Skins
    • Centaur Glitch Hitch (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
    • Half-Elf Glitch Sentry (10,000 Corrupted Gems)
  • 10x Marvelous Support Pigments (7,000 Corrupted Gems)
  • 8x Modron Component Chests (2,500 Corrupted Gems)
  • 8x Supply Chests (2,500 Corrupted Gems)
  • Unlimited Glitch Emergence Chests (2,500 Corrupted Gems)
    • Contains gear for: Jang Sao, Sisaspia, Hitch, Sentry, and Warden

  • You can find all this information, and even more details, in-game!

    We would love to hear about your experiences in the Outlands on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

    November 20th
    Idle Champion Spotlight: Shadowheart 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    "Everyone has to suffer, it's a fact of life."

    How far would you go to serve your deity? Shadowheart was willing to lose her memories and undertake a perilous mission, all in devotion to the Goddess of Darkness and Loss. But an Illithid tadpole has made her journey much more complicated. Fortunately she has a new group of Champions to help her on her quest!

    I. Shadowheart

      A devoted cleric of Shar, Shadowheart agreed to have her memories wiped as part of a holy mission. Now its sole survivor, she must deliver a powerful relic back to her kin in order to win Shar's love and have her memories restored – but all the while, she is tormented by strange, painful magic that she struggles to understand.

    Shadowheart is a Support and Healing Champion who joins her fellow Baldur's Gate 3 companions in fighting the transformation into a Mind Flayer. Once unlocked, you can find this Half-Elf Cleric in seat 6 opposite Asharra.

    II. Shadowheart's Stats

    Race: Half-Elf Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
    Age: 48 Affiliation: Absolute Adversaries Class: Cleric

    STR: 12 DEX: 14 CON: 14
    INT: 10 WIS: 16 CHA: 10

    Role: Support, Healing

    Eligible for Patrons: Vajra

    Seat: 6 (Asharra)

    III. Shadowheart's Design

    As a pragmatic cleric, Shadowheart focuses on straightforward buffs and excels at healing. Champions within two slots of her have their damage increased, and because she also carries a Mind Flayer tadpole in her brain, she can tap into its power to boost her damage buff even more. She keeps the two columns ahead of her healed all while she calls mystical lunar flame down to damage her enemies. But Shadowheart has a tricky skill she can use to create a copy of herself. This illusory duplicate hides next to the Champion with the highest Dexterity, and offers buffs and heals to nearby Champions similar to Shadowheart herself.

    Shadowheart can choose one of three Specializations to give an extra boost to her already impressive buffs. One choice dramatically increases her buff to the Champions in front of her if her illusory duplicate stands by her side. Another selection boosts her support if her duplicate is far from her in the formation. The final option means Shadowheart stops attacking and focuses on helping others do damage, so she'll cast Guidance on the biggest damage dealer in your formation. Repeatedly. The mysterious relic that Shadowheart carries can also be called upon when things are looking dire. It flies into the air and sends out a pulse of power, striking back enemies and making the formation immune to damage for a moment!

    This daughter of darkness may be guarded with her past, but she will use all of her cleric skills to support her fellow Champions on their mission!

    Dungeons & Dragons Shadowheart Marketing Gif

    IV. Shadowheart's Abilities

    Basic Attack

    Shadowheart has two normal attacks: her base attack (Sacred Flame) and one that is enabled by a specialization choice (Guidance).
    • Sacred Flame - Shadowheart raises her mace into the air and casts a spell, briefly engulfing a random enemy in mystical lunar flame, dealing 1 hit.
    • Guidance - Shadowheart increases the damage of your BUD-setting Champion's next attack by 200%, stacking multiplicatively up to 5 times.

    Formation Abilities

    • Twilight Trickery - Shadowheart increases the damage of Champions within two slots of her by 100%.
    • Ceremorphosis - Your formation gains one Ceremorphosis stack due to the mind flayer tadpole in Shadowheart's brain. Shadowheart increases the effect of Twilight Trickery by 100% for each Ceremorphosis stack, stacking multiplicatively.
    • Light In The Dark - Shadowheart heals Champions in the two columns ahead of her for 10 every second.
    • Invoke Duplicity - Shadowheart creates an illusory duplicate of herself which hides in the formation and applies Twilight Trickery and Light in the Dark to Champions relative to itself with half the range as normal. The duplicate positions itself in the same formation slot as the Champion in the formation with the highest DEX score. Ties go to the Champion in the highest bench seat.


    • Guidance - Shadowheart's base attack is replaced by Guidance. When she casts Guidance, she increases the damage of your BUD-setting Champion's next attack by 200%. Stacks multiplicatively up to 5 times.
    • Sister of Darkness - If Shadowheart's Illusory Duplicate is placed in the same slot as she is, increase the effect of Twilight Trickery by 400%.
    • Find Yourself - The effects of Twilight Trickery and Light In The Dark from Shadowheart's Illusory Duplicate are increased by 100% for each formation slot away from Shadowheart the duplicate is (following the shortest path), stacking multiplicatively.

    Ultimate Ability

    • Absolute Sanctuary - Shadowheart raises her artefact, which flies into the air and sends out a circular pulse, dealing a massive hit to all enemies and knocking them back a short distance. In addition, your Champions are immune to all damage for 10 seconds or until you change areas, whichever is shorter.

    V. Shadowheart's Epic Equipment

    Slot 1: Global DPS
    Slot 2: Twilight Trickery
    Slot 3: Ceremorphosis
    Slot 4: Light in the Dark
    Slot 5: Ultimate Attack Damage
    Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

    VI. Conclusion

    Shadowheart will bring healing and support to your Champions, even through the darkness and loss of Shar. Tell us how much you enjoy her in your formations:
    November 15th
    Idle Champions: Cosmic Revelry Celebration  
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    Welcome to the Cosmic Revelry Celebration! Get ready for a week-long celebration of daily rewards and a gem shop update!

    Cosmic Revelry Celebration

    Cosmic Revelry begins Wednesday November 15th at 12pm Pacific! Log in to Idle Champions on each of the next seven days to collect free in-game rewards just for playing!

    Dungeons & Dragons Cosmic Revelry Daily Rewards

    Daily Rewards

    Every day during the Cosmic Revelry Celebration you can log in to Idle Champions and open a new Cosmic Chest, but each chest is only available for 24 hours! Every chest contains awesome items, hand-picked by the team here at Codename Entertainment to help you in your adventures! Once you have claimed four daily Cosmic Chests, you unlock the bonus prize: Elemental Dungeon Master! This bonus includes an epic new skin for Dungeon Master, a new Feat, and 3 Gold Dungeon Master Chests!

    Gem Shop Update

    The following items are now available for Gems starting today!

    Skins: Accessible through the Gem Shop

  • Venture Casual Walnut (20,000 Gems)
  • Venture Casual Rosie (20,000 Gems)

  • Feats - Accessible through each Champion's Character Sheet

    • Walnut - Taunt (50,000 Gems)
  • Five Epic Feats from Season 3 (50,000 Gems Each)
    • Barrowin - Dwarven Tradition
    • Birdsong - Harmony
    • Spurt - Kobold Brethren
    • Hew Maan - Immolation
    • Turiel - Shout Above the Din
  • Five Rare Feats from Season 3 (12,500 Gems Each)
    • Barrowin - Calm Under Pressure
    • Birdsong - Athlete
    • Spurt - Extra Wasps
    • Hew Maan - The Path Is Clear
    • Turiel - Athlete
    Modron Core from Season 3 - Accessible via the 'Buy Additional Cores' button on the Adventuring Parties dialog.

  • Unaffiliated Core (500,000 Gems)

  • Cosmic Revelry

    A lot is going on in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms - and there is LOTS more to look forward to! But as one last reminder:

    In order to get all of the free rewards during the Cosmic Revelry Celebration, you need to log in each day and Claim Your Rewards!

    Enjoy the Cosmic Revelry Celebration right now in-game and thank you for playing!

    If you have feedback, let us know in a Community Q&A or Champion feedback post on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!
    November 8th
    Idle Champions: Season 6 Overview 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    Season 6 focuses on five unaffiliated Champions with high DEX scores. In the Season 3 mid-season survey we asked you to vote on what Champions you'd like to see reworked in a future season, and these five Champions were all in the top half of the field. They are: Zorbu (seat 12, voted #1), Warden (seat 11, voted #5), Sisaspia (Seat 1, voted #10), Nrakk (seat 8, voted #11), and Korth (seat 2, voted #14). Read below to learn more about these Champions, and the details you need to know about Season 6!

    The focus of Season 6's redesign was to modernize these five older Champions and add new high-DEX formation options to the game. DEX is one of the highest average stat scores in the game, so there are plenty of other highly dexterous Champions to synergize in your formation alongside these five.

    We're also trying something new with Season 6: we have removed daily quests and shortened the overall length of the season, redistributing Daily Quest XP to the Seasonal and Milestone Quests. This should allow you more flexibility in when and how you go after your season progress, while still giving you access to a similar total amount of experience.

    The changes outlined below are live as of 12:00PM PT on Wednesday, November 8th, when Season 6: Elemental Rebirth kicks off!

    Table of Contents

    Season 5: Acquisitions Incorporated

    Champion Overview

    Zorbu (Seat 12)

    Zorbu received the most votes out of any Champion in the season 3 survey, but his kit was actually already pretty solid. Zorbu has begun seeing a trauma counselor regarding his unfortunate past, and thus several of his abilities have received name changes as his rage has subsided. With his kit already being quite powerful, our main goal with Zorbu this season was to ensure you could build the rest of the formation around him, and give him some interesting positional options in high DEX formations.

    Zorbu's is a hunter first and foremost. His first ability, Know Your Enemy, gains stacks as you kill certain types of enemies. These stacks persist between adventure resets, so the more you use Zorbu, the higher they get, increasing his power in a way that is unlike almost every other Champion in the game. Zorbu deals additional damage against specific types of enemies, but also deals more against all enemies thanks to Focused Fury, which increases his damage based on the total number of Know Your Enemy stacks he has. Zorbu's main support ability is Hunter's Pack, which increases the damage of adjacent Champions with a high DEX score. Zorbu himself also benefits from this buff via his new Expert Hunter ability.

    Specializations: Zorbu's specializations offer a choice between farming more stacks of Know Your Enemy, or boosting Zorbu's damage and support to a massive degree. Lead the Pack buffs Hunter's Pack based on your Focused Fury bonus, while Hunting Partners causes Know Your Enemy to stack up faster if Zorbu is adjacent to more high DEX Champions.

    Using Zorbu: Whether you're using Zorbu as a DPS or a Support Champion, you're going to want to position him adjacent to as many high DEX Champions as you can, which is made easier thanks to the season reward feat Wolf Pack, which actually increases the DEX score of adjacent Champions, meaning you can use him with some Champions that wouldn't normally qualify for Hunter's Pack.

    Warden (Seat 11)

    Warden was our next highest voted Champion, and for good reason. This bad-ass Warforged Hexblade Warlock was an exceptionally popular DPS Champion when they debuted in Simril Year 2, but their simple kit had fallen by the wayside in recent years and they were in desperate need of a rework. Their new kit includes an army of accursed spectres that dart around the field providing a visual symphony worthy of this epic Champion.

    Hex is Warden's main dps and support ability. This debuff increases the damage that enemies Warden attacks take from all sources. Initially, Warden can only Hex each enemy once, but level them up enough and you'll unlock Relentless Hex, which allows Hex to stack up to four times on each enemy. Warden's secondary ability is Accursed Specter, which causes a specter to appear whenever an enemy afflicted by Hex is killed. These specters cause nearby enemies to take even more damage, making Warden the undisputed authority of debuff-based damage. Specter Rush allows the specters to move around the battlefield, rushing towards targets that Warden attacks and then slowly drifting past them to increase the damage they take from allied Champions. Master of Hexes allows Hex to spread all by itself when an enemy is killed near an Accursed Specter. Finally, Cloak of Flies causes Warden to do area damage when they attack, based on the highest number of Hexed enemies that have existed in the area.

    Specializations: Warden's specializations all increase the maximum number of Accursed Specters that can be active at once. The Dark Hunger increases it based on the number of Evil Champions in the formation. Shadows In The Night instead increases it based on the number of high DEX Champions in the formation. Finally, if neither of those tickle your fancy, Charm of the Fallen increases the max specter count based on the number of Champions with Charisma as their highest stat score.

    Using Warden: As one of the few Champions without any positional formation abilities, Warden has a lot of flexibility on where they are used. When using them as a DPS, position them so that the rest of your support Champions buff them, and when using them as a Support, position them wherever you have an empty slot that needs filling. Regardless of how you use them, stack your formation with Champions that meet the requirements of your chosen specialization to really benefit from having plenty of Accursed Specters on the field at once.

    Sisaspia (Seat 1)

    Sisaspia has always been one of our favorite Champions, and we were excited to see her in the top half of the votes. She has received several desperately needed quality of life buffs that should bring her power level up to a well-deserved "solid". We did have to fudge her ability scores just a little bit to make her fit in with the high DEX crowd, but, I mean, she's part snake. It makes sense.

    Sisaspia's main mechanic is her Halo of Spores, which swirl around her until enemies approach the formation. She then psychically blasts her spores into enemies, causing them to take more damage over time when hit. Normal enemies can be afflicted by several spores at once, while bosses can have even more infesting their bodies. Sisaspia's positional buff, Symbiotic Infection, buffs Champions near her based on the number of spores she has infected her enemies with in the current area, and Symbiotic Healing heals damaged Champions using the same metric. Her final ability, Dance of the Spores, increases Sisaspia's spore reserve and potentially increases the range of her Halo of Spores ability based on the average DEX score of all Champions in the formation. The higher, the better.

    Specializations: Sisaspia's specializations are useful in a variety of different situations. The most straightforward is Simple Infection, which increases the effect of Symbiotic Infection. Spreading Spores increases the rate at which Halo of Spores creates new spores, and increases the maximum. Finally, Fungal Body greatly increases Symbiotic Infection and Healing, but only after Sisaspia has blasted out a certain number of spores in the current area.

    Using Sisaspia: Position Sisaspia within 2 slots of your main damage dealer to provide excellent support via Symbiotic Infection. Make sure she's also within 2 slots of your tanks if you'd like her to help keep them alive, too. Since she'll heal everyone nearby, she's useful near the center of your formation if you're in an adventure or variant where everyone could take damage at any time.

    Nrakk (Seat 8)

    Nrakk was a special Champion with some unique interactions with some abilities in the game. Unfortunately, some of these unique interactions needed to go in order to simplify both our job (balancing the game) and yours (finding weird ways that Nrakk could break the game). We have tried to compensate for this by updating Nrakk's kit and also giving him the most complicated ultimate ability in the world. We've also removed the dps role from Nrakk's kit, so he's purely a support Champion now.

    Nrakk's Way of the Kensai ability increases the damage of Champions ahead of and behind him. Nrakk can earn Ki Points by using his ultimate ability, Ki Blast. Ki Blast initially grants a few Ki Points and shoots a bolt of energy at a random enemy, but if you reactivate it at the right time it can fire off again and earn you even more Ki Points (and damage). Repeat this process to stack up as many Ki Points as possible, which you'll want to do because Ki Master increases Way of the Kensai based on the highest number of Ki Points you've had at once on the current adventure. Stunning Strike consumes a Ki Point to stun and increases the damage taken by enemies that Nrakk hits, while Kensai Cleave causes every 3rd attack to do a wide cleave. Perfect Self causes Nrakk's ultimate to cool down faster if he's out of Ki Points when he attacks enemies.

    Specializations: Nrakk's two specialization choices are super unique. Githzerai Focus increases the positional formation abilities of adjacent Champions with a high WIS score, while Githzerai Agility does the same for adjacent Champions with a high DEX score.

    Using Nrakk: You're going to want to plop Nrakk in the column directly in front of or behind your formation's main damage dealer. Ideally you're also going to want Nrakk to be adjacent to support Champions with positional formation abilities and stat scores that exceed the requirements of his chosen specialization. The exact right positioning and Champions may be challenging to discover, but when you do it will be worth it!

    Korth (Seat 2)

    Korth was the most challenging Champion of the season for us to rework, as we had inadvertently duplicated many of his abilities on his powerful seat-mate Widdle. Making him stand out was a challenge, but the utility of his updated specialization should make him a good choice for augmenting your high DEX formations with some of the game's less agile Champions.

    Korth's Rapid Training increases the damage and attack speed of all high DEX Champions in the formation, regardless of his positioning relative to them. Lizardfolk Tactics causes him to mark enemies he attacks, increasing the damage they take from all attacks. Whenever a Champion attacks an enemy that Korth has marked, they gain a temporary hitpoint shield thanks to Fighting Spirit, with tanks getting an even bigger shield. Calculated increases the effect of Rapid Training based on the formation's total DEX score, and Group Tactic further buffs the ability based on the number of Marked enemies in the current area. Finally, Strength Before Death causes Korth to make an ultimate attack against enemies who attempt to do a killing blow on him or his allies. This can only occur a few times before it goes on cooldown, but could be the difference between success and failure in a tough area.

    Specializations: Korth's Samurai Training specializations are totally unique and provide a level of customization in your formations that you've never seen before. Depending on the spec you choose, Korth will increase the DEX score of the affected Champions to 16. You can target the two slots directly in front of, directly behind, or directly above and below Korth.

    Using Korth Since Korth's buffs are global, his positioning in your formation should be entirely focused on who you want to affect with his Samurai Training specialization. Place two lower DEX Champions in the targeted slots in order to integrate them into your high DEX formation and potentially make them eligible for other Champions' DEX-based buffs.

    Season 6: Elemental Rebirth

    Key Season Rewards

    As with last season, the marquee rewards are at level 60. After that, you begin to earn Bonus tokens for every level (two tokens per level for Season Pass purchasers). Each token can be redeemed for one of the 15 unique bonus rewards.

    Once a reward has been earned, it cannot be earned again until each type of reward has been earned. Once all rewards are earned, your odds reset. Your odds of a specific type of reward when none have been earned are approximately as follows:

  • Champion iLevels: 33%
  • Gems: 13%
  • Modron Component Chest: 13%
  • Season Chest: 13%
  • Blacksmithing Contracts: 6.5%
  • Bounty Contracts: 6.5%
  • Supply Chest: 6.5%
  • Support Pigment: 6.5%

  • This season includes a new Dexterous Modron Core, a Golden Epic for Nrakk, a new familiar: Bash the Earth Elemental, Epic and Rare feats for all the Season Champions, and exclusive skins for those Champions! It also makes Marvelous DPS Pigments available for the first time since Season 4! Check out the Rewards track in-game for more detail.


    Available to All Players

    • Golden Epic: Nrakk Slot 1
    • Modron Core: Dexterous Modron Core
    • Rare Feats: Zorbu, Warden, Sisaspia, Nrakk, Korth
    • Item Level Boosts
    • Chests
    • Epic Potions and Scrolls
    • Gems

    Available to Passholders

    • Familiar: Bash the Earth Elemental
    • DPS Pigments
    • Week-long Potions
    • Epic Feats: Zorbu, Warden, Sisaspia, Nrakk, Korth
    • Elemental Skins: Zorbu, Warden, Sisaspia, Nrakk, Korth

    Season 6: Elemental Rebirth

    Keywords and Key Abilities

    Throughout the season, various quests may reference certain keywords and abilities. Here is a quick reminder on some of those!

    BUD-setting: BUD stands for Base Ultimate Damage. Your 'BUD' is based on the DPS of the highest hit that any Champion has recently achieved against a single enemy. Bud-setting Champion, means the Champion who has most recently done the most damage.
    • On PC UI, this is visible by mousing over the lightning bolt banner to the left of your Ultimate Attack buttons.
    • On Console UI, this is visible by looking to the right of your ultimate bar, on the graphic labeled with 'Ult DPS'.
    Event Adventures: Event Adventures are only available in two ways: When the corresponding event is active, or when a time gate for a Champion that was originally available in that event is opened. Event Adventures are home to many unique bosses and creatures, however, some of them can be found outside of their original events in permanent adventures.

    Patron Challenges: The Patron system allows you to re-play adventures and variants with additional restrictions, resulting in influence and currency that you can spend in a Patron's given shop. Once you have unlocked a Patron, they will provide you with ten challenges that refresh every Monday at Noon Pacific Time.
    • On PC UI, Patrons are accessible through a button on the upper left UI.
    • On Console UI, Patrons are accessible in the UI buttons above the Champion seats.
    Positional Formation Abilities: Positional Formation Abilities are abilities that trigger based on where a target is in the formation.

    Time Gate Adventures: A Time Gate allows you to unlock Champions from previous events you may have missed and/or gear them up for free. You need 6 Time Gate Pieces to open a Time Gate for a Champion, though they open naturally every 2-3 weekends.
    • On PC UI, Time Gates are accessible through a button on the upper left UI.
    • On Console UI, Time Gates are accessible in the UI buttons above the Champion seats.
    Season 6: Elemental Rebirth

    Key Enemies

    Throughout the season, various quests may reference certain types of enemies. Here is a quick reminder on where to find some of those!

    Abominable Yeti: The Abominable Yeti is the area 50 boss in any of the Simril event adventures, but if that event has ended you can find them as the first boss in the first adventure of the Icewind Dale campaign, The Giant's Bane Tavern. They can be found in several other adventures as well.

    Beasts: Beast monsters can be encountered in most adventures. If you are looking for a good target to encounter beasts, try The Cursed Farmer - the first (non-tutorial) adventure in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign.

    Demon Boss: Demon bosses are common throughout the Forgotten Realms, but the easiest one to farm can be found in The Cursed Farmer adventure in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign. Look for the Gnoll King in area 20.

    Demons: Demon enemies come in many freaky forms, however if you're early in the game you can find some in the The Mad Wizard adventure in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign.

    Fey: Fey are fairly common in the Witchlight Carnival campaign, but if you haven't unlocked it yet you can find several groups of Satyrs early on in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign in the Beast Intentions and The Mad Wizard adventures.

    Giant Bosses: You can find an Ice Troll ripe for farming in The Giant's Bane Tavern adventure in the Icewind Dale campaign (the very first adventure of the campaign). If that doesn't float your boat, or if your boat is frozen in the lake, there are several other targets scattered throughout the Forgotten Realms.

    Humanoids: Humanoid monsters can be encountered in many adventures. If you are looking for a good target to encounter humanoids, try A Mysterious Summons - the first adventure in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign.

    Mad Cultist of Cyric: The Mad Cultist of Cyric can only be found in the Feast of the Moon event adventure, but since the quest to kill them doesn't show up until the final week of the season, you don't need to look anywhere else. Don't forget you can just go back to a boss area and turn off auto-progress to kill the boss over and over to farm all the kills you need in a single adventure.

    Overambitious City Guard: The Overambitious City Guard is a recurring boss. They can be found in the Merry Map Misadventure adventure in the Wintershield event, or if that event is not available then you should be able to find them in the first adventure of the Waterdeep: Dragon Height campaign.

    Plant Bosses: Plant bosses are rare, but not impossible to find. If you're looking for easy prey, you can find a Shambling Mound in The Mad Wizard adventure early on in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign, as well as in many other adventures throughout the game.

    Resurrected Hero of the Vale: If you are looking for a good target to encounter the Resurrected Hero of the Vale, try the Highharvestide adventure: The Bandit's Harvest or the Feast of the Moon adventure: The Crypt of Legends. You can access The Bandit's Harvest by opening a Time Gate to Stoki, Farideh, Pwent, Torogar, D'hani, or Egbert. You can access The Crypt of Legends by opening a Time Gate to Gromma, Sentry, Penelope, Widdle, or Virgil.

    Segmented Health: Bosses with segmented health are available on many different adventures. Bosses with hit-based or armor-based health will count towards this quest. The Tyrannosaurus Zombie on area 50 of Running of the Saurs in the Tomb of Annihilation campaign is a great early-game example of a segmented health boss!

    Wearer of Purple: The Wearer of Purple is a boss from the Wintershield event, so you can easily find them during that event or in a Wintershield time gate. They also appear in the 12th adventure of the Waterdeep: Dragon Height campaign: Waterdeep Under Siege.

    Winter Wolf Alpha: You can find Winter Wolf Alpha bosses in many adventures, especially several in the Icewind Dale campaign (such as the very first adventure, The Giant's Bane Tavern). However, the easiest place to find them is in any Simril event adventure (in area 15).

    Undead: Undead monsters are available in many different adventures. If you are looking for a good target to encounter undead, you can find Zombies in Terror in the Dark - the fourth adventure in the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Campaign.

    November 3rd
    Idle Champion Spotlight: Jang Sao 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    "I still have too much to do, there's so much to paint, worlds must be created!"

    Jang Sao is a wanderer of the Astral Plane, painting the beauty of the universe as she collects glimmering stars. She is a forger of planets, a crafter of galaxies, and a being with centuries of experience to bring to bear on any dangers that threaten the radiance of the universe!

    I. Jang Sao

      This celestial voyager traveled the Astral Planes for centuries collecting stars and painting galaxies with her cherished companion, Kwin. When Kwin departed, Jang Sao carried on her wishes of painting the cosmos. Now a wonderful artist, she immortalizes the heavens, reality, and most important of all, her friend.

    Jang Sao is a Support and Healing Champion who collects stars and moons and stores them in her star map lantern. Her support abilities focus on isolated formation slots and she uses her druidic healing powers to protect her allies. Once unlocked, you can find this Satyr Druid/Wizard in Seat 8 opposite Delina.

    II. Jang Sao

    Race: Satyr Alignment: Neutral
    Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
    Age: 888 Affiliation: None Class: Druid/Wizard

    STR: 8 DEX: 15 CON: 10
    INT: 14 WIS: 20 CHA: 10

    Role: Support, Healing

    Eligible for Patrons: Strahd

    Seat: 8 (Delina)

    Dungeons & Dragons Jang Sao Marketing Gif

    III. Jang Sao's Design

    Most Idle Champions fans will recognize Gina Darling from her numerous appearances on TTRPG streams like Legends of the Multiverse. But she also has a long career as a TV host for G4TV and WWE, and streams a variety of games on her Twitch channel. We were delighted to work with her to craft a brand new Champion to join the Idle Champions ranks, as well as our latest Idle Champions Presents series, Fatebreaker!

    Collecting all of the stars in the universe can take a long time, but Jang Sao is dedicated to her art no matter how long the journey. She uses those stars to boost the damage of Champions in formation slots with 2 or fewer neighboring slots, and her star collection persists between adventures. Which means the more she travels, the stronger she becomes! And if the Champions in the formation have equipment with Pigments added, she'll show her artistic appreciation by further increasing her damage bonus. Her companions help her wander far and wide, so she heals the most damaged Champions as she pulls stars from her lantern to throw at the nearest enemy.

    Jang Sao has two Specializations, the first one deciding on increasing her damage buff depending on the Wisdom or Dexterity of her companions. The second Specialization provides a choice of various bonuses to her Star Collector abilities; either increasing the effect based on how many stars she's collected in the current run, seeking out moons in addition to stars to collect on her travels, or buffing the effects of her Starry Form. This Ultimate attack causes stars, moons and planets to shoot out of her lantern and blast the battlefield with beautiful destruction!

    With command over the cosmos and an artistic touch, Jang Sao will bring light and beauty to any formation!

    IV. Jang Sao's Abilities

    Basic Attack

    • Star - Jang Sao grabs a star from her lantern and throws it at the nearest enemy, dealing one hit.

    Formation Abilities

    • The Mysterious Wanderer - Jang Sao increases the damage of all Champions in formation slots with 2 or fewer adjacent slots by 400%.
    • Star Collector - Each time an enemy is defeated, there is a 1% chance it drops a star. Jang Sao collects these stars and increases the effect of The Mysterious Wanderer by 0.1% for each star collected over all adventures, stacking additively. Capped at 4 billion stacks.
    • Stellar Nursery - Every 5 seconds, Jang Sao heals the 2 most damaged Champions in the formation for 50 health.
    • Painter of Beauty - For every Pigment assigned to equipment on Champions in the formation, the effect of The Mysterious Wanderer is increased by 10%, stacking multiplicatively. Pigments can be purchased in the Thayan Enclave Shop and sometimes claimed as Season Rewards.


    Jang Sao's first specialization choice increases the primary support buff depending on the Wisdom or Dexterity of her companions.
    • Wisdom of the Ages - Jang Sao increases the effect of The Mysterious Wanderer by 100% for each Champion in the formation with a Wisdom of 13+, stacking multiplicatively.
    • Speed of Shooting Stars - Jang Sao increases the effect of The Mysterious Wanderer by 100% for each Champion in the formation with a Dexterity of 15+, stacking multiplicatively.
    Jang Sao's second specialization choice provides various bonuses to her Star Collector abilities.
    • Moon Collector - In addition to collecting stars, Jang Sao collects moons. Each time an enemy is defeated, there is a 0.5% chance it drops a moon. Jang Sao collects these moons for the purpose of Star Collector, and they count as 5 stars.
    • Star Caller - Jang Sao fires 3 more stars from her lantern when she uses her Starry Form ultimate and the ultimate's damage debuff is multiplied by the number of stars shot out.
    • Night Runner - Jang Sao increases the effect of Star Collector by a percentage equal to the number of stars she has collected on the current run.

    Ultimate Ability

    • Starry Form - Jang Sao transforms into her starry form for 15 seconds. She raises her lantern and stars, moons, and planets shoot out, hovering above the battlefield briefly before blasting toward random enemies and dealing 1 hit of area damage when they hit. The number of stars equals the exponent of the number of Star Collector stacks she has, plus one. Enemies affected glow and take 100% additional damage for the duration of the ultimate.

    V. Jang Sao's Epic Equipment

    Slot 1: Mysterious Wanderer
    Slot 2: Star Collector
    Slot 3: Stellar Nursery
    Slot 4: Painter of Beauty
    Slot 5: Wisdom of the Ages and Speed of Shooting Stars
    Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

    VI. Conclusion

    Get ready to paint the universe with this starry saytr in your formation! Share your thoughts on Jang Sao in several places:
    November 1st
    Idle Champions: Turn of Fortune's Wheel, Part 1 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    Turn of Fortune's Wheel is a brand new campaign based on the adventure Turn of Fortune's Wheel from Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse! We find our Champions on a mission to stop Acererak from assembling a villainous super-team! But little do they know, they are about to be launched on a quest across Planescape and beyond!

    What dangers await them? Find out as they travel to Sigil and the Outlands!

    This campaign update includes two new adventures and their variants, four new Tier 1 Blessings for Turn of Fortune's Wheel, and an increase to difficulty beyond previous campaigns. Gold drop rates have been significantly reduced and encounters will be more difficult. Players will need to complete 80 adventures across previous campaigns in order to unlock the Turn of Fortune's Wheel campaign.

    The Beginning is the End

    Return to the Tomb of Annihilation to stop Acererak from assembling a villainous super-team!
    • Variant: Tomb of Champions - Speed your way through the Tomb of Annihilation to stop Acererak and his evil squad in 30 minutes or less!
      • You must complete area 150 within 30 minutes of starting the objective.
      • Fire breath potions can't be used during the adventure, and click damage has no effect after area 5.
      • Complete area 150

    The End is the Beginning

    • Adventure Variant: See You on the Flipside - ?DENEPPAH .TSUJ .TAHW
      • All positional formation abilities are inverted.
      • Undead monsters deal +400% additional damage and move at twice their normal speed.
      • Complete area 400

    Turn of Fortune's Wheel Tier 1 Blessings

    • Spinning Your Wheels - Local: Decrease the base attack cooldown of Champions with a Ranged base attack by 0.1 sec
    • Joy of Arborea - Local: Increase the damage of all Champions for each Champion with a DEX score of 15 or higher by 50% (additive)
    • Warriors of Ysgard - Local: Increase the damage of Fighters, Rogues, and Rangers by 250%.
    • Explore the Planes - Global: All Champion Damage x2
    You can find all this information, and even more details, in-game!

    We would love to hear about your experiences in wildspace on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

    October 13th
    Idle Champion Spotlight: Thellora 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    "May the mountains hide you so only light may find you."

    When the ground rumbles and dangers threaten the peace, The Luma are always ready to face whatever menace has arisen. Thellora is a member of this esteemed regiment, motivated to lead her fellow centaurs into protecting the community. No evil can outrun her, or her sword!

    I. Thellora

      Thellora belongs to an all-female regiment known as the Luma. These fifty-three centaurs are diverse, but unified in that each possess a distinctive golden right eye. The centaurs believe these individuals are chosen by their god, Callessa, to be devoted guardians and trained warriors. With their divine connection and martial prowess, they protect their land, embracing their unique gifts with unwavering dedication.

    Thellora is a Support, Tanking, and Speed Champion who will charge her way through your next adventure! She boosts the damage of champions behind her and bolsters their health like a true tank, and these boosts increase when she is unable to finish off her foe. The choice you make with which feats you assign is particularly important, as her feats also affect her adjacent allies! Once unlocked, she takes her place in Slot 1 next to Bruenor.

    II. Thellora's Stats

    Race: Centaur Alignment:Lawful Neutral
    Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
    Age: 27 Affiliation: None Class: Paladin

    STR: 16 DEX: 12 CON: 13
    INT: 11 WIS: 8 CHA: 17

    Role: Support, Tanking, Speed

    Eligible for Patrons: Vajra (with Feat), Zariel

    Slot: 1 (Bruenor)

    Dungeons & Dragons Harmonium Thellora Marketing Gif

    III. Thellora's Design

    After a successful run on A Familiar Quest Series 3 playing Misty the Will-O'Wisp, we were thrilled to bring Alicia Marie back to craft a brand new Champion! Her busy schedule includes being a professional costume artist and maker, actor, and TTRPG performer on shows like Children of Éarte. Now she's crafted Thellora for our game, as well as her appearance on Idle Champions Presents: Fatebreaker!

    Some female centaurs born within the vicinity of Callewood bear a single, striking golden eye. This signals they have been selected by their god to become trained warriors and guardians. As one of those fifty-three chosen, Thellora has spent her life learning all the skills needed to face threats wherever they may appear. With her armor and weapons always ready, and a pocket full of candies for her sweet tooth, she's ready to charge into any battle!

    Thellora would rather Rush through the easier encounters so she can get to the real challenge, so she'll help the formation skip over the early part of an adventure. As she leads this charge forward, she'll prepare for more difficult encounters by boosting the damage of those in the column behind her, and increasing that even more if her hooves and blade fails to kill her enemy. The rest of the formation are bolstered from her health and healing boost, and adjacent Champions will enjoy the benefits of her assigned feats.

    Depending on who has joined her in battle, Thellora can Specialize in increasing the damage of specific types of heroes. She can focus on boosting those with low strength, helping Speed Champions, or offering that bonus to Female and Non-Binary Champions. And when necessary she can call upon The Light of Mount Tura to illuminate her stampede across the battlefield, inspiring her allies to do more damage as she knocks back and stuns her enemies!

    Thellora knows that bravery is being scared to die but continuing to fight, and her paladin might and heroic presence will encourage everyone in the formation onward!

    IV. Thellora's Abilities

    Basic Attack

    • Windsong's Strike - Thellora moves up to the closest enemy and rears up, knocking them back with her hooves and dealing 1 hit. She then strikes the next closest enemy with her blade, dealing 1 hit.

    Passive Ability

    • Plateaus of Unicorn Run - Thellora gains a Rush stack for every 10 areas she completes in an adventure, and these stacks persist through resets. When Thellora kills her first enemy in an adventure, she spends X Rush stacks to skip to area X+1, and her Rush stacks are reset to zero. The highest area that can be skipped to is your current favor exponent for the campaign/event. Thellora gathers all the rewards (including gold) from bosses skipped in this fashion, but nothing from normal monsters.

    Formation Abilities

    • Strength of the Luma - Thellora increases the damage of Champions in the column behind her by 100%.
    • Radiance of the Sky Cents - Thellora increases the health of all other Champions by 25% of her max health and any healing effect on those Champions is increased by 25%.
    • Paladin's Resolve - Each time Thellora attacks and doesn't kill an enemy, she increases the effect of Strength of the Luma by 15% until the area changes, stacking multiplicatively and capped at 100 stacks.
    • Feats to Spare - The effects of feats assigned to Thellora also apply to all adjacent Champions. Note that feats that buff her formation abilities have no effect when applied to other Champions.


    • Defender of the Meek - Thellora increases the damage of Champions with a STR of 12 or less by 31% for each Champion in the formation with a STR of 12 or less, stacking multiplicatively. Buffs apply to the pre-stack value.
    • Vanguard of the Quick - Thellora increases the damage of Speed Champions by 27.5% for each Speed Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively. Buffs apply to the pre-stack value.
    • Callessa's Blessed - Thellora increases the damage of Female and Non-Binary Champions by 27.5% for each Female and Non-Binary Champion in the formation, stacking multiplicatively. Buffs apply to the pre-stack value.

    Ultimate Ability

    • The Light of Mount Tura - A sunbeam illuminates Thellora as she charges across the screen, attacking enemies in a wide line, dealing 1 hit, knocking them back a short distance, and stunning them for 5 seconds. For the next 15 seconds, her right eye glows with a golden light, increasing the damage of all Champions by 400%.

    V. Thellora's Epic Equipment

    Slot 1: Global DPS
    Slot 2: Global Health
    Slot 3: Strength of the Luma
    Slot 4: Paladin's Resolve
    Slot 5: Defender of the Meek, Vanguard of the Quick, and Callessa's Blessed
    Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

    VI. Conclusion

    With this Champion of the Luma in your formation, you'll be ready to charge into battle! Share your thoughts on Thellora in several places:
    October 11th
    Idle Champions: Light of Xaryxis, Part 8 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    The Arena of Blood is under attack! The Champions must fight their way back to the docks if they're going to rescue Xedalli from her would-be-emperor brother, but they'll need help. And that help comes from a very surprising place! After that, it's time to train a new group of spelljammer pilots and take the fight to Xaryxispace!

    Note: you will need to complete the previous two Light of Xaryxis adventures, The Jungles of Doomspace and The Arena of Blood, in order to access these new adventures.

    Foul Play

    Survive Xeleth's attack on the Arena and push back his forces with a surprising ally.
    • Variant: Fowl Play - Survive Xeleth's attack on the Arena while literally pushing back his forces.
      • An Abyssal Chicken spawns with each wave. They don't drop gold, nor do they count towards quest progress.
      • Non-boss, non-static monsters take no damage until they have been pushed back, rooted, slowed, or stunned.
      • Complete area 950

    Spelljammers in Training

    The coalition is in need of Spelljammers, luckily, we have some friends!
    • Variant: Time Out - The coalition is in need of Spelljammers, luckily, we have some weak friends!
      • You may only use Champions with an STR of 13 or lower.
      • After area 5, a temporal anomaly affects a random Champion in each area. They can't attack, be moved, or be removed until the players switch areas.
      • Complete area 1000
    We would love to hear about your experiences in wildspace on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

    September 26th
    Idle Champions: Season Bonus Quests 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    As we continue to improve Seasons in Idle Champions and listen to our community feedback one thing has become clear. There needs to be more quests for players to either progress through a season faster, to catch up, or to just unlock additional bonus tokens. That is why starting Wednesday, September 27th, we are adding Bonus Quests to our Idle Champions Seasons.

    Read on to learn more about these additional quests!

    Season 5: Acquisitions Incorporated

    Bonus Quest FAQ

  • What Are Bonus Quests?

    Bonus Quests are a new type of Season Quest that appear during Seasons in the Seasons dialog. These extra quests award additional Season XP which can be used to speed up your progress through a season or earn additional Bonus Tokens. The additional Season XP from Bonus Quests is not required to complete the Season Reward Track (aka. reach level 60) and therefore you do not need to do any Bonus Quests to complete a season if you don't want to.

  • When Do Bonus Quests Start?

    Bonus Quests will come to Season 5 during its fifth week starting on September 27th.

  • What Goals Will Bonus Quest Have?

    You can expect to complete these Bonus Quests in the following ways:
    • Completing new Adventures, Variants, and Patron Variants
    • Completing limited time Events
    • Doing deep runs (high area/gold/damage targets)
    • Gearing up Champions
    • Unlocking/Completing the Trials of Mount Tiamat
    • Collecting unique unlocks (Evergreen Champions/Split the Party/etc.)
    The biggest difference between Bonus Quest goals and Core Quest goals is that not all the goals will be necessarily obtainable by all players. Some goals may push players to perform better than they have ever done before, or unlock content they may have not even known existed.

  • Will All Bonus Quests Unlock at the Same Time?

    No, new Bonus Quests will unlock over time throughout the remainder of Season 5.

  • How Long Will Bonus Quests Be Available?

    Each Bonus Quest is available for a fixed amount of time; generally 5-10 days, with some exceptions. All Bonus Quests will end before the end of the season.

  • Will All Bonus Quests Have the Same Goals For All Players?

    No, some Bonus Quests will have different goals depending on what you have completed before. For example, a quest might ask for you to deal a certain amount of damage during an adventure. The first time you complete one of these it might be e50 damage, but the next time it will go up to e100. These types of quests have a number of tiers for players to work through. Players will start at two tiers under the highest tier they have completed. Some Bonus Quests may not be offered to players who have already completed all the applicable content.

  • Where Can I Find Bonus Quest?

    Bonus Quests can be found in the updated Quest Tab (which you can see below). Bonus Quests will fall into categories that best match the goal of the quest. For example, in the image below, there is a Highharvestide category that has all quests that reward seasonal progress connected to that event.

  • Can We Get Any Spoilers?

    Sure. Here is a list of bonus quest categories that will appear in Season 5: Highharvestide, Oooh Shiny, Tiamat Must Die, Adventure Time, Split the Party, Gear Up, Keep Going, Time Gates, Liar's Night, Feats, Mirt the Moneylender, The Road to 100%, Let's Get Epic, Patron Callenges, Let's Get Legendary, Earning Mystra's Favor, Rare Accoutrements, and Expand Your Roaster.

  • We would love to hear about your experiences with Seasons on the Idle Champions Subreddit, on the Steam forums, or on the Official Idle Champions Discord!

    September 21st
    Idle Champion Spotlight: Certainty Dran 
    Posted in Idle Champions.

    "I'm kind of an expert on the temporal thing now."

    Certainty Dran has spent her whole life preparing to take over Acquisitions Incorporated. Years of study and training has honed her business acumen as well as made her an adept and creative wielder of magic. Her charismatic presence and unwavering belief that failure is never an option make people want to help her. And when all that isn't enough, Certainty has the tools necessary to get what she wants with ruthless efficiency.

    I. Certainty

      Certainty Dran, the heiress apparent of Acquisitions Incorporated, is endowed with knowledge surpassing even her father, Omin Dran, and privileged with access to the finest schools and resources. With a fusion of martial skill, clever magic, and unwavering self-belief, Certainty is certainly an unstoppable force.

    Certainty is a support and gold find champion that increases the damage of Champions in the column in front of her. As an expert at rebooting timelines, her support abilities increase the more she completes long adventures. She can be found in slot Slot 5 opposite Calliope once you've hired her services.

    II. Certainty's Stats

    Race: Half-Elf, Aasimar Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her
    Age: 19 Affiliation: Acquisitions Incorporated Class: Wizard, Bard

    STR: 14 DEX: 12 CON: 12
    INT: 16 WIS: 13 CHA: 16

    Role: Support, Gold Find

    Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Strahd, Zariel

    Slot: 5 (Calliope)

    Dungeons & Dragons Certainty Dran Marketing Gif

    III. Certainty's Design

    Idle Champions fans will remember the wonderful Jasmine Bhullar as the creator of our March charity familiar, Isra the Infernal Horned Toad. Now we have the pleasure of working with her again on a full Champion! She's an accomplished actress, content creator, Twitch livestreamer, TTRPG performer and Game Master. The most recent PAX West showcased her skills performing for Acquisitions Incorporated and Seattle By Night, and she passes along TTRPG tips and musings in her new show Bronze Dragon Inn.

    The Secretarian fills an important interpersonal role in any Acquisitions Incorporated franchise. They are a master of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of others, and then using that information to gain the most value out of them for the company. No one is better at convincing others to do what they want than Certainty Dran. The expert Secretarian's Advice she offers gives Champions in front of her the confidence to do more damage, and if she's working with other Acq Inc or "C" Team Champions then that damage as well as their gold find will be even bigger. Keep her around as she'll increase her effectiveness as you thoroughly finish adventures with her, and when she completes her Employee Evaluations she'll give bonuses if your team has high marks!

    Certainty has an obvious soft spot for her father Omin Dran, so she'll help him recruit more Champions of Tymora in the formation. She also loves to support her "Uncle" Jim Darkmagic, and will use the royalty payments from using Jim's Magic Missile as her basic attack to help boost his damage. People who collaborate with Certainty are inspired by her to work smarter and harder, and her Specialization choice will focus that development time into either Intelligence or Charisma. Finally it's not uncommon to need to deal with angry customers, which is why her toy airship is always ready to enlarge and strafe across the battlefield with a barrage of canon fire!

    With the force of personality to convince anyone to follow her brilliant tactical advice, Certainty is the ideal employee in any franchise!

    IV. Certainty's Abilities

    Basic Attack

    • Jim's Magic Missile - Certainty fires two magic missiles at random targets.

    Formation Abilities

    • Secretarian's Advice - Certainty increases the damage of Champions in the row in front of her by 100%.
    • Reboot Expert - Certainty increases the effect of Secretarian's Advice by 100% each time she has been in an adventure for at least 250 areas when it is reset. This stacks additively and persists through resets.
    • Financing Rounds - Certainty increases the effect of Secretarian's Advice and your Gold Find by 1% for each level on Acquisitions Incorporated or "C" Team Champions in the formation, stacking additively. Each Champion's contribution caps at 1000 levels after their last available upgrade.
    • Dad and Uncle Jim - Certainty helps her father Omin by increasing the damage of Champions of Tymora adjacent to her by 200%, and she helps her "uncle" Jim Darkmagic by increasing his damage by 200% due to royalty payments for using his spell.
    • Employee Evaluations - Certainty assesses the average score of her preferred ability (INT or CHA) of the Champions in the column in front of her and increases the damage effect of Secretarian's Advice by 200% for each full point over 13, stacking multiplicatively.


    • Best And The Brightest - Certainty's preferred ability is Intelligence and she grants a +1 INT bonus to all Champions in the column in front of her.
    • Smooth Negotiators - Certainty's preferred ability is Charisma and she grants a +1 CHA bonus to all Champions in the column in front of her.

    Ultimate Ability

    • Airship Attack - Certainty manifests a toy Airship which launches into the air and transforms into a larger version. The airship strafes the enemies with multiple shots from a big cannon sticking out the bottom, dealing a massive hit to all the enemies and blasting up to 10 random non-boss non-static enemies off the screen. These monsters don't count towards quest progress or drop gold.

    V. Certainty's Epic Equipment

    Slot 1: Global DPS
    Slot 2: Secretarian's Advice
    Slot 3: Reboot Expert
    Slot 4: Financing Rounds
    Slot 5: Employee Evaluations
    Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

    VI. Conclusion

    You certainly need Certainty in your formation! Share your thoughts on her acquisition in several places: