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March 2nd
Idle Champions Presents: FAQ 
Posted in Idle Champions.

We've just concluded the second episode of Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas, and are thrilled with how it's going so far! We wanted to clear up some Frequently Asked Questions asked in the community, especially around voting. Be sure to check out our previous Idle Champions Presents blog post for more details on the cast and the livestream and in-game interactions.

What is Idle Champions Presents?

Idle Champions Presents is a six-week interactive in-game and livestream event that runs from February 16th until March 31st. For these six weeks you'll be able to complete challenges, earn rewards, and vote to influence the events of the live D&D show Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas (Feb 22, Mar 1, and Mar 8) and Idle Champions Presents: A Fool's Errand (Mar 15, Mar 22, and Mar 29). The Idle Champions Presents show airs live each Monday at 4PM Pacific on CNEGames Twitch and you can also watch the video later on our YouTube channel.

Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas B Dave Walters Erin M Evans Krystina Arielle Mark Meer Vivid Vivka

Can I have the TL;DR?

Each day, a new vote will become available within Idle Champions. The result of that vote will influence a tabletop D&D episode that airs the following Monday. Check back in-game daily to collect rewards and vote on the next day's question! Learn more about Idle Champions Presents and its cast on our previous blog post.

Do I have to watch the Twitch Livestream to participate?

All you have to do is play Idle Champions to participate! In addition to helping to craft an unforgettable show, at the completion of each vote, a new in-game reward becomes available. The in-game reward will normally be something related to the vote, so we recommend voting to get the best experience, but we welcome everyone to enjoy the rewards.

Where can I watch Idle Champions Presents episodes?

Idle Champions Presents broadcasts for 6 episodes, starting on Feb 22nd and ending on Mar 29. All episodes start at 4PM Pacific on the CNEGames Twitch. If you miss the livestream you can watch the video on demand on Twitch, or soon after the broadcast on our YouTube channel.

Voting FAQ

How long are votes available?

Normally, votes are available for 24 hours: From 12PM Pacific to 12PM Pacific the following day. At 12PM the vote total will become public, and the reward will become available for all players. On Mondays, our newest episode will air, and we don't want to give away any spoilers for the next episode! There will be no active vote from 12PM Pacific on Mondays until the end of that evening's episode. Once the episode airs, the next vote becomes available, with players who are active in-game at that time getting a first shot at the vote!

Can I vote for both choices?

If you want to, absolutely. You do you.

How many votes can I get each week?

Each day at 12PM Pacific, you'll automatically earn a new vote. Each week, you can earn up to 6 additional votes through challenges. Earned votes (including the free vote available each day at noon), are available for the duration of the Idle Champions Presents event.

What are challenges?

Challenges are in-game tasks that you can complete to earn extra votes. Challenges come in a variety of difficulties; some votes are easier to earn than others. New challenges unlock every week and can be accessed on each week's page. Each challenge is available to complete for six days after it unlocks. After the six days have passed, any unfinished challenges will no longer be completable.

What can I earn from challenges?

Each complete challenge earns an additional vote.

How long do I have to redeem a reward?

Rewards will be available for the duration of the Idle Champions Presents event. The notification will turn off at 12PM Pacific on March 31st, so we suggest collecting all of your rewards before then.

Why can't I see clips on any of the votes?

We can't show you clips of how your vote changed the game until our players get around the virtual table! Every Tuesday, we'll be cutting, taping, and super gluing the episode together to feature short clips that highlight how you and the members of the Idle Champion community changed the game! We hope players will enjoy checking out the previous episode's antics in the lead-up to the next episode!

Do you have to vote to collect a reward?

Not for this event. Rewards for past votes are available to all players, regardless of whether they voted during the active 24 hours. You can collect a day's reward by visiting the voting page after its completion. Check back next week, and you'll be able to see how your vote(s) affected the TRPG game! As we get further into Idle Champions Presents, we hope to have many fun clips to share!

We can't wait to see how this all comes together! We hope you'll join us in discussion about Idle Champions Presents on Twitter using the #IdleChampionsPresents hashtag and tagging @IdleChampions.

February 8th
Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas 
Posted in Idle Champions.

It's difficult to believe that we've been doing weekly livestreams since October 2017. And since almost the very beginning we've had players ask us one question: "Are you going to do your own Idle Champions TRPG show?"

It's a question we had often disregarded as 'impossible' or 'unlikely' — we're fans of Critical Role, Acquisitions Incorporated, High Rollers, and so many other shows. What could we possibly do that those shows aren't already doing?

But then we had an idea...

What if we made a TRPG live play show where every cast member played their character featured in Idle Champions, with a different 'formation'/cast for each adventure? And what if when you played Idle Champions during the week leading up to each episode, you could affect the episode through decisions you made? And what if the events in each episode would then affect Idle Champions afterwards? What could that look like?

We've tried doing interactive integrations with TRPG shows before, with High Rollers and Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team, so we had some ideas when it comes to these kinds of projects. What would happen if we took our lessons learned and made our own show, featuring a cast of amazing people playing the very Champions they have in Idle Champions?

Idle Champions Presents starring B Dave Walters | Krystina Arielle | Erin M Evans | Mark Meer | Adam Bradford | Vivid Vivka | and Special Guests

Idle Champions Presents

We are excited to announce Idle Champions Presents, a TRPG live play special event series starting Monday, February 22nd. Each episode of Idle Champions Presents will broadcast live from 4PM until 7PM Pacific Time on the CNEGames Twitch.

Join Dungeon Master B Dave Walters (A Darkened Wish, Silver & Steel) as he takes Krystina Arielle (Sirens of the Realms, Star Wars: The High Republic Show), Erin M Evans (Brimstone Angels, Dungeon Scrawlers), and Mark Meer (Mass Effect, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition) and a rotating cast of guest Champions on a grand tour of the Sword Coast across two different adventures based on Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, starting with Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas on February 22nd.

Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas B Dave Walters Erin M Evans Krystina Arielle Mark Meer Vivid Vivka
    Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas (February 22, March 1, and March 8) features special guests Vivid Vivka (Sirens of the Realms), and Luke Gygax. Our first adventure sees the Champions in a seaside town along the Sword Coast, where they investigate the mysterious disappearance of a merchant vessel.

    Idle Champions Presents: ? (March 15, March 22, and March 29) features special guests Adam Bradford (Beyond Heroes), and [REDACTED]. We'll release more information about the second adventure in the coming weeks!

The fun starts on February 22nd at 4PM PT at We hope the audience enjoys participating in this as much as we have in putting it together!

Vote for the Show You Want to See

Idle Champions players will be able to influence the characters and events of upcoming Idle Champions Presents episodes through in-game daily votes. Starting on Tuesdays with the in-game daily reset (12PM PT), each vote will go live for 24 hours, with the sixth and final vote for the week ending on Monday at 12PM PT.

Daily votes will have both an In-Game Effect and a Livestream Effect. For example, if players vote for one of two Champions to be granted a boon for the next episode of Idle Champions Presents, that Champion would be granted a corresponding boon in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms! We don't want to spoil everything that players will be able to vote for, but here's an idea of what a few of the daily votes might look like:

  • Inspiring Choice — Which (of two) Champion should receive inspiration?
    • In-Game Effect: The winner gains an in-game buff for the next week after the vote completes.
    • Livestream Effect: The winner gains inspiration (advantage on an ability check, a saving throw, or an attack roll) at the start of the next episode.

  • You're the DM Now! — Do the Champions meet goblins, or kobolds? Who explores the darkness? What funny affliction affects the chosen Champion?
    • In-Game Effect: these effects vary from nothing to altering the event structure of an event or replacing all the enemies faced during an adventure. It will vary from question to question. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you fought an army of Abyssal Chickens instead of Goblins on an adventure?
    • Livestream Effect: We don't know how this will affect the show, but chances are it will be hilarious.
  • Dice Roll! — Which Champion gains an Iris D6™?
    • In-Game Effect: Idle Champions Players get their own D6 to roll in-game for a variety of prizes. If you roll a '6' you get an extra-special prize -- and there's some bad luck protection to help you get all the prizes so long as you participate in every Dice Roll! throughout the season.
    • Livestream Effect: The chosen Champion gains a special Iris D6™ to add to one of their D20 rolls in the next episode.

This is just two examples of the kinds of choices players will be able to make. We've been working closely with B Dave Walters to craft additional choices and surprises to reveal over the course of the series!

But wait, there's more: we are introducing Weekly Challenges each week that will vary between easy, medium, and difficult challenges to earn additional votes for daily votes. You can save these votes up for as long as you wish, using them all on the final vote in Week 6 if you wish. The choice is up to you!

The first vote begins on Tuesday, February 16 at 12PM PT in-game. You'll want to check in every day if you want the most chances to influence Idle Champions Presents — and don't worry if you miss a vote, the In-Game Effects are applied automatically so you won't miss out entirely!

What do I need to know?

Idle Champions Presents: The Unfair Seas begins on Monday, February 22nd with the first episode broadcasting from 4PM until 7PM Pacific Time on Daily votes for the first episode will begin the week before, starting on Tuesday, February 16th at 12PM Pacific.

We can't wait to see how this all comes together! We hope you'll join us in discussion about Idle Champions Presents on Twitter using the #IdleChampionsPresents hashtag and tagging @IdleChampions.

November 16th, 2020
Idle Champions: Champions of Lore Podcast 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Fans of Champions of Lore rejoice! You can now enjoy the silky-smooth voice of B Dave Walters and delightful laughter of Erin M Evans as Difficulty Class' Treavor Bettis tries to keep them on topic each week as part of the Champions of Lore Podcast!

For those reading the words 'Champions of Lore' for the first time, it's a show we host live on the CNEGames Twitch Channel each Monday at 11AM Pacific time, where B Dave Walters (A Darkened Wish, Silver & Steel) and Erin M Evans (Brimstone Angels, Dungeon Scrawlers) discuss the Dungeons & Dragons lore in Idle Champions while host Treavor Bettis (Difficulty Class) tries to keep them on track. It's the best hour you'll ever spend listening to people talk about D&D-related lore. Probably.

The Champions of Lore Podcast is available across many platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. You can find links to all of them through the Champions of Lore Anchor Page.

After each episode broadcasts live at 11AM Pacific on Mondays you can expect them to start showing up on our podcast pages within an hour or two. Or maybe three ;)

The first five episodes are already online! Check them out on Apple Podcasts at the link below. Don't worry if you don't already know what 'Displacer Beast Cheese' is, you'll know by the time you finish the second episode!

Champions of Lore

  • Episode 1: Pilot

  • B. Dave Walters and Erin M. Evans sit down to talk about the Liars' Night event and Ezmerelda D'avenir while Treavor Bettis makes wisecracks from the corner.

  • Episode 2: The Frozen North

  • Erin M Evans and B. Dave Walters talk about the lore of Icewind Dale, Auril the Frostmaiden, and some of the new monsters that came to Idle Champions!

  • Episode 3: Ten-Towns

  • Erin M Evans and Treavor Bettis are joined by the Mighty Trovus! The Speaker of Caer-Konig tells us everything the Idle Champions are bound to fight during their visit to Icewind Dale while Erin and Treavor discuss T-Rex mittens.

  • Episode 4: A Feast Fit for Penelope

  • B. Dave and Erin talk about the lore behind the Feast of the Moon event in Idle Champions - as well as the newest Champion Penelope “Half-Pint”. Also, did you hear Lord Neverember might be half treant?

  • Episode 5: The Fires of Avernus

  • The Champions of Lore go to the Nine Hells. Erin and B. Dave talk about the Blood War, how Devils and Demons are different, and what the Archdevils of the Hells are up to.

January 28th, 2020
Idle Champion Spotlight: Havilar 
Posted in Idle Champions.

Ever since we introduced Farideh during Highharvestide 2, players have been asking us the same question: where is Havilar?

Not just because Havi is Farideh's twin sister, but because Farideh's damage relies heavily on having additional Tieflings in the formation, and we haven't added another one to the game since.

...until now. It's time for the Havilar Champion Spotlight!

I. Twin Tiefling Sisters

    Havilar's twin sister Farideh has always been 'the smart one' and 'the responsible one'—but that's all right, Havilar is definitely 'the tough one,' 'the funny one' and the 'pretty one' (despite being identical twins). Plus, Havilar has a hellhound! Even if it means she's a sort-of-but-not-quite Chosen of Asmodeus, too, not that anyone asked Havi about that. But he should know her glaive is as good as her right hand, and she can slice a devil just as well as an orc, a zombie, or any other villain!

Havilar is a Tank and Support Champion. She summons four different Imps to buff Champions in different ways. When battling fiends, she gets slower but her buffs grow stronger. When you want to add Havilar to your formation, you can swap her with Tyril (Slot 10).

II. Havilar's Stats

Race: Tiefling Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Fighter (Battlemaster) Gender: Female
Age: 19 Affiliation: none

STR: 18 DEX: 15 CON: 13
INT: 9 WIS: 12 CHA: 12

Eligible for Patrons: Mirt

III. Havilar's Design

The design of Havilar was a fun conversation with Erin M Evans, who gave us a few criteria to describe Havi in a nutshell:
  • Farideh's sister.
  • More athletic and funny than Farideh.
  • 'The Pretty One'
  • Confident in her physical abilities.
  • Not the highest INT score.
  • Havi gains a pair of imps that she can summon (Mot, Dembo, Olla, and Bosh).
  • She has a Hellhound that she rides.
  • She is athletic and acrobatic.
  • Her glaive is part of her identity.
In addition to these bullet points (and the books) we also had another reference: Erin played as Havilar during the High Rollers show at PAX West last year:

Havi's intro starts at 4:03!

We opted for a design around Havi's Imps, Mot, Dembo, Olla, and Bosh, who are summoned using her ultimate, Summon Imps/Heroic Sacrifice, as well as her savant-like skill as a Battlemaster Fighter. Depending on which of these Imps are present, Havi's skills are augmented. She has some similarities with Spurt in this respect, because her effectiveness is changed depending on her ultimate usage.

First, while Havi tanks at the front of a formation, she will buff the two rows behind her with Leadership Summit, with the effect of the buff augmented by which Imps are present.

Mot is always summoned when Havilar casts her ultimate, but the second Imp cycles through a preset list in order: Dembo, then Olla, then Bosh; rinse and repeat. These imps have abilities that make sense to be activated in a specific order: clearing trash/farming, fighting at your wall or fighting boss mobs, and then fighting against a boss itself.

IV. Havilar's Abilities

Base Attacks

Havilar has her base attack, and her summoned Imps also have their own base attack!
  • Glaive Thrust — Havilar attacks with her glaive, hitting all enemies in a small radius.
  • Fire of Asmodeus — Each summoned Imp attacks a random enemy with a fireball, dealing a large amount of AOE damage.

Ultimate Ability

Havilar's ultimate attack changes depending on whether or not her Imps are summoned.
  • Summon Imps — Mot and another imp (Dembo, Olla, or Bosh, in that order) are summoned. The Imps attack with Fire of Asmodeus. As soon as the Imps appear, Havilar's ultimate attack is replaced with Heroic Sacrifice (with a 10 second cooldown before it can be used). The Imps stay active until Heroic Sacrifice is used.
  • Heroic Sacrifice — The Summoned Imp that isn't Mot flings itself at the nearest enemy and explodes, dealing massive damage in a large area and slowing all affected enemies. As soon as not-Mot sacrifices itself, Havilar's ultimate attack reverts to Summon Imps with a 20 second cooldown before it can be used, and halfway through that cooldown Mot despawns.

Formation Abilities

  • Leadership Summit — Havilar increases the damage of all Champions in the two columns behind her by 100%. This ability is augmented by which imps are currently assisting her.

    • Mot: Increases the effect of Leadership Summit by 400% on Tiefling Champions.
    • Dembo: Increases the effect of Leadership Summit by 200%.
    • Olla: Increases the effect of Leadership Summit by 50% for each enemy Havilar is tanking.
    • Bosh: Increases the effect of Leadership Summit by 400% if there are enemy or boss enrage stacks active.
  • Fiendish Resolve — When any Fiend enemies are on-screen, Havilar focuses less on her own attacks and more on buffing the party. Her base attack cooldown is doubled, but the effect of Leadership Summit is increased by 100%. The base attack cooldown increase does not affect her imps if they are summoned. This ability is augmented by which imps are currently assisting her.

    • Mot: Increases the effect of Leadership Summit by 25% per Fiend enemy on-screen (stacking additively and then applying multiplicatively).
    • Dembo: Fiends have a 50% chance of dropping two quest items or counting for two kills when killed.
    • Olla: Fiends take 100% additional damage from ultimate attacks.
    • Bosh: Halve the damage Havilar takes from all attacks and triples the damage of Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Infernal Fortitude — Increase the max health of other Champions in the formation by 25% of her own.
  • Battlemaster — Each time Havilar attacks she increases the damage of all Champions by 10% for each enemy she hit with her attack (stacking additively), up to a max of 20 stacks. This effect lasts for half of Havilar's base attack cooldown, NOT counting the increase from Fiendish Resolve.


  • Speedy Sacrifice — Decrease the amount of time after you sacrifice a summoned imp until you can summon them again.
  • Mastery of Battle — Increase the duration of Battlemaster's effect by 100%.

V. Havilar's Equipment

Dungeons & Dragons Brimstone Angels Havilar

Slot 1: Global DPS
Slot 2: Global DPS
Slot 3: Increases Max Health
Slot 4: Leadership Summit
Slot 5: Battlemaster
Slot 6: Ultimate Damage

VI. Conclusion

We're really excited to see the Tiefling sisters together in-game, and can't wait to see what kind of new formation options are introduced along with Havi. As always, feel free to send us feedback on via the Idle Champions Subreddit, Steam forum, or the Idle Champions Discord!
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