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December 19th, 2014
From the Desk of the CEO: 
Posted in Codename News.

Hey all! We have completed our search and found a new Community Manager. If I could ask for a drum roll please... and now could everyone to join me in welcoming our new Community Manager: Erika Kramer! Thanks for the applause. I am sure that Erika really appreciates it.

As you may know, Erika comes to us as someone who has played our games on a daily basis for over four years. You may even already know her, either by her actual name or by her in-game names (Alyniana and Alyn). She is enthusiastic about our games and our community. As we went through this hiring process, we were thrilled to have someone from our community step forward to be considered. A key aspect of the Community Manager is not to manage the community, but to be a superfan who can help us to grow our in a positive way. We know that Erika fits this description and we are excited to watch her make the transition from passionate player to passionate Community Manager.

Erika will be starting with us on January 5, so please take a moment to welcome her to her new role.
December 12th, 2014
Christmas Craziness 2014! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Ho-ho-hello, Bush Whackers!

It's Christmas time in Bush Whacker 2, and the elves need your help to make everything go smoothly! This event will run until December 30th at noon PST!

You'll want to get started by heading to the event area in the Commons. There you'll help an elf fix his teleporter.. Once you've fixed it up, you'll be able to journey far to the North Pole where you'll find a whole host of NPCs in need!

Your primary task will be helping the elves make presents by bringing them Candy Canes (that you find in bushes), but there is a veritable smorgasbord of holiday related quests to complete as well. All of these quests will unlock over the course of the event, with the last ones unlocking on Christmas Day. You'll have up until December 30th at noon PST to get them all done though, so there's no rush.

New to 2014:

There are 14 new quests in the 2014 edition of the event. The largest set revolves around helping a romantic fellow find 12 days worth of presents for his true love. You'll also need to find some new winter knick-knacks for two other folks in the North Pole. The life of a Bush Whacker is never an easy one.

Event Achievements - POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!

There are a total of SEVENTEEN possible Achievements to earn in the Christmas 2014 event:

Achievements Returning in 2014:

Apprentice Elf Helper - You've been responsible for at least one present!
Journeyman Elf Helper - You've been responsible for at least 20 presents!
Professional Elf Helper - You've been responsible for at least 50 presents!
Expert Elf Helper - You've been responsible for at least 50 presents from each Elf!
Santa Man - You've delivered a present to someone's house!
Diverse Santa - You've delivered a present to several houses!
Schoolyard Victor - You won 5 snowball fights!
Reindeer Herder - You've saved the reindeer 5 times!
Yay! Presents - You've opened a present from the Developers!
Christmas Savior - You've helped all the citizens in need at the North Pole!

Added/Changed for 2014:

No Returns Allowed! - You bought all the 2014 Christmas items!*
12 Days of Bushmas - You completed all 12 days of Bushmas!
Reverse Santa 2.0 - You stole something you can't even use!

We also have 4 achievements from previous year's events, which may be earnable by spending some Bush Bucks, if a player was not present during the initial years:

Santa Santa - You're practically Santa! (deliver a present while dressed as Santa)
Materialist - You bought all the 2012 Christmas things!
Reverse Grinch - You've delivered a present dressed as a Grinch!
All The Toys - You bought all the 2013 Christmas things!

* The Christmas Mini Golf piece is NOT included in the No Returns Allowed! achievement, and therefore it is not required to purchase it.

2014 Pet Packs:

It's dangerous to go alone, so you should have a friend! Check our newest sidekicks for you to consider:

New 2014 Pet Packs:

Gingerbread Man - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Candy (random energy, mana, and power)
Christmas Elf - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Presents (random energy, mana, and power)
Friendly Yeti - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Snowballs (random energy, mana, and power)

2013 Event Pets available for Bush Bucks:

Christmas Kitty - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Presents (random energy, mana, and power)
Chilly Penguin - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Snowballs (random energy, mana, and power)
Mini Grinch - Turns up to 25% of your Nothing wins into Coal (random energy, mana, and power)

Other Pets available**:

2012 Reindeer - The pet for getting 100% in the 2012 Christmas Event (costs Bush Bucks)
2013 Reindeer - The pet for getting 100% in the 2013 Christmas Event (costs Bush Bucks)
2014 Reindeer - The pet for getting 100% in this Christmas Event
Snowman - Earned for completing a specific quest in this event.

** Note that these four pets start out as ranch items only, and can be converted to real pets by talking to Hank the Farmhand in the Commons (once you've built the stables)

Discuss this event on the forums here!
December 12th, 2014
Egg Breaker 1 Christmas Event 
Posted in Legacy Games.

This year's Christmas Event has started. As with previous years, you can find scene elements in presents and use them to decorate your Christmas Scene. The event will run until November 29th at 11:59:59PM PST.
December 11th, 2014
Bush Whacker 1 Christmas Event! 
Posted in Legacy Games.

Christmas time is upon us, and once again the elves need your help at the North Pole! Head to the fair to get started as we celebrate Bush Whacker's fifth Christmas with... last year's Christmas event! The event will run until December 29th at Noon PST, though you only have until December 24th at 11:59:59PM PST to collect carrots for the special Reindeer pet! Good luck!
December 9th, 2014
Happy Birthday to Us! 

We did it your guys! We are celebrating two whole years of Egg Breaker Adventures. As a celebration we are giving everyone who logs in today or tomorrow a Birthday Crate that contains a banana worth of hammers. Happy Smashing! Find your crate above the game!
December 5th, 2014
Nate's Fungal Adventure! 
Posted in Bush Whacker 2.

Nate Dragon, everyone's favorite adventurer, needs your help again, heroes! If you've finished Nate's Volcano Adventure and have also completed the entirety of the 2nd Fungal Forest area (the Sporing Forest), then talk to the Town Crier in the Commons to start his next wacky adventure. In this episode, Nate needs help rescuing poor little critters from the terrible fungal infection! I'm sure he has no ulterior motives!

Discuss this update on the forums!
December 3rd, 2014
Introducing the Granny Puzzle Monkey! 

Mr Monkey's Grandmother is taking up residence on the Egg Breaker Islands because her grandchildren do not visit often enough. She has brought with her her favourite puzzles but she needs your help putting them together!

Help Granny Puzzle monkey find the pieces she needs to assemble her nine fantastic new puzzles. She can be unlocked for nine Crystal bananas.

Looking for a new Hat?*

The Puzzle Party Hat (left monkey): Increases chance to win puzzle pieces by 25%, and grants a small chance of a Bonus Multiplier

The Puzzle Beanie (right monkey): Increases chance to win puzzle pieces by 25%, and grants a small chance of a Bonus Star

* Hat Packs only available for purchase on ArmorGames, Facebook, and Kongregate at this time.

Go help that poor Granny find her pieces and let us know what you think of the Granny Monkey!